Bowl Schedule 05/06

While I was checking out the projected Bowl Matchups for this football season, I noticed the scheduling of the games.

It would seem that the promoters are definately trying to get bigger shares of the TV audience by spreading out the schedule.

Now here's the shocker. There is only ONE game on New Year's Day, and that's the Sugar Bowl at 8:30pm!!!!! That's just nutty. New Year's Day is on Sunday in 2006. And I know that the Rose Bowl Parade has been changed to the 2nd because of the "never on a Sunday" rule. But this is amazing - I ALWAYS look forward to a day completely full of football on the 1st - game, after game, after game - switching channels in-between the early games to see which game is the closest, if Big Ten teams are playing/winning, etc. I guess I'll have to be satified with watching the Eagles that day!

The Outback, Cotton, Gator and Capital One Bowls are banking on the notion that everyone is going to have the 2nd off of work - because they are all day games; the Fiesta Bowl is on the 2nd, at 8pm.

Incidentally, the Orange Bowl is on the 3rd. And the Rose Bowl National Championship Game is on January 4th.

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