BCS adds new Harris Poll

SI.com - BCS unveils Harris Poll

Check out the SI.com article for more info.

The BCS has changed a few rules in light of the annual controversies surrounding the ranking systems. The main "problem" they are trying to avoid with the change in the polls. This new poll would not start until the 4th week of the season so to avoid inflated preseason rankings.


SI.com - Notre Dame - Big Ten?

SI.com - Stewart Mandel: Notre Dame could shake up the Big Ten

I know at least one person who would be freaking out if this happens (Suzanne?) - Of course if PSU would play Notre Dame that means that they could beat them! It is interesting that the BCS is stunting the Domers potential payday. Of course they've also guaranteed ND a BCS game if they end up ranked 8 or better.


Big 33

Watched a couple quarters of the Big 33 game this weekend. Penn State recruits Sean Lee, Knowledge Timmons and Kevin Kelly participated on the Pennsylvania Team. The PA team fell short against the Ohio team - but what I saw was fun. The rules of the game really limit the defenses - which is where Lee and Timmons were playing - but they still got their numbers called a few times. Although Kelly's name may remind us old timers of the "Ken Kelly" years - this kid is a kicker - and he appears to have a pretty good leg.

8 of the Ohio kids are going to OSU, and, interestingly, 8 are going to Cincinnati. No Ohio kids are going to PSU. In the olden days the whole field would have been full of kids who were going to or darn sad that they weren't going to Penn State. Times change.

Todd Blackledge did the color commentary for the TV broadcast. I still chalk him up as a sell out (cut to January 1, 1995) - but, he himself is a throwback to the "great" days of the Big 33 - of course, when he played it was still an intrastate scrimmage. One interesting statistic is that no superbowl has been played without an alumni of the Big 33.


Fight the Cherry and the White

PSU - Temple renew east coast rivalry

Gopsusports.com reports that Penn State will add Temple to it's schedule starting next year.

The NCAA has agreed to allow 12 game seasons and PSU is adding Temple to fill an open spot in 2006 and 2007. The Owls will travel to PSU in November, 2006 and PSU will play at Lincoln Financial Field in 2007.

Temple's my 2nd Alma Mater and it's always fun when the two play. We should definitely plan on a tailgate extravaganza for the 2007 game (not too far in advance; is it?).


Bowl Schedule 05/06

While I was checking out the projected Bowl Matchups for this football season, I noticed the scheduling of the games.

It would seem that the promoters are definately trying to get bigger shares of the TV audience by spreading out the schedule.

Now here's the shocker. There is only ONE game on New Year's Day, and that's the Sugar Bowl at 8:30pm!!!!! That's just nutty. New Year's Day is on Sunday in 2006. And I know that the Rose Bowl Parade has been changed to the 2nd because of the "never on a Sunday" rule. But this is amazing - I ALWAYS look forward to a day completely full of football on the 1st - game, after game, after game - switching channels in-between the early games to see which game is the closest, if Big Ten teams are playing/winning, etc. I guess I'll have to be satified with watching the Eagles that day!

The Outback, Cotton, Gator and Capital One Bowls are banking on the notion that everyone is going to have the 2nd off of work - because they are all day games; the Fiesta Bowl is on the 2nd, at 8pm.

Incidentally, the Orange Bowl is on the 3rd. And the Rose Bowl National Championship Game is on January 4th.

FOXSports.com 2005-06 Bowl Projections

Check it out - they actually predict Penn State will go to a bowl game!

FOXSports.com - COLLEGE FOOTBALL- 2005-06 Bowl Projections

Music City - Nashville here we come! The Music City Bowl goes to the #6 team in the Big Ten (& SEC). It would be so nice to be bowl eligible; the off-season is so long without a "holiday" game.

Also, if the prediction holds, it would be fun to play Bama.

Of course, these are just predictions, and we have (a little) over 5 months and a bunch of football to get through before we get to worried about all of this!


Big Ten adds 2 more bowl deals

ESPN.com - Big Ten adds two more bowl games

Click on the link above to read the whole article. The Big Ten has added 2 more bowl games to their already long list.

They will drop the Sun Bowl and the Music City Bowl.


More bad news for FSU

ESPN.com FSU cornerback Cromartie tears ACL

The Seminoles' All American Cornerback Antonio Cromartie has torn his ACL and will miss the 2005 season. While I'm not a fan of the FSU - this really is an embarrasment of bad fortune. Check the link above for the story on ESPN.com

And, Clifton Dickson, a star defensive lineman, was declared academically ineligible and must graduate from a community college before he can be readmitted to the university.

They have a lot of talent on their team and there's nothing more dangerous than a wounded animal - so I'm not going to feel "bad" for them.

Pep Rally at Beaver Stadium

I always talk about going to these things, but never seem to make it there. They're having a Pep Rally at Beaver Stadium September 2nd (Friday night), the day before the season opener.

According to gopsusports.com (where you can get the whole story), more than 20,000 fans attended last year's event, and they are expecting even more this year. The event is free (and so is parking) and will include a pep rally with Head Coach Joe Paterno and the squad, a Blue Band concert, cheerleaders, dance team and the Nittany Lion. Friday night's celebration will also feature some added surprises and prize give aways along Curtin Road and provide the community with the opportunity to meet the 2005 Nittany Lion Football team. The night will be capped off once again with a spectacular display of Zambelli's fireworks.

Festivities outside the stadium will start at 6:30 p.m. Events inside the stadium are scheduled to begin at 8:00 pm. Fans are directed to use Stadium Gates A & B to enter the stadium.


Mills: All in

Texas Hold 'em Lions!

Zack Mills was a participant in this years World Series of Poker! He won an all expenses paid trip (including $10K entry fee) to the tournament by winning an on-line tournament on pokerstars.com. He made it through day one (in a field of over 5,000 players) to play on day two. According to the results for day 2 (released about an hour ago), he was bumped out of the tournament. Too bad - they said in the Collegian online that he was recognizable because he was wearing a Penn State baseball cap! You can check out more of the story at collegian.psu.edu

News from other squads

Perhaps it's poor taste on my part to report on other teams' misfortune, but some of the recent news coming out of college football is just too crazy to ignore.

Most notably, Florida State. It's reported on espn.go.com that Seminole Quarterback, Wyatt Sexton, who was found last month disheveled and disoriented, has been diagnosed with Lyme Disease, and we be out for the season. It's interesting that it's taken them a month to diagnose him. On June 14th, Sexton was doused was pepper sprayed and taken to a hospital after he was found lying in the street, identifying himself as God. According to his diagnosing physician, who is, oddly enough, from Pennsylvania, the disease has progressed far enough that his internal organs are infected resulting in neuropsychiatric and cardiovascular deficits.

He is expected to fully recover, but he's out for the season, and he's their only experienced quarterback. The quarterback job will now be decided between 2 redshirt freshmen, Drew Weatherford and Xavier Lee. FSU opens the season against Miami of Florida.

Also according to ESPN FSU might have to start the season without two of their linebackers, Ernie Sims and A.J. Nicholson, due to recent run-ins with the law.

Regarding Michigan State Mlive.com (everything Michigan) reports that Michigan State receiver Agim Shabaj, who had been declared academically ineligible for the 2005 season, will enter the NFL supplemental draft.

Shabaj was the Spartans' third-leading receiver in 2004 with 29 catches for 308 yards and one touchdown. He was the team's leading receiver in 2003 with 57 catches for 692 yards and five touchdowns.

Shabaj said he was declared ineligible after not writing his student identification number on a chemistry final, which caused the professor to discard the exam score.


Zemaitis on Thorpe watch list

According to gopsusports.com, Penn State cornerback Alan Zemaitis has been, for the second time, named to the watch list for the Jim Thorpe Award, which is presented to the nation's top defensive back. Zemaitis is one of four Big Ten student-athletes on the 36-player list.

It is interesting to read about how well the PSU defense did last year. But then we have to remember that we still lost most of our games. Also, there is the possibility that the defense will not be as "fresh" as it was last year. Teams will have been able to prepare and focus on specific players. Conner and Posluszny are now "known" - and they will have to adjust. The Penn State Defense is not a complicated scheme - they aren't doing anything new, they just did it very well last year.

I have every confidence that PSU's defense is going to be great this year - but the team can't rest on that, because, as was painfully evident last season - a good offense is still the best defense.


Ohio State Sold Out

The October 8th game against Ohio State sold out during the alumni sale for PSU tickets.

According to gopsusports.com a limited number of tickets remain for the Homecoming game against Purdue on October 29.

Single game tickets will go on sale to the public Today, Tuesday, July, 5th. All purchases must be made through the internet.

Tickets also are available for five additional Nittany Lions home games: South Florida (Sept. 3rd); Cincinnati (Sept. 10th); Central Michigan (Sept. 17th); Minnesota (Oct. 1st) and Wisconsin (Nov. 5th).

Group, telephone, counter and Away Game sales (if there are tickets remaining) will begin on Monday, July 18 at 8:00 a.m. The ticket office does not expect there to be any Michigan (away) tickets available for public sale.

The numbers to call are: 814-865-5555 or 800-863-3336 weekdays from 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p. m.