Big 33

Watched a couple quarters of the Big 33 game this weekend. Penn State recruits Sean Lee, Knowledge Timmons and Kevin Kelly participated on the Pennsylvania Team. The PA team fell short against the Ohio team - but what I saw was fun. The rules of the game really limit the defenses - which is where Lee and Timmons were playing - but they still got their numbers called a few times. Although Kelly's name may remind us old timers of the "Ken Kelly" years - this kid is a kicker - and he appears to have a pretty good leg.

8 of the Ohio kids are going to OSU, and, interestingly, 8 are going to Cincinnati. No Ohio kids are going to PSU. In the olden days the whole field would have been full of kids who were going to or darn sad that they weren't going to Penn State. Times change.

Todd Blackledge did the color commentary for the TV broadcast. I still chalk him up as a sell out (cut to January 1, 1995) - but, he himself is a throwback to the "great" days of the Big 33 - of course, when he played it was still an intrastate scrimmage. One interesting statistic is that no superbowl has been played without an alumni of the Big 33.

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