And now the final update for the FF

I've lost - in my first playoff game. Oh well - I sat a kicker who got 16 points and my opponent had a tight end score 21 - some things are just not in the cards. Larry Johnson had another GREAT game - but Tiki was insane. I'm so overrated as a top seed :( I'll be able to play for 3rd place next weekend - but it just t'ain't the same :(

To add insult - my other team scored 101 points over the weekend - with one athlete still to play - I'm still WAY behind the leader - so it does me little good.


Big Ten announced '09 and '10 schedules

Big Ten Announces 2009 & 2010 Conference Football Schedules - Lions Also to Meet Alabama & Syracuse

Oh, update on my fantasy football teams

We didn't do a 2theLion league (maybe next year) - But I am the commissioner for the Philly Blog team and a participant in a friend's league.

In the Philly Blog League we went "head to head" every week - I had a rough start but finished the "regular season" strong - My record ended up 9-4 and I finished the regular season ranked 1st (in record and points) out of 12. Not too bad for a rookie who had the LAST draft spot. We're in the playoffs now. I had a bye last week - and I'm up against the #5 seed (who won an "upset" last week) this weekend in the semi-finals. I'll admit it - I'm nervous. He has some really great players and my "stars" all seem to be up against really tough opponents this week. Wish me luck.

In the other league - we're points only. I've been doing pretty well. Again in this league I had the last draft spot (but this draft was automated, so there wasn't much drama - strangely, I ended up with many of the same players as I did in the live draft), but I've spent most of the season ranked 2nd out of 9. I'm over 150 points behind the leader (luckiest bum ever) really no hope of catching him. I'll be pleased with 2nd.

I've really enjoyed the Fantasy Football - although it has changed the way I watch Pro Ball - it's a lot more "I don't care if KC wins, just that Larry does well" - wait - is that different? :)


Okay - I'm stealing their idea

and I don't write for South Park...

The 2005 Bowls - and my picks

New Orleans Bowl: Arkansas State versus Southern Mississippi.

Southern Miss. Wait, does Jackie still coach there? No wait, that was Miss State - okay - we're fine.

GMAC Bowl: Toledo versus UTEP.

I still ain't made up my mind yet about Toledo.

Pioneer PureVision Las Vegas Bowl: BYU vs. Cal.

Mormon Cougars vs Bay Area Bears - I think I'll go with Cal.

San Diego State Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl: Colorado State versus Navy.

Gotta root for Navy - I love that color! Plus, my high school fight song (in land-locked Central PA) was Anchors-Aweigh -

Fort Worth Bowl: Kansas versus Houston.

Kansas - why? I know not - it just seems right. I can remember rooting for Houston's basketball team a hundred years ago - and they let me down - Hold on - Is this football?

Sheraton Hawaii Bowl: Nevada vs. UCF

UCF? how did they get here? Aren't they one of the worst teams in the nation? I guess not - and they get to go to Hawaii. Disney World versus Legalized gambling and prostitution? It's a tough choice, but I'll go with the Golden Knights.

Motor City Bowl: Memphis vs. Akron

The Zips - the indigenous kangaroo of the Ohio Valley - gotta root for PSU's opponents (well, next year's any way).

Champs Sports Bowl: Clemson vs. Colorado

Clemson - my personal "thank you" to Tommy for whoopin' his diddy - hopefully we can do the same.

Insight Bowl: Arizona State versus Rutgers

Gotta root for Rutgers - it's a Knights thing - or an underdog thing

MPC Computers Bowl: Boise State vs. Boston College

I love Boise for the blue field - and I still harbor some bc resentment - so I guess it's BSU

Mastercard Alamo Bowl: Michigan vs. Nebraska

Uggghhh - Could there be 2 worse teams? Perhaps in Tempe. Okay - hate Nebraska - but we beat them last time at UP. Hate Michigan, but they're Big 10. I really hate to say it - but I may be leaning toward the Huskers.

Emerald Bowl: Georgia Tech vs. Utah

Go with Ga Tech on this one - yellow jackets angry Wasps? They won a big one against miami.

Pacific Life Holiday Bowl: Oregon versus Oklahoma.

Yeah, gotta go against the whiney Ducks this year. We were whiney when we had to play them in the '95 Rose Bowl - and look what it got us... the BCS - no good can come from whining. 20 years ago PSU lost the National Championship to the Sooners in the Orange Bowl. This has been a great year for reversing trends and exercising demons - O-K-L-A-H-O-M-A

Gaylord Hotels Music City Bowl: Minnesota vs. Virginia.

Go Gophers. UVA is losing half its coaching staff to Temple in the off-season - I'll wait to root for those guys then.

Vitalis Sun Bowl: Northwestern vs. UCLA.

Northwestern; it's a Big Ten thing. They played tough against the Lions and the rest of the Big 10. Their offense is awesome.

Independence Bowl: Missouri vs. South Carolina.

Hate Spurrier. but he did knock off a few "giants" this past season, which i do appreciate. Don't know much about Mizzou - their basketball coach was (perhaps still is) really good looking - Tigers v Cocks (not the funniest of matchups - but if you're watching the game in Connecticut...)

Chik-Fil-A Peach Bowl: Miami vs. LSU

Oh that Tiger! Purple and Gold! 2 tough defenses - How ironic that LSU would be facing the Hurricanes - This time Louisiana will win!

Meineke Car Care Bowl: South Florida vs. NC State.

We beat the rams this year, but I gotta go with the Wolf Pack just to hear Amato congratulate them!

AutoZone Liberty Bowl: Tulsa vs. Fresno State.

Fresno State played one heck of a game against USC - and their coach has the coolest mustache.

EV1.net Houston Bowl: TCU vs. Iowa State.

The horned toads - amphibians and they wear purple.

Cotton Bowl: Texas Tech vs. Alabama

I found it necessary to, on occasion, root against them this season - but now - "Roll Tide Roll"

Outback Bowl: Iowa vs. Florida

Gotta go with the Big Ten - Iowa

Toyota Gator Bowl: Louisville vs.Virginia Tech.

2 massively overrated teams - but I'll go with Louisville -

Capital One Bowl: Wisconsin vs. Auburn.

Here's one I wouldn't bet on - but I'll be pulling for the Badgers.

Tostitos Fiesta Bowl: Notre Dame vs. Ohio State.

Oh, this is as bad as (if not worse than) the Alamo. But I have to go with the horse chestnuts (B10 and downed opponent). All of the hoopla - I can't say that I hope that OSU rolls (cause that would be too painful) but I really hope it's a boring, mistake ridden, penalty filled, why did I waste my afternoon watching THAT? game.

Nokia Sugar Bowl: West Virginia vs. Georgia.

Tough one. WVU (oh, the mighty mountaineers, got hairs in their ears) had a pretty good season in the Big Least - and the Dawgs played tough through some bad injuries - and, again, beat some well ranked teams. This is a "root for who's losing" game I think. or maybe UGA.

FedEx Orange Bowl: Penn State vs. Florida State.

Um, go Lions!

The Rose Bowl, sponsored by Citi: Texas vs. USC.

I have to root against the three-peat. no one should be at the top that long - Historical bias against the Horns, but I'll be rooting for them on the 4th


Check out the guys on "Every day should be Saturday" - they're Florida fans - ewww - but they've somehow escaped with senses of humor (whoda thought it possible?)


Found this link on SI.com - I love their philosophy - "Some people love to prognosticate the whole bowl season. In our self-appointed role as college football anti-pundits, we love to make our picks based on predjudice, caprice, and regional politics."

Good stuff.


ESPN.com's All American Football Team: Ivan Maisel

ESPN.com's All American Football Team: Ivan Maisel

Yup, ESPN has one too. Hali and Poz made it to the team.

Robinson may be catching in Senior Bowl

Per Ivan Maisel of ESPN...

Penn State quarterback Michael Robinson has agreed to take snaps at wide receiver at the Senior Bowl. How many will depend on whether USC's Matt Leinart accepts an invitation to play. The game has invited six QBs, per usual, but it's keeping a slot open for Leinart.

AP All Americans - Hali and Posluszny

Continuing the parade of national honors...

GoPSUsports.com - Four Nittany Lions Selected To Associated Press All-America Team

Hali and Posluszny get first team honors - Alan Zemaitis and Levi Brown were named to the second team.


Just in TIME for Christmas...

Big Ten official recruitment

While I generally think that the Big Ten officiating is pretty bad across the board - a little slam on Michigan never hurt anyone. Click on the image for a larger view...

Centre Daily Times Opinion: PSU-Florida State match disappointing

Centre Daily Times | 12/08/2005 | Opinion: PSU-Florida State match disappointing

I can understand some of the "disappointment" - but would it have been "better" playing Va Tech?

This isn't a cake walk game for the Lions - the seminoles looked really tough against the hokies (or maybe the hokies just looked that bad) in the acc championship game. The Lion offense has to ready for a really strong group of linemen and linebakers.

Did we "all" really want to play Notre Dame? The Fiesta was certainly not subtle about their preference for the Irish - which is why PSU got bypassed by the bowl. If the Fiesta had picked PSU first - there is no way the Orange would have let the Irish and their tv audience slip away. It would have been fsu v ND in the Orange - and PSU v. OSU in Tempe - And I really don't want to play the buckeyes again - call me crazy, if you must.

Personally, I think that PSU fans should be thrilled that PSU is in post season play. Is it "disrespect" that we've got the bowl berth we do? No - it's the BCS.

Orange Bowl Media Day

GoPSUsports.com - Joe Paterno Press Conference Joe tussles with the media over the "no show" of the players, emphasizes that the game is PSU v fsu not Joe v bobby, talks about his disdain for the bcs and the media, and does talk a little about the team's plans for preparing for the game

SI.com Congress questions BCS on playoff system

SI.com - 2005 NCAA Football Bowls - Congress questions BCS on playoff system - Wednesday December 7, 2005 5:43PM

uh oh - they're getting Congress involved!!!

ESPN.com - Penn St. players skip Orange Bowl media day

ESPN.com - NCF - Penn St. players skip Orange Bowl media day

I don't know if "skip" is the correct verb. It would seem that it was Joe's decision. Hey - it is finals prep week!

ESPN.com - Big Ten wrap-up

ESPN.com - NCF - Big Ten wrap-up

Big PSU love fest - but hey - this guy is from Columbus!

Youngstown State added to 2006 Football schedule

Youngstown State Joins Notre Dame, Temple & Akron on Nittany Lions' 2006 Non-Conference Schedule - Nittany Lions host the Penguins on Sept. 16 at Beaver Stadium

I'm not thrilled about this - but I guess with the short notice La Tech gave them, there weren't many I-A teams available. The Penguins played Pitt this year (2005) - giving the panthers their first win (to go 1-3) of their 5 win season.


ESPN.com - NCF - Temple set to name Golden as new football coach

ESPN.com - NCF - Temple set to name Golden as new football coach

Al Golden will be named the new head football coach for Temple.

Temple is an interesting choice, and an interesting "learning ground".

Golden was (is) on the so-called "short list" as a possible replacement for Joe Paterno at Penn State. Currently serving as Virginia's Defensive Coordinator, Golden (36) played for the Nittany Lions 89-90 and coached in 2000.

Temple's former coach Ron Dickerson was a long time assistant coach under Paterno.

Penn State and Temple renew their intrastate rivalry next November in University Park. (the teams are scheduled to meet at the Linc in 2007)

Let's hope he can turn the team around - they have one more year of "independence" and they formally join the MAC in 2007

Lineman Keith Dorney named to CFHF

GoPSUsports.com - Keith Dorney Set For Induction Into College Football Hall of Fame
20th Nittany Lion to Gain Induction

JoPa named regional coach of the year

gopsusports.com - Joe Paterno Selected AFCA Region Coach of the Year for Record 11th Time


Women's Volleyball Perfect in the Big Ten

The Penn State Women's Volleyball team punctuated the Lions' domination of Fall Sports by finishing the regular season undefeated in conference play.

Penn State finishes the Fall Season 49-1 in Big Ten head-to-head competition.


Paterno and Posluszny make it to the finals

GoPSUsports.com -Paterno & Posluszny Named Finalists for Munger & Bednarik Awards



Ten Nittany Lions Named to All-Big Ten Team

GoPSUsports.com - Paterno, Robinson and Hali win major awards

Click above for all the details. The Big Ten gives out awards based on votes from coaches and votes from coaches and media - it's a little confusing - but....

Michael Robinson won Offensive Player of the Year and was named to the second team all-conference.

Tamba Hali was named Big Ten Defensive Lineman of the Year - and first team all-conference. Side note - Hali was a unanimous choice for Lineman of the Year and by both groups as all-conference (only athlete to do so).

Five other Lions earned first team all-conference: Paul Posluszny; Alan Zemaitis; Calvin Lowry; Scott Paxson (way to go Scotty!); and, Levi Brown.

Four Lions were named to the second team all-conference roster: Robinson; Tony Hunt; Jay Alford; and, Matthew Rice. (Brown and Lowry were named to the second team by the media)

AND Joe Paterno has been named Coach of the Year.

You can check out BigTen.org to see all of the awards.


Lee, I've never seen you look better...

Corso and Herbstreit picked PSU to win on Saturday - Lee just did it with a little more flair....

Stewart Mandel's Power Rankings

SI.com - Writers - Stewart Mandel's Power Rankings: Longhorns proved they deserve to vault over USC

Stewie has PSU back at #3 - good job.


Nittany Lions claim defensive and special teams laurels

bigten.org: Iowa, Ohio State, Penn State and Purdue Share Weekly Football Accolades :: Nittany Lions claim defensive and special teams laurels after clinching a share of the Big Ten title.


SI.com - Photo Gallery - Weekend's Top 10 Performers

SI.com - Photo Gallery - Weekend's Top 10 Performers

Alan Zemaitis - number 2 performer of the week - not too shabby when you consider that no one was going to touch Reggie.

MSU game is highlight film for PSU

On the road to winning the 2005 Big Ten Championship - The Penn State football team has posted some impressive numbers on both offense and defense. The win over Michigan State was truly a "team effort" and saw a large number of Lions inking their names in the record books.

Tony Hunt's performance boosted him over the 1000 yard rushing mark for the season.

Donnie Johnson recorded a clutch interception and blocked punt (which resulted in a TD)

Deon Butler scored is 9th TD of the season - setting a freshman record

Michael Robinson's 32 yard touchdown run was the longest rushing TD of his career

As reported below, Alan Zemaitis had a fabulous game - with 3 interceptions

Other Lions put in great performances, such as:

Kilmer - continuing his mastery of kick coverage, had 4 tackles on Special Teams

Alford - proffered the 2 sacks that the defense created

Kapinos booted a massive 52 yard punt

Harrell connected for 12 tackles.

Pozluszny, Hali and Rice also had a great day - the PSU defense held the Spartans to 100 yards under their season average and forced 4 interceptions.

ESPN.com - LSU, Penn State move up to Nos. 3, 4 in AP poll

ESPN.com - NCF - LSU, Penn State move up to Nos. 3, 4 in AP poll

ESPN.com - Forde: Back to the future

ESPN.com - COLUMNIST/FORDE - Forde: Back to the future

SI.com - Photo Gallery - Top 25: Week 12

SI.com - Photo Gallery - Top 25: Week 12

SI.com - JoePa is BCS-bound: PSU downs Spartans

SI.com - NCAA Football - JoePa is BCS-bound: PSU downs Spartans


GoPSUsports.com - Penn State wins Big Ten Crown

Isaac Smolko and Donnie Johnson with Big Ten Trophy

Zemaitis selected National Defensive Player of the Week

GoPSUsports.com - Zemaitis Selected Walter Camp National Defensive Player of the Week

Zemaitis had 3 interceptions in the win over MSU - not just regular interceptions either, KEY interceptions.

He also connected for seven solo tackles and a pass break-up.

Great job Alan!


SI.com - My Sportsman Choice: Joe Paterno

SI.com - 2005 Sportsman of the Year - My Sportsman Choice: Joe Paterno

That Stewie Mandel - he may have let PSU slip a spot last week in the power rankings, but he's winning points elsewhere...

photo from gopsusports.com



Game Day to broadcast from East Lansing

GoPSUsports.com - ESPN's Game Day to originate from east lansing

I'm a little surprised that the match up is considered the most compelling of the day - why aren't they at the osu/um game?

strange - but great publicity for PSU.

Cold Pizza should be broadcast from there Friday morning.

McCready and Posluszny named All District Academics

GoPSUsports - defense players eligible for Academic All Americans

Paul has to be smart, after learning to spell his last name, everything else seemed easy!

And it would seem that Mr. McCready has rebounded (and "learned his lesson") from his trouble this summer


JoPa to be on CostasNOW and ABC Sports this weekend

Joe will be on the Bob Costas' HBO show this weekend - with multiple airings beginning Friday at 9pm.

ABC will air an interview with Joe during halftime of the OSU / Northwestern game on Saturday afternoon - game time is 12pm.


Posluszny Named as Butkus finalist

GoPSUsports.com - Paul Posluszny named as Butkus finalist

Paul Posluszny named one of 3 finalists for the 21st Butkus Award for the nation's top linebacker.

The winner will be announced on December 10th.

Hali named finalist for Hendricks Award

GoPSUsports.com - Hali among finalists for Ted Hendricks Defensive End Award


La Tech "stands up" the Lions for 2006

GoPSUsports.com - La Tech cancels 2006 match-up against PSU

Claiming scheduling conflicts, Louisiana Tech has canceled the scheduled September 16, 2006 game with PSU at Beaver Stadium. Assistant Athletic Director Fran Ganter states that they are trying to fill the date but that most teams are scheduled given the late notice.

Hali earns 4th National Player of the Week Honors

GoPSUSports.com - Honors for Hali keep rolling in

Hali (some as previously posted) has been named Player of the Week by: USAToday; Sports Illustrated; The Sporting News; and, the Walter Camp Football Foundation (Defensive Player).

He was also named the Big Ten Defensive Player of the Week - which is the 6th time this season that a PSU player has earned a conference honor (5 in 7 weeks of conference play).

Coach Paterno's bye-week press conference

GoPSUsports.com - Paterno Press Conference

Oh yeah, Tamba, you're #1

SI.com's #1 Top Performer of week 10: Tamba Hali - Tamba's 4 sacks, 9 tackles - including 7.5 tackles for loss are earning him player of the week honors across the nation - Joe's been telling them all year just how great this kid is - and last weekend's game was a highlight film.

Photo from CNN/Sports Illustrated online photo gallery

USATODAY.com - Hali wrecks Wisconsin to earn Player of Week award

USATODAY.com - Hali wins Player of Week award

SI.com - Stewart Mandel's Power Rankings

SI.com - Stewart Mandel's Power Rankings

Um, Stewie, have I told you lately that I love you? cause I do; I really do.

Mandel power ranks PSU at #3 -

I just have to say, Herbstreit, Mandel and the BCS computer are brilliant.

ESPN power ranks PSU at #5 and the "polls" both rank PSU at #6


ESPN.com - 11/07/05 - BCS Rankings

ESPN.com - BCS Rankings for 11/7/05

See, this is why I love computers - the computer averaging (and Kirk Herbstreit, btw) thinks PSU is the #3 team in the country.

Go Lions beat the spartans!

Game time set for spartan show down

PSU travels out to East Lansing, Michigan for their last game of the season on November 19th. Kickoff is scheduled for 4:00pm and the game will be televised on ESPN.

ESPN.com - Badgers/Lions - Recap

ESPN.com - NCF - Recap

ESPN.com - Forever's coach

ESPN.com - Confidence Fuels revivial

SI.com - Closer Look - PSU over badgers

SI.com - NCAA Football - Mark Beech: Robinson, D carry Penn State

SI.com - No. 10 Penn St. shuts down Calhoun

SI.com - NCAA Football - No. 10 Penn St. shuts down Calhoun, blasts Badgers

Vote for Tamba Hali in National Polls

GoPSUsports.com - Vote for Hali for player of the week honors

Click above for information about fan participation in this week's polls.

Hali named Defensive Player of the Week!

GoPSUSports.com - Tamba Hali named Defensive Player of the Week

Wisconsin recap

GoPSUsports.com - Wisconsin recap


SI.com - Power Rankings - week 9

SI.com - Stewart Mandel's Power Rankings

SI must love PSU - or at least Stewart Mandel does - PSU jumps to #6 in the power rankings - highest ranked 1 loss team.

Paterno and Posluszny - semifinalists for national awards

GoPSUsports.com Paterno and Posluszny Named Semifinalists for Munger and Bednarik Awards

Joe Paterno has been named as a semifinalist for the Munger Coach of the Year award -


I'm on the Hunt - I'm after you!

SI.com - Photo Gallery - Top 25: Week 9

ESPN.com - NCF - Lineman levels JoePa during pregame warmups

ESPN.com - NCF - Lineman levels JoePa during pregame warmups

Joe, reportedly, had a few bumps and bruises, and had to "walk" out with the team (instead of run) - but he was able to get himself up and seems to be fine.

He's gotta be careful out there!

ESPN.com: Fan poll


Click above to rank the College Football teams following week 9 of the season...

Why is PSU suddenly getting all these votes for #1?


ESPN.com - NCF - BCS Rankings

ESPN.com - NCF - BCS Rankings

So, PSU is ranked #7 in the BCS - their "computer" ranking is actually #5 (which is ahead of UCLA, an undefeated team) - but when averaged with their #10 & #11 poll rankings - they end up 7th.

I know it's just torture - and crazy to even think about it - but can you imagine what might be "going on" if PSU had pulled out a win against UM? curse those 2 seconds!

The Penn State Football Podcast

The Penn State Football Podcast

PSU beats Purdue

Penn State, coming off a HUGE win over Illinois, and still nursing a few wounds from the Michigan loss, faced the Purdue Boilermakers as they celebrated Homecoming 2005. While Purdue has not lived up to their pre-season ranking - they are still a good team with a very good coach. Their loss against Wisconsin was hard fought and a lot closer than the score suggested. Their defense was tough against Wisconsin's top players - so it was a bit of a mystery as to how they would play against the Lions.

The commentators on TV reportedly kept referring to "pesky Purdue" - and that's just what they were - pesky. They never let PSU run away with the game and they played tough all 4 quarters.

Penn State got another win - and the Lions squelched any real momentum the boilermakers had in the 2nd half -

GoPSUsports.com -Game Day Central - PSU v uw

GoPSUsports.com - Official Home of Penn State Athletics

ESPN.com - PSU - PU - Recap

ESPN.com - PSU v PU - Recap

Homecoming Win for the Lions

GoPSUsports.com - PSU v Purdue wrap up

Click above for info, stats and quotes from the Lions' 33-15 win over Purdue.


PSU purdue pregame notes

GoPSUsports.com - PSU purdue game notes

Click above for the pre-game notes and statistics for this week's game (PDF format)

Paterno's pre-purdue press conference

GoPSUsports.com - pre-purdue press confence

SI.com - Photo Gallery - Weekend's Top 10 Performers

SI.com - Photo Gallery - Weekend's Top 10 Performers

Michael Robinson #2! 6 touchdowns in the first half!


PSU - wisconsin game time announced

goPSUsports.com - Senior Day game time announced

Game time is set for 3:30pm for the November 5th PSU wisconsin game. the game will be televised on ABC.

PSU defeats Illinois

GoPSUsports.com PSU still #1 in big ten after Illinois win

What an awesome display of offensive (and defensive) power! 56 points in the first half. Paterno basically shut down the offense in the 2nd half - but a lone touchdown came from an interception run back for a TD - you can't fault the kid for that!

Robinson - Big 10 Player of the Week

GoPSUsports.com - Michael Robinson Player of the Week


Paterno's pre game press conference

GoPSUsports.com - JoPa previews the PSU illinois game

Posluszny Named as Lombardi Semifinalist

GoPSUsports.com - Linebacker Paul Posluszny selected Semifinalist for Rotary Lombardi Award

The award is presented to nation's top defensive lineman or linebacker - Paul is one of 4 underclassmen named as a semifinalist.


This hurts worst of all...

GoPSUsports.com - Williams out for season

Freshman wonderboy, Derrick Williams, suffered a season ending broken arm on Saturday. Click above for the story on GoPSUsports.com.


GoPSUsports.com UM game recap


ESPN.com - Midseason Review: Big Ten Conference

ESPN.com - Midseason Madness: Big Ten Review

PSU a big TV draw

GoPSUsports PSU OSU game record TV audience

No wonder the Big Ten wanted Penn State - golly people like to watch them on TV!

a little descrepancy about that #1 rated college football game from the ESPN article -

SI's Midseason All-America Team

SI.com Midseason All-America Team

They have Posluszny and Hali as projected All Americans.

I remember this feeling...


PSU at michigan

Penn State heads out to the "big house" on October 15th to face the University of Michigan Wolverines; the game will be televised on ABC at 3:30pm. This will be the first time the teams have met since the 2002 season.

There has been a definite "reversal of fortunes" between these two teams this year. Michigan is 3-3 with 2 conference losses; while PSU is undefeated.

Michigan has a formidable defense and an excellent offense - they have very talented running backs and Chad Henne is still a good quarterback (as we had wished he would have been at PSU).

It's Michigan - PSU can't be too intimidated OR too confident going into the game. They have to play clean, smart football - just like they have the past 2 weeks. This is the Lions' second road trip of the season (they only have four this year).

This past week has been a media blitz for the Lions - hopefully they can keep their heads clear and ignore everything that is being written and projected - they still have to play football games - a lot of tough football games.


ESPN.com - GameDay draws record audience

ESPN.com - Tuesday roundup: GameDay draws record audience

Game Day at Penn State drew a record audience for the show - and the game itself was the 2nd most watched college football game in ESPN's history (2nd only to FSU-Miami in 1994).

Michael Robinson Chat

GoPSUsports.com - Robinson to chat on ESPN.com

click above for information about Michael Robinson's 10/12 chat on ESPN.com

PSU wins National Team of the Week Honor

GoPSUsports.com Penn State named Fiesta Bowl National Team of the Week for win over OSU

JoPa's pregame Michigan Press Conference

GoPSUsports.com Michigan press conference

SI.com - Power Rankings

SI.com - Stewart Mandel's Power Rankings

Sports Illustrated "power ranks" PSU at #6 - and to whom does the "shout out" go this week? The STUDENT SECTION!

College football - it's the greatest.

Yahoo! Buzz Index - Football Fracas

Yahoo! Buzz Index - Buzz Log - Football Fracas

Yahoo compares the elite of College and NFL ball - PSU is named as this week's most popular team - you gotta love the internet!

ESPN.com Maisel and Forde: State of the game

ESPN.com - Maisel and Forde: Take a look at the first half of the season

Click above for an enjoyable banter between Ivan Maisel and Pat Forde discussing the first half of the college football season. Yes, they talk about PSU quite a bit.

Most interesting part for me was the "rumor" that Joe is letting Galen call the offensive plays - NOW IT ALL MAKES SENSE!

PSU ranks 7 in ESPN's Power Rankings

ESPN.com - Power 16

Check out ESPN's Power 16 for this week - PSU is ranked 7 (yeah, that's right, 7!)

PSU OSU game notes

GoPSUsports.com - Penn State / Ohio State Game Notes

Click above for links to the game notes and statistics (PDF files) for the Penn State v Ohio State game.

Posluszny Big Ten Honors, Again: Sets Record

GoPSUsports.com - Posluszny named Co-Big Ten Defensive Player of the Week

Paul Posluszny, junior linebacker, has, for the 3rd week (well, all 3 weeks since conference play began) in a row, been named (Co) Big Ten Denfensive Player of the Week. Posluszny is the first athlete to be selected a Big Ten Player of the Week (in any catagory) three weeks in a row.

Limited Number of Tickets for Last 2 home games

GoPSUsports.com Purdue/Wisconsin Tickets

Although they had previously said that the Purdue game was sold out - PSU seems to have "found" a couple more empty seats...

Tickets are still available for Purdue and Wisconson games.

Check out the link above for information.


Member when?

I was so excited that the sports writers thought that PSU could make it to a bowl game? Well, now they're saying PSU is going to win the big ten, go to a BCS game AND play FSU - excuse me, I need to sit down - what? I am sitting? ok - check out the predictions at the link below.

NCAA Football Bowl Predictions - CBS SportsLine.com

SI.com - Penn State is back

SI.com - Stewart Mandel: Penn State is back in a big way

Penn State stifles Ohio State for 6-0 start

SI.com Penn State stifles Ohio State for 6-0 start

ESPN.com - Penn State makes 16-to-8 jump in AP poll

ESPN.com - NCF - Penn State makes 16-to-8 jump in AP poll

Penn State / Ohio State

I don't know where to begin... There are a billion articles out there about the game and Penn State being undefeated and vaulting to NUMBER 8 on the AP poll, etc., etc. - (and I'll try to link all of them) - but I wanted to get down a few thoughts of my own...

I wish I had some. The Ohio State game was like none I had ever seen before - sure I've seen PSU beat a top 10 team, dominating with defense and "get the job done" offense, at night, as underdogs, in the rain... But this was different. After the win against Minnesota, which was almost flawless, I had no idea what to expect in the OSU game. Sure the defense had been good in the first 4 games, but they had not looked "big ten ready" - And then they SHUT DOWN the Minnesota running game. The PSU offense had scored enough points to win the games (ok, they scored a lot against Central Michigan), but mistakes (turnovers) and play calling did not result in many "happy thoughts" when considering the defenses of the Big Ten - And then in the Minne game they played mistake-free, creative, effective football. The freshmen had already proven themselves to me in the early games; they play the game like seasoned veterans - running their routes, keeping aware of the coverage and their quarterback, giving 100% even if theirs wasn't the number called... and even they brought it up a notch against the Gophers. *** So yeah, I had a lot of questions and nerves going into the OSU game - because I thought they could win, and that's a feeling we haven't had for a while. Now don't get me wrong, I think that PSU should win every game they go into and I'm disappointed when they don't - but this was different.

The game was at 7:45pm and we'd been tailgating since 8am - the weather was crap all day long - rainy, windy and cold. It had been a long wait for this game - figuratively and LITERALLY. The rain and wind subsided for most of the game - but it didn't really matter - the field held up great and the Lions seemed to do even better when it did rain. Ohio scored first with a field goal - not too bad; the PSU offense was moving the ball, but not enough to get into scoring distance. The punting game was horrible - worst of the year (by far) - our punter, who had been fabulous the whole season coming into the game, was totally off his game - he had one punt that went just 22 yards and one that went only 11! But the defense stepped up and kept the horse chestnuts from scoring. Penn State got the ball on the 26 yard line and strung together a few first downs to get into osu territory - PSU found themselves with 4th and 1 in limbo land (too close to punt and too far to try a field goal) so they went for it and Tony Hunt, channeling Barry Sanders, powered his way to a 2 yard gain. The sports writers have said that that was the turning point - Derrick Williams scored a rushing touchdown and on the next series Kevin Lowery intercepted Smith's pass running 36 yards to place the Lions on the 2 yard line. Michael Robinson scored on a keeper 3 plays later. Kevin Kelly our freshman kicker hit both extra points and PSU was leading 14 - 3. The crowd (as was I) was going crazy. It felt like old times - but these were new times and there was a lot of game to be played. OSU marched down the field and scored a touchdown 33 seconds before the half to make the score 14 - 10 at halftime. The second half was a game of attrition - PSU drove down the field on their first possession of the half and Kelly hit a 41 yard field goal - the score was 17 - 10. Neither team would score again. PSU picked some of their most conservative, predictable, ineffective plays on offense (now, that's Penn State football) - And while the defense played fairly conservatively as well - they did it effectively - they were on the field most of the 2nd half - and with a short osu field most of the time too. OSU put together a drive that was fueled mostly by bizarre penalty calls but the defense stayed strong and OSU was forced to attempt a 50+ yard field goal - which they missed. The PSU offense couldn't put the plays together to get the defense some rest - but Kappinos finally hit a quality punt - which Ginn, Jr. chose not to field and the Buckeyes were pinned deep with just minutes to play - a holding penalty pushed them back even farther in the direction of their own goal line - and into the chasm of the PSU student section - OSU was forced to burn a timeout because Smith couldn't hear/communicate - this was key, later. OSU did get out of the endzone, close to midfield - but with less than 2 minutes left in the game, Smith dropped back to pass, and Tamba Hali came charging across the backfield crashing into Smith and knocking the ball loose; Scott Paxson immediately tore away from his blocker and jumped on the loose football. The officials on the field called it a fumble - the crowd went nuts - but the officials called a timeout for review. The scoreboard showed the replay and the stadium exploded when the film showed clearly that the ball was loose before Smith hit the turf - the play stood and because OSU had only one timeout remaining - Penn State was able to run out the clock - Penn State beat Ohio State 17 - 10 with no tricks, gifts or prayers (well, fewer prayers than normal) - The crowd just cheered and cheered - no one left their seats. It was a great game. They did it.


Joe's pre-game osu press conference

GoPSUsports.com - Paterno osu press conference

Click on the link above for the transcript to JoPa's press conference


michigan game time set

goPSUsports.com um game time

PSU and michigan will square off at 3:30pm (EST) in Ann Arbor, MI on October 15th.

osu game notes

GoPSUsports.com osu game notes

Click above for links to game notes and statistics for Saturday's game against the buckeyes.

Posluszny National Defensive Player of the Week!

GoPSUSports.com Posluszny earns national and big ten honors

Click above for gopsusports.com's article about Paul Posluszny - he was named the Walter Camp National Defensive Player of the Week and earned Co-Big Ten Honor!


PENN STATE beats Minnesota to go 5 - 0!

GoPSUsports.com - PSU game recap - Lions improve to 5 - 0

Click above for post game notes and statistics, quotes, photos and more.

Penn State defeated the previously unbeaten Minnesota Golden Gophers 44 - 14 on Saturday (Oct 1st). The Lions' defense held Laurence Maroney, who came into the game and the nation's leading rusher, to 48 yards. The offense put together drive, after drive, scoring nearly every time they got the ball. It was beautiful to watch!


SI.com - Photo Gallery - Weekend's Top 10 Performers

SI.com - Photo Gallery - Weekend's Top 10 Performers

Posluszny ranks Number 7 on SI's top 10 performers! AND, please make sure that you are safely seated... SI has PSU in it's top 25 Power Rankings! Of course the season is just getting started and the Minne game this weekend is just the first of a long string of tough opponents but THEY'RE ranked!


Paterno Press Conference

GoPSUsports.com - Paterno Press Conference previewing Minnesota game

PSU minne game notes

GoPSUsports.com game notes - PSU v minnesota

Click above for pdf files with game notes and stadium advisories.

osu game time set

GoPSUsports.com - ohio state game time (finally) set

The Lions and buckeyes will square off at 7:45pm on Oct. 8th - ESPN will televise the game.


Northwestern Press Conference

GoPSUsports.com - Press conference notes

Click above to view the notes from JoPa pre-game press conference.

Joe fields questions about the team entering Big Ten play and the status of players - such as Dan Conner


PSU v Alabama

GoPSUsports.com PSU and Bama renew Football rivalry

Mark your calendars because they've announced the rescheduled PSU/Bama football games - 2010 and 2011!

GoPSUsports game notes

GoPSUsports.com Northwestern game notes

Click above for links to game notes and team statistics.

Minnesota game time

Minnesota Game Time - GoPSUsports.com

Click above for info about the Northwestern and Minnesota games.

SI.com - Tailgate Nation

SI.com - Tailgate Nation


Northwestern game time

GoPSUsports.com - Northwestern game time announced

Tickets available for Minnesota

GoPSUSports.com - Tickets available

PSU has announced that there are still tickets available for the Minnesota and Wisconsin games.

PSU Central Michigan

GoPSUSports.com - Lions cash in on the Chips - Game recap

PSU is 3 - 0! undefeated in 2005! Okay, well it's only 3 games, but it's a start!

Check out the game recap on goPSUsports.com with the link above.

Penn State's Kapinos named to Ray Guy Award Watch List

GoPSUsports.com Kapinos named to Watch List

Punter Kapinos (you know, the MVP) has been name to the Ray Guy Award Watch List - click on the link above for the whole story


Game Re-caps

Well - I didn't post a recap for South Florida - but the game didn't really inspire much prose - so let's just say, at least it was a W.

Cincinnati was a better game - on the scoreboard and from the stands. The freshmen stars got their names in the record books with some fantastic display of their speed and talent. Paul Posluzny changed his number to 31 during the off season and he played like a "31" on Saturday!

The offense put points on the board - but there are still questions about the offensive line, Robinson at Quarterback and play calling. The defense is still having some trouble on the line and against the run; they seemed to have a bit more "fire in their bellies" this week - let's hope that they can continue to build on that.


Cincy recap

GoPSUsports.com - PSU v Cincinnati game recap

Click above for the game recap on GoPSUsports.com


Katrina Relief

PSU - Hurricane relief - gopsusports.com
Click on the link above to read more about the efforts PSU and its students are making to help those effected by Hurricane Katrina.

They'll be collecting donations at the game this weekend.


Purdue - homecoming soldout

gopsusports.com - Purdue sold out

checkout the story at gopsusports.com regarding ticket sales. Tickets are still available for Cincinnati, Central Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin - and can be purchased online.

Paterno says he doesn't like reporters anymore

ESPN.com - NCF - Paterno says he doesn't like reporters anymore

ESPN picked up on this point out of Joe's cincy press conference. You can read the whole transcript at GoPSUsports.com


PENN STATE v cincinnati

The Nittany Lions face the Bearcats of Cincinnati on September 10th at 12pm. The game will be televised regionally through ESPN+.

Like the Rams of USF, this is the Bearcats first year in the newly "redesigned" Big East football conference.

Cincinnati has only 6 returning starters and a freshman at quarterback. Never underestimate an opponent (especially these days), but the Bearcats appear to be in a "building year". They do have quite a few talented freshmen coming into the program; they had 8 recruits playing on the Ohio team in this year's Big 33 game (the same number as Ohio State).

cincinnati game notes

GoPSUsports.com game notes and season statistics

Click above for links to the game notes for the cincinnati game and a tally of season statistics on GoPSUsports.com.

Kapinos gets Big Ten Honor

GoPSUsports.com - Kapinos earns Big Ten Special Teams Player of the Week

Well - they have been predicting that he'll be our MVP this year....

South Florida Re-cap

gopsusports.com game recap

Well - the Lions got win number 1 on Saturday against the South Florida Bulls - check out gopsusports.com for all the game info and statistics.


Joe's south florida press conference

Press Release - 9

joe dodges a few Dan Connor questions and discusses the game on gopsusports.com


PSU v sf game notes

Click here for a link to the PDF file of the game notes

gopsusports.com - game notes

it's an amazing amount of information about the game and the team -


SI.com - Preseason Rankings

SI.com - 2005 NCAA Football Preview - Scouting Reports

Sports Illustrated has come out with it's preseason rankings for Div 1A football. The rank Penn State at #30. That's the highest the Lions have been ranked in years and perhaps a small glimmer of hope. They're the 5th ranked Big Ten Team - Michigan, Ohio State, Iowa and Purdue are all in the top 25 (mich and osu in the top 10) - PSU has to face UM, OSU and Purdue this season, and the rest of the Big Ten is strong as well -


SI.com: Newcomers To Watch

SI.com - 2005 NCAA Football Preview - Preview 2005: Newcomers To Watch

Oh yeah! 2 of the top freshmen - Penn Staters! It's been a while since we've had press like this!

Williams already has the superstar mug down.


Yippee some not bad news!

AFCA recognition for Graduation rate

okay, it's not "on the field" but not negative -


Nittany Lion Hotline

goPSUsports.com - Nittany Lion Hotline

click above for the story

NCAA removes Seminoles from hostile list

Yahoo! Sports - NCAA removes Seminoles from hostile list

They sued and they won (pretty quickly too) - I think it's the right decision.


Karma is a....

FightOnState.com: DE Chisley to Miss Final Season

Remember when I worried about "bad taste" in reporting about other teams' woes (esp FSU) - well it's all come back - with a vengeance and less than 2 weeks before kickoff.

Rubin - out w/ injury
Chisley - out for academics
Connor, Kanuch and McCready - out for stupidity
and then there's "arrowgate"

think good thoughts, think good thoughts....

Groh gets new deal with raise of nearly $1 million

SI.com - Virginia's Groh gets a raise

So, UVA has some spare change set aside to pay a football coach - but poor, poor PSU can't muster together enough to pay a "big name coach" when JoePa retires.

I know that UVA is a well funded (private and public donations) school, but seriously, "good" football is new to them. But, apparently the Trustees and administration are willing to invest in the program -

The news coming out of State College this weekend has me in a sour mood - so here goes...

If the University wants to hire from within (as the almost always do) why not be honest? Money can not be the problem. Penn State raises money better than anyone else, they have more dues paying alumni, they have a football program that pays for itself and most of the other programs -

UVA's stadium seats about 60K and "reserved" tickets are $30. Students get in for free. Compare that to PSU where Beaver Stadium seats 106+K, students pay for their tickets and regular seats are $48 and $53. I know we didn't go to UVA, but PSU is an engineering school, so we should be able to do the math. With ticket sales alone, less than half the stadium, in one game, could pay a "big name" coach. Sure it costs money to host games and pay staffs and support the rest of the athletic department - but COME ON PENN STATE - you had $94M to expand the stadium and have had 1 winning season since - Get the kids at Smeal to help you if you can't figure it out - Supply and Demand - if you don't produce something that fans demand, then you aren't going have the $ to even pay JayPa.

Penn State is too high profile to be a "farm school" - Joe "learned" here, but that was 40 years ago (40!) - If Penn State can't bring in the kids and get results then they need a "name" to stir things up.

But - Joe is still coach and I respect that - and the first game is 12 days away - I can't wait - We'll have a lot to debate and fuss about at the tailgate!

WR Rubin could miss season

WR Rubin could miss season Check out the Post Gazette's article for more details.

As if the news out of Happy Valley couldn't get any "better" just 2 short weeks before the Lions' first game - Mark Rubin has seriously injured his ankle, and, as you can see from the headline above, he could be out the entire season.


ESPN.com - NCF - Penn State starter suspended for "harassment calls"

Dan Connor, yes, our new favorite son, has gotten himself "indefinitely suspended" for participating in harrassing telephone calls. There aren't many details as to the nature of the calls; the call receiver has asked to remain anonymous (no kidding).

Danny, how could you do this to us?

EDIT: apparently the victim is an elderly gentleman who used to be an assistant coach for PSU. This makes no sense. How on earth could that be entertaining? Why has it been "going on for months?" why do they have time to call? why do they have telephones? I'm so livid and embarrassed. but it gets better (note sarcastic tone, please) read above for the report on Rubin.


More honors for Zemaitis

Click on the link below for the story on gopsusports.com

Zemaitis named to preseason 2nd team All American

Zemaitis was also named the 5th cornerback in the nation by the Sporting News - not too shabby.

As reported, the Lions' defense has 9 returning starters from the 2004 team and Chris Harrell (safety), a starter in 2003, returns as well.

And then the Lions have freshman Derrick Williams who, although JoePa says he'll focus on Offense, will be "playing both ways" - that's exciting - really exciting.


Who's next?

SI.com - Writers - Stewart Mandel: Five candidates to replace Joe Paterno

Okay - Al Golden? where does that come from? As much as I've disliked Flick (Butch - but I think that he has gotten his teeth fixed since the NFL - so he may have curbed that nervous tick) at least he'd be something new. Of course the dream would be Ferentz - but I think that Iowa has gotten too good for us to hope for that one.

Why are they talking about all of this now? It's time to get ready for football - maybe in November or maybe earlier this spring - sigh

The Top 10 Paterno Moments

SI.com - Photo Gallery - The Top 10 Paterno Moments

Joe, in pictures - 1966 through 2001. Click on the link above for more pictures.

JoePa ready for 40th season

SI.com - Writers - Stewart Mandel: JoePa ready for 40th season - Tuesday August 16, 2005 3:24PM

Click above for SI's spin on Joe. Check out the photo - could Joe look more cranky - and it's not even at Beaver Stadium? Anyway. SI sees PSU as being on the brink, along with some other Big Ten teams - the problem is is that they all have to play each other. Michigan, OSU, Purdue and Iowa are being slated as possible top 5 teams - The Lions don't have to play Iowa this year (we can put the "safety as an offensive weapon strategy" on the shelf for a couple years) - but they also don't play Indiana this year and there are really no "gimme" conference games. It's going to be a tough season -


PSU v south florida

Penn State's first game of the 2005 football season is against University of South Florida on September 3rd. The Rams are entering their first year in the Big East Football conference.

Game time is set for 3:30pm and will be broadcast regionally through ESPN+.

The Lions hope to improve on their last few seasons and with 17 returning starters (8 offense; 9 defense) they will at least have some experience on the field. Last year, the PSU Defense was the only team in the nation to not allow more than 21 points in a game, allowing just 14 touchdowns total.

Paterno asks for patience

SI.com - Paterno asks for patience with retooled offense

Check out Sports Illustrated's spin on the preseason press conference.


Media Day - PSU

Media Day - 2005

Click on the link above for gopsusports.com for the questions and answers from Joe Paterno's press conference during Media Day 2005.

Joe covers topics such as the status of injured/questionable players, the quarterback position, the court ruling regarding his salary, specific players and much more. It's vintage Paterno - but a good read all the same.

Paterno defers to university on revealing salary or not

espn.go.com story link: ESPN.com - Paterno defers to university

Following a ruling that Penn State must release Joe's employment history, including salary, (because he is a "state employee") Penn State has filed an appeal based on the notion that Penn State is a state "related" institution and therefore not subject to the rule.

Joe has said that he'll go with the University either way.

It's interesting considering that Spanier had recently announced that the University doesn't have the money to pay a high priced coach when Joe retires - It seems strange that the University would be so protective of the amount - is it "too" low or "too" high?

This type of distraction is fine in the off season - but I don't need it now!! It's (less than) 3 weeks to football!!!!!


2005 PSU Football Roster

2005 Alphabetical Roster Penn State has released the official roster for the 2005 season. Click above for a link to the PDF list.

One interesting change you might note is that Paul Posluszny has changed his number to 31.


More Mascot Musings

Ivan Maisel of ESPN makes an interesting point when he quips:

"A reader e-mailed me this, and it's true: the word Oklahoma comes from two Choctaw words meaning "red people." I guess this means that the NCAA will ban the university name from all postseason play. 'Welcome to the championship game between the Florida State -------- and the ------ Sooners!'"

I myself have asked if Penn State will have to abandon the name "Nittany" - yes, the Lions are named after Mt. Nittany, BUT the word "Nittany" seems to have been derived from a Native American term meaning "single mountain". (the legends about indian maidens/princesses are, reportedly, all ficticious)


Lydell Mitchel enshrined in College Football Hall of Fame

Lydell Mitchell Click on the link above for the article on gopsusports. com.

Lydell Mitchell, a standout PSU running back has been enshrined in the College Football Hall of Fame in South Bend, Indiana. Lydell is the 19th Penn Stater to be inducted into the CFHoF.

As the song goes "Lydell Mitchell and Franco too; Guman and Barr wore the White and Blue"!

T.O. asked to leave for a week

ESPN.com - NFL - T.O. asked to leave for a week

I know it's not PSU football - but this is big news down here in Philadelphia - check out the link above to read the ESPN story. Basically, Terrell Owens has been trying to renegotiate his year old 9 year contract because he says he deserves more money (which he probably does) - but the Eagles have stood their ground and he's devolved into a big cry baby.

Well, although it was rumored that he would not, TO showed up for training camp (at the 11th hour) - but Andy Reid has sent him home for a week - which might turn into forever.

TO was an exciting addition to the Eagles last season - but he wasn't the only player on the team. Philadelphians are already predicting the outcome of the season - they've had a good team for many years now and they expect results (remember how that felt?) - but ultimately they love the Eagles, and not the individual players.


New Kickoff Time for Central Michigan

Penn State has announced that the September 17th game against Central Michigan will be televised (ESPN Plus), and that game time has changed to be 3:30pm.

Central Michigan game to be televised

This is a combined Dual Diesel Tailgate (DDT5) - more details to follow.


Workers needed at Football games

PSU needs Stadium Workers

As reported at gopsusports.com, the Athlectic Department needs people to man the gates, act as ushers, park cars and sell programs.

Parking attendants and program sellers, in addition to pay, get admission to the game! This never happened in the past.


NCAA playoff Indian mascot ban

Click on the link below for the whole story.

ESPN.com NCAA playoff Indian mascot ban

Now, I'm sure that you all know that I am just about the last person on earth who will defend Florida State - but I really think that this ruling is ridiculous and, yes, insensitive. I know that many school such as FSU and Central Michigan have taken measures to communicate with the tribes and communities so that their mascot is an accurate and positive symbol.

I understand that there are individuals who are offended and the history behind the mascots is not squeaky clean - but schools have taken real strides to be more sensitive to the native American cultures.

The ruling would not affect College Football, incidentally, in that Division 1 football does not have a post season tournament.


Extras Needed For Football Film

CBS 3: Extras Needed For Vince Papale Film

Click on the link above to read the whole article. They're looking for extras in the Philadelphia area to be in crowd shots.

Hey we could do that!

ESPN.com: JoePa's work isn't finished

Check out the article on Espn.go.com about JoPa at the Big Ten Media Days.

JoePa's work isn't finished

Joe missed the first day - "they" reported "personal problems" as the reason - but I wonder if he wanted to lay low so Barry Alverez would get the media coverage on the first day. He's a fiesty guy and truly believes in himself and the team.


New Endzone decor

According to the Centre Daily Times, PSU will change the end zone design to be the traditional block-style lettering that adorned the end zones in the 1980s.

Hopefully the PSU offense will be curious to see the new decoration up close and will actually get into the end zone this year! Maybe they should change it every game!


BCS adds new Harris Poll

SI.com - BCS unveils Harris Poll

Check out the SI.com article for more info.

The BCS has changed a few rules in light of the annual controversies surrounding the ranking systems. The main "problem" they are trying to avoid with the change in the polls. This new poll would not start until the 4th week of the season so to avoid inflated preseason rankings.


SI.com - Notre Dame - Big Ten?

SI.com - Stewart Mandel: Notre Dame could shake up the Big Ten

I know at least one person who would be freaking out if this happens (Suzanne?) - Of course if PSU would play Notre Dame that means that they could beat them! It is interesting that the BCS is stunting the Domers potential payday. Of course they've also guaranteed ND a BCS game if they end up ranked 8 or better.


Big 33

Watched a couple quarters of the Big 33 game this weekend. Penn State recruits Sean Lee, Knowledge Timmons and Kevin Kelly participated on the Pennsylvania Team. The PA team fell short against the Ohio team - but what I saw was fun. The rules of the game really limit the defenses - which is where Lee and Timmons were playing - but they still got their numbers called a few times. Although Kelly's name may remind us old timers of the "Ken Kelly" years - this kid is a kicker - and he appears to have a pretty good leg.

8 of the Ohio kids are going to OSU, and, interestingly, 8 are going to Cincinnati. No Ohio kids are going to PSU. In the olden days the whole field would have been full of kids who were going to or darn sad that they weren't going to Penn State. Times change.

Todd Blackledge did the color commentary for the TV broadcast. I still chalk him up as a sell out (cut to January 1, 1995) - but, he himself is a throwback to the "great" days of the Big 33 - of course, when he played it was still an intrastate scrimmage. One interesting statistic is that no superbowl has been played without an alumni of the Big 33.


Fight the Cherry and the White

PSU - Temple renew east coast rivalry

Gopsusports.com reports that Penn State will add Temple to it's schedule starting next year.

The NCAA has agreed to allow 12 game seasons and PSU is adding Temple to fill an open spot in 2006 and 2007. The Owls will travel to PSU in November, 2006 and PSU will play at Lincoln Financial Field in 2007.

Temple's my 2nd Alma Mater and it's always fun when the two play. We should definitely plan on a tailgate extravaganza for the 2007 game (not too far in advance; is it?).


Bowl Schedule 05/06

While I was checking out the projected Bowl Matchups for this football season, I noticed the scheduling of the games.

It would seem that the promoters are definately trying to get bigger shares of the TV audience by spreading out the schedule.

Now here's the shocker. There is only ONE game on New Year's Day, and that's the Sugar Bowl at 8:30pm!!!!! That's just nutty. New Year's Day is on Sunday in 2006. And I know that the Rose Bowl Parade has been changed to the 2nd because of the "never on a Sunday" rule. But this is amazing - I ALWAYS look forward to a day completely full of football on the 1st - game, after game, after game - switching channels in-between the early games to see which game is the closest, if Big Ten teams are playing/winning, etc. I guess I'll have to be satified with watching the Eagles that day!

The Outback, Cotton, Gator and Capital One Bowls are banking on the notion that everyone is going to have the 2nd off of work - because they are all day games; the Fiesta Bowl is on the 2nd, at 8pm.

Incidentally, the Orange Bowl is on the 3rd. And the Rose Bowl National Championship Game is on January 4th.

FOXSports.com 2005-06 Bowl Projections

Check it out - they actually predict Penn State will go to a bowl game!

FOXSports.com - COLLEGE FOOTBALL- 2005-06 Bowl Projections

Music City - Nashville here we come! The Music City Bowl goes to the #6 team in the Big Ten (& SEC). It would be so nice to be bowl eligible; the off-season is so long without a "holiday" game.

Also, if the prediction holds, it would be fun to play Bama.

Of course, these are just predictions, and we have (a little) over 5 months and a bunch of football to get through before we get to worried about all of this!


Big Ten adds 2 more bowl deals

ESPN.com - Big Ten adds two more bowl games

Click on the link above to read the whole article. The Big Ten has added 2 more bowl games to their already long list.

They will drop the Sun Bowl and the Music City Bowl.


More bad news for FSU

ESPN.com FSU cornerback Cromartie tears ACL

The Seminoles' All American Cornerback Antonio Cromartie has torn his ACL and will miss the 2005 season. While I'm not a fan of the FSU - this really is an embarrasment of bad fortune. Check the link above for the story on ESPN.com

And, Clifton Dickson, a star defensive lineman, was declared academically ineligible and must graduate from a community college before he can be readmitted to the university.

They have a lot of talent on their team and there's nothing more dangerous than a wounded animal - so I'm not going to feel "bad" for them.

Pep Rally at Beaver Stadium

I always talk about going to these things, but never seem to make it there. They're having a Pep Rally at Beaver Stadium September 2nd (Friday night), the day before the season opener.

According to gopsusports.com (where you can get the whole story), more than 20,000 fans attended last year's event, and they are expecting even more this year. The event is free (and so is parking) and will include a pep rally with Head Coach Joe Paterno and the squad, a Blue Band concert, cheerleaders, dance team and the Nittany Lion. Friday night's celebration will also feature some added surprises and prize give aways along Curtin Road and provide the community with the opportunity to meet the 2005 Nittany Lion Football team. The night will be capped off once again with a spectacular display of Zambelli's fireworks.

Festivities outside the stadium will start at 6:30 p.m. Events inside the stadium are scheduled to begin at 8:00 pm. Fans are directed to use Stadium Gates A & B to enter the stadium.


Mills: All in

Texas Hold 'em Lions!

Zack Mills was a participant in this years World Series of Poker! He won an all expenses paid trip (including $10K entry fee) to the tournament by winning an on-line tournament on pokerstars.com. He made it through day one (in a field of over 5,000 players) to play on day two. According to the results for day 2 (released about an hour ago), he was bumped out of the tournament. Too bad - they said in the Collegian online that he was recognizable because he was wearing a Penn State baseball cap! You can check out more of the story at collegian.psu.edu

News from other squads

Perhaps it's poor taste on my part to report on other teams' misfortune, but some of the recent news coming out of college football is just too crazy to ignore.

Most notably, Florida State. It's reported on espn.go.com that Seminole Quarterback, Wyatt Sexton, who was found last month disheveled and disoriented, has been diagnosed with Lyme Disease, and we be out for the season. It's interesting that it's taken them a month to diagnose him. On June 14th, Sexton was doused was pepper sprayed and taken to a hospital after he was found lying in the street, identifying himself as God. According to his diagnosing physician, who is, oddly enough, from Pennsylvania, the disease has progressed far enough that his internal organs are infected resulting in neuropsychiatric and cardiovascular deficits.

He is expected to fully recover, but he's out for the season, and he's their only experienced quarterback. The quarterback job will now be decided between 2 redshirt freshmen, Drew Weatherford and Xavier Lee. FSU opens the season against Miami of Florida.

Also according to ESPN FSU might have to start the season without two of their linebackers, Ernie Sims and A.J. Nicholson, due to recent run-ins with the law.

Regarding Michigan State Mlive.com (everything Michigan) reports that Michigan State receiver Agim Shabaj, who had been declared academically ineligible for the 2005 season, will enter the NFL supplemental draft.

Shabaj was the Spartans' third-leading receiver in 2004 with 29 catches for 308 yards and one touchdown. He was the team's leading receiver in 2003 with 57 catches for 692 yards and five touchdowns.

Shabaj said he was declared ineligible after not writing his student identification number on a chemistry final, which caused the professor to discard the exam score.


Zemaitis on Thorpe watch list

According to gopsusports.com, Penn State cornerback Alan Zemaitis has been, for the second time, named to the watch list for the Jim Thorpe Award, which is presented to the nation's top defensive back. Zemaitis is one of four Big Ten student-athletes on the 36-player list.

It is interesting to read about how well the PSU defense did last year. But then we have to remember that we still lost most of our games. Also, there is the possibility that the defense will not be as "fresh" as it was last year. Teams will have been able to prepare and focus on specific players. Conner and Posluszny are now "known" - and they will have to adjust. The Penn State Defense is not a complicated scheme - they aren't doing anything new, they just did it very well last year.

I have every confidence that PSU's defense is going to be great this year - but the team can't rest on that, because, as was painfully evident last season - a good offense is still the best defense.


Ohio State Sold Out

The October 8th game against Ohio State sold out during the alumni sale for PSU tickets.

According to gopsusports.com a limited number of tickets remain for the Homecoming game against Purdue on October 29.

Single game tickets will go on sale to the public Today, Tuesday, July, 5th. All purchases must be made through the internet.

Tickets also are available for five additional Nittany Lions home games: South Florida (Sept. 3rd); Cincinnati (Sept. 10th); Central Michigan (Sept. 17th); Minnesota (Oct. 1st) and Wisconsin (Nov. 5th).

Group, telephone, counter and Away Game sales (if there are tickets remaining) will begin on Monday, July 18 at 8:00 a.m. The ticket office does not expect there to be any Michigan (away) tickets available for public sale.

The numbers to call are: 814-865-5555 or 800-863-3336 weekdays from 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p. m.


Philly Blog Fantasy Football

Well, we've closed the league for Fantasy Football for the Philly Blog at 12 teams. The draft isn't until August but people are already talkin' trash. This is quite different from the Fantasy Baseball. Those fellas are quiet and somewhat polite.

If anyone out there still wants to do a FF league - we can set up one for ourselves!

You know what my problem is going to be of course - I'm going to want to draft all Penn Staters!


National buzz for some PSU players...

Got most of this info from gopsusports.com - you can check out the entire story on the PSU Football page by clicking on the link to PSU Football.

Sophomore linebacker Dan Connor, junior linebacker Paul Posluszny and senior cornerback Alan Zemaitis have been put on the Bednarik Award "watch list". The award is presented to the best defensive player in the country, by the Maxwell Club. LaVar Arrington is the last Penn Stater (and last Big Ten player) to receive the award.

Posluszny and Zemaitis were also named to the Bronko Nagurski Trophy watch list. The award is presented to the best defensive player in college football by the Football Writers Association of America.

Senior quarterback Michael Robinson and junior tailback Tony Hunt were named to the watch list for the Maxwell Award presented to the nation's top college player by the Maxwell Club.

Posluszny, Robinson and Zemaitis were elected team captains for the 2005 season.

Posluszny was the first sophomore to lead Penn State in tackles since Phil Yeboah-Kodie in 1992 and is the first junior to be elected a captain since Mike Reid and Steve Smear in 1968. Those are some pretty special footsteps to follow -

Conner is one of only 2 sophomores nominated for the Bednarik Award.

It's quite impressive, if not surprising that this many Lions would be even considered - there are only 51 players total on the Maxwell Award list and 49 on the Bednarik. There are 50 players on the Nagurski watch list.


More game times announced

The game times for the first 3 games of the season have been announced. The games are all at home and non-conference.

South Florida kickoff at 3:30pm. The game will be televised on ESPN+ (affiliates to be announced later) and ESPNU.

The Cincinnati kickoff is at 12pm. The game will be televised on ESPN+ (affiliates to be announced later).

Kickoff for the Central Michigan game is scheduled for 1:30pm. This game will not be televised. It will be webcast over ESPN360. You can check espn.go.com and/or gopsusports.com for more details on the webcast closer to game day.

A little Basketball news

Danny Earl has been named as an assistant coach for the Men's Basketball team. I adored Danny during his time at PSU but I have to wonder why Penn State can't hire anyone who did not graduate from PSU or anyone with any experience. I realize that this is an assistant job and a great way for a young guy to get some experience. But the current Penn State Basketball program, in my opinion, has much more important things to tend to than teaching some guy "the ropes". The team should be much more worried about the exodus of players to other schools and the non-existent recruiting program.

According the gopsusports.com: Since leaving Penn State, Earl has played professionally in Germany, Poland and Portugal. He also played in both the Continental Basketball Association and the NBA's Developmental League and was a member of the New Jersey Nets' training camp roster in '01-02 and '02-03. Earl most recently was co-owner of the Next Level Basketball Camp, an organization that conducted camps and clinics in southern New Jersey.

Ed DeChellis might be a nice guy and a good coach - but no great players want to come to Penn State to lose for an unknown guy. If PSU is serious about its basketball (men's) team the administration is going to have invest some money. PSU has very little to woo top basketball players. The BJC is great, but not that unique. Being in the Big Ten is prestigious, but if your team can't even make the post season conference tournament, what's the point? PSU basketball has no history and no future on the horizon. The one thing that the University could have brought in to get any kind of buzz for the program would have been a "name" coach. And we all know that there were plenty of guys who were (at least) interested in the job. But that didn't happen and the program has suffered (even more than before).

I'm still a Dan Earl fan. He was a talented player and a real leader on the team. It is possible that he will have a great impact on the team, but I sincerely doubt that there are many high school stars out there, sitting in their rooms dreaming of the day that they might get the chance to play for him.