NFL Europe

I haven't heard much out of PSU lately - of course, I haven't been "listening" that closely either - BUT there was a "PSU moment" this weekend in the NFL Europe league. Got to see good old Kevin Thompson play quarterback for the Cologne Centurians. While his team isn't going to the championship game, they won their last game of the season (against the berlin thunder, who are in the championship) on a 4th quarter, 33 yard touchdown pass (it was all air) play. Thompson is currently "on loan" from the Buffalo Bills. The make-up of the teams in NFL Europe is interesting - some players are there to get into (or back into) shape for the NFL, some are free agents and a certain number have to be "nationals" (that is, originally from Europe). One interesting name is Eric Crouch (you remember, Nebraska Quarterback, heisman winner); he is on assignment from Kansas City playing Safety for the Hamburg Sea Devils!


D said...

Where were you that you were able to see these guys playing?--Dena

PSUgirl said...

In the living room, watching TV :)