Beer, Chocolate and Steak! Oh My! - The BCS Tailgate; Penn State vs michigan state

... Oh how can we forget you? When there is always something there to remind us...

Yes! The BCS is back! - if only in tailgate form.

This year we'll be "food (& drink) ifying" the BCS with *Beer* *Chocolate* & *Steak* with a selection of yummies including (but not limited to): teriyaki steak kabobs; beer & chocolate banana bread; beer & cheese soup; chocolate mixed nuts brittle bars; beer; and, hot chocolate, and maybe some more chocolate.

Penn State celebrates Senior Day sparring with the spartans of michgian state. Kick-off is at 3:30pm so the parking lots will open at 8am. We'll be there bright and early and setting up around 9am.

Come on over and join us for a beer (& some chocolate) or more - we'll be in the Green (Press Box/West side) Lot - contact us if you need more specific directions.

The current forecast is for cold... and breezy (yay! my favorite!) with possible drizzle/rain in the evening (booooooooo!) - so wear layers and bring some rain resistant/proof gear, but make sure it's Blue and White because msu... wears green... wears white.

And do not fear - the fire pit will be near.

...never be free
...whoa a whoa a whoa


Noble and brave and true - All Saints (especially Joseph) tailgate; PSU v maryland

... I sing a song of the great tailgates...

PSU is back in action this week, tipping off a November full of football!

And our theme this week is Italian! Sausage scalopini, mini chicken parms, Italian inspired desserts, and much more.

The 12pm kick-off means the lots open at 7. We'll be there soon after, but as the weather report is rather ick we probably won't be up and running til closer to 8.

But come on by and look for us in the green lot (press box side) - contact us for directions, as necessary.

All are welcome and we hope to see you.


For our Founders, Strong and Great; Penn State v tosu tailgate.

Join us, Saturday, Oct 25th, in the rv lots for our "founding fathers" tailgate!  We'll be serving colonial inspired dishes and some of our favorite nostalgic tailgating recipes.

Look for more details and directions on our Facebook page.


Moldy Old Men - Founding Fathers Tailgate; Penn State vs ohio state.

For our founders, strong and great...

In honor of our new head coach, James FRANKLIN, and the great men (and women) who didst mold us into the great nation, school and tailgate we are today, we are hosting a “Founding Fathers” themed tailgate for the Lions’ clash against tOSU on October 25th.

That means we’ll be serving colonial inspired food and drink as well as recipes from our tailgating heritage.

Kick-off is at 8pm, so it’s going to be a good old-fashioned 12 hour tailgate.

We’ll be in the RV lots again - so be sure to check http://dieseltailgate.com and https://www.facebook.com/pages/Diesel-2theLion-Tailgate/20742170727 for more details.


Penn State v northwestern; Oktoberfest and Homecoming 2014

It's homecoming this week and we'll be tailgating in the RV lots. The RV crew arrives on Thursday and will be parking in the overnight lots. You can check the Facebook page for any updates.

12pm kickoff means tailgating before and after the game.


Penn State v UMass; life's a beach, and then you watch football.

Penn State’s electrifying win over old friend (or foe) Rutgers this past week and the fading summer weather has made us nostalgic for days gone by...

So, for the last weekend of Summer we’ll be hosting a good old fashioned clam bake! complete with clams (really?), shrimps, corn, potatoes and grilled garlic bread for dipping! We’re mixing it up a little by serving our smoked sausage (read: kielbasa) on the side. Other goodies we plan to have include: pancake breakfast bites with amaretto syrup (yes, you read that correctly); corned beef sandwiches; meatballs; cheddary bay biscuits; coleslaw; cranberry scones; Boston cream pie bites; and, Toll House cookie bars along with a variety of other sweets and snacks.

Obviously, one of our inspirations for our theme this week was PSU’s opponent this week, another blast from the past (albeit in basketball), the University of Massachusetts. UMass suffered a tough loss against Vanderbilt last week, so the Lions need to be ready for an able team that will be looking for the upset.  The Minutemen wear uniform of maroon and white - which allows for a little more game day garb freedom.

Kick-off (somewhat surprisingly) is at 4pm (BTN) so the parking lots will open at 8am. We’ll be in the Green (West/Press Box side) Lot - once again, flying the Scottish (national? we’ll see) flag; please contact us if you need more specific directions. 

The current forecast “pleasant with a full day of sunshine,” high of 67F (low 55F), so clearly we need to pack the rain gear.

As always, all are welcome and food/beverage contributions are appreciated but not required. 


Tap. Tap. Is this on? Penn State home opener vs Akron Zips; Fiesta Tailgate!

What a way to start the football season! What a way to (essentially) start posting this year! And now we turn to the start of the tailgating (and, of course, home game) season...

The Lions are back stateside to prepare for their home opener against the Zips of Akron, who sport uniforms of Blue and Gold - be sure to favor your silver(y) accessories. Akron is a solid team and PSU will need to be sharp to avoid the literal and figurative *jet lag* of an exciting away win.

Kick-off is at 12pm, therefore the parking lots will open at 7am. We'll be there bright (hopefully) and early; come see us in the Green (West, Press Box side) Lot. We're in a (slightly) different spot this year, but you'll find us under the Scottish flag (contact us if you need the specifics).

The current weather report is calling for cloudy with possible thunder storms - so that's fun. Regardless, we'll be celebrating the first home game of the season with a ¡Fiesta Tailgate! and serving up deliciosos goodies including: walking tacos (!); fajita wraps; black beans; spanish rice; kielbasa; cinnamon buns; churro bars; spicy brownies; summery sangria; and, more!

As always, all are welcome, and contributions (food, drink, etc) are appreciated, but not expected.