News from other squads

Perhaps it's poor taste on my part to report on other teams' misfortune, but some of the recent news coming out of college football is just too crazy to ignore.

Most notably, Florida State. It's reported on espn.go.com that Seminole Quarterback, Wyatt Sexton, who was found last month disheveled and disoriented, has been diagnosed with Lyme Disease, and we be out for the season. It's interesting that it's taken them a month to diagnose him. On June 14th, Sexton was doused was pepper sprayed and taken to a hospital after he was found lying in the street, identifying himself as God. According to his diagnosing physician, who is, oddly enough, from Pennsylvania, the disease has progressed far enough that his internal organs are infected resulting in neuropsychiatric and cardiovascular deficits.

He is expected to fully recover, but he's out for the season, and he's their only experienced quarterback. The quarterback job will now be decided between 2 redshirt freshmen, Drew Weatherford and Xavier Lee. FSU opens the season against Miami of Florida.

Also according to ESPN FSU might have to start the season without two of their linebackers, Ernie Sims and A.J. Nicholson, due to recent run-ins with the law.

Regarding Michigan State Mlive.com (everything Michigan) reports that Michigan State receiver Agim Shabaj, who had been declared academically ineligible for the 2005 season, will enter the NFL supplemental draft.

Shabaj was the Spartans' third-leading receiver in 2004 with 29 catches for 308 yards and one touchdown. He was the team's leading receiver in 2003 with 57 catches for 692 yards and five touchdowns.

Shabaj said he was declared ineligible after not writing his student identification number on a chemistry final, which caused the professor to discard the exam score.

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PSUgirl said...

According to Sports Illustrated, the two defense players from FSU (the ones in legal trouble) will be allowed to play in the Miami game. Bowden says that because the crimes are "only" misdemeanors he'll discipline as he sees fit.