SI.com - Notre Dame - Big Ten?

SI.com - Stewart Mandel: Notre Dame could shake up the Big Ten

I know at least one person who would be freaking out if this happens (Suzanne?) - Of course if PSU would play Notre Dame that means that they could beat them! It is interesting that the BCS is stunting the Domers potential payday. Of course they've also guaranteed ND a BCS game if they end up ranked 8 or better.

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Anonymous said...

I don't think I would freak out too much...just pisses me off that at this point in time they want to join a conference. What about being independent? Where were they when we wanted to join with them and create a new league? LOSERS!!! I still remember being 'trampled' as the crowd rushed the field at Beaver Stadium. Some fine fella picked me up and placed me on my feet so I could join the crowd. Ah...can't wait for football. Season tickets just arrived!!!