Joe's south florida press conference

Press Release - 9

joe dodges a few Dan Connor questions and discusses the game on gopsusports.com


PSU v sf game notes

Click here for a link to the PDF file of the game notes

gopsusports.com - game notes

it's an amazing amount of information about the game and the team -


SI.com - Preseason Rankings

SI.com - 2005 NCAA Football Preview - Scouting Reports

Sports Illustrated has come out with it's preseason rankings for Div 1A football. The rank Penn State at #30. That's the highest the Lions have been ranked in years and perhaps a small glimmer of hope. They're the 5th ranked Big Ten Team - Michigan, Ohio State, Iowa and Purdue are all in the top 25 (mich and osu in the top 10) - PSU has to face UM, OSU and Purdue this season, and the rest of the Big Ten is strong as well -


SI.com: Newcomers To Watch

SI.com - 2005 NCAA Football Preview - Preview 2005: Newcomers To Watch

Oh yeah! 2 of the top freshmen - Penn Staters! It's been a while since we've had press like this!

Williams already has the superstar mug down.


Yippee some not bad news!

AFCA recognition for Graduation rate

okay, it's not "on the field" but not negative -


Nittany Lion Hotline

goPSUsports.com - Nittany Lion Hotline

click above for the story

NCAA removes Seminoles from hostile list

Yahoo! Sports - NCAA removes Seminoles from hostile list

They sued and they won (pretty quickly too) - I think it's the right decision.


Karma is a....

FightOnState.com: DE Chisley to Miss Final Season

Remember when I worried about "bad taste" in reporting about other teams' woes (esp FSU) - well it's all come back - with a vengeance and less than 2 weeks before kickoff.

Rubin - out w/ injury
Chisley - out for academics
Connor, Kanuch and McCready - out for stupidity
and then there's "arrowgate"

think good thoughts, think good thoughts....

Groh gets new deal with raise of nearly $1 million

SI.com - Virginia's Groh gets a raise

So, UVA has some spare change set aside to pay a football coach - but poor, poor PSU can't muster together enough to pay a "big name coach" when JoePa retires.

I know that UVA is a well funded (private and public donations) school, but seriously, "good" football is new to them. But, apparently the Trustees and administration are willing to invest in the program -

The news coming out of State College this weekend has me in a sour mood - so here goes...

If the University wants to hire from within (as the almost always do) why not be honest? Money can not be the problem. Penn State raises money better than anyone else, they have more dues paying alumni, they have a football program that pays for itself and most of the other programs -

UVA's stadium seats about 60K and "reserved" tickets are $30. Students get in for free. Compare that to PSU where Beaver Stadium seats 106+K, students pay for their tickets and regular seats are $48 and $53. I know we didn't go to UVA, but PSU is an engineering school, so we should be able to do the math. With ticket sales alone, less than half the stadium, in one game, could pay a "big name" coach. Sure it costs money to host games and pay staffs and support the rest of the athletic department - but COME ON PENN STATE - you had $94M to expand the stadium and have had 1 winning season since - Get the kids at Smeal to help you if you can't figure it out - Supply and Demand - if you don't produce something that fans demand, then you aren't going have the $ to even pay JayPa.

Penn State is too high profile to be a "farm school" - Joe "learned" here, but that was 40 years ago (40!) - If Penn State can't bring in the kids and get results then they need a "name" to stir things up.

But - Joe is still coach and I respect that - and the first game is 12 days away - I can't wait - We'll have a lot to debate and fuss about at the tailgate!

WR Rubin could miss season

WR Rubin could miss season Check out the Post Gazette's article for more details.

As if the news out of Happy Valley couldn't get any "better" just 2 short weeks before the Lions' first game - Mark Rubin has seriously injured his ankle, and, as you can see from the headline above, he could be out the entire season.


ESPN.com - NCF - Penn State starter suspended for "harassment calls"

Dan Connor, yes, our new favorite son, has gotten himself "indefinitely suspended" for participating in harrassing telephone calls. There aren't many details as to the nature of the calls; the call receiver has asked to remain anonymous (no kidding).

Danny, how could you do this to us?

EDIT: apparently the victim is an elderly gentleman who used to be an assistant coach for PSU. This makes no sense. How on earth could that be entertaining? Why has it been "going on for months?" why do they have time to call? why do they have telephones? I'm so livid and embarrassed. but it gets better (note sarcastic tone, please) read above for the report on Rubin.


More honors for Zemaitis

Click on the link below for the story on gopsusports.com

Zemaitis named to preseason 2nd team All American

Zemaitis was also named the 5th cornerback in the nation by the Sporting News - not too shabby.

As reported, the Lions' defense has 9 returning starters from the 2004 team and Chris Harrell (safety), a starter in 2003, returns as well.

And then the Lions have freshman Derrick Williams who, although JoePa says he'll focus on Offense, will be "playing both ways" - that's exciting - really exciting.


Who's next?

SI.com - Writers - Stewart Mandel: Five candidates to replace Joe Paterno

Okay - Al Golden? where does that come from? As much as I've disliked Flick (Butch - but I think that he has gotten his teeth fixed since the NFL - so he may have curbed that nervous tick) at least he'd be something new. Of course the dream would be Ferentz - but I think that Iowa has gotten too good for us to hope for that one.

Why are they talking about all of this now? It's time to get ready for football - maybe in November or maybe earlier this spring - sigh

The Top 10 Paterno Moments

SI.com - Photo Gallery - The Top 10 Paterno Moments

Joe, in pictures - 1966 through 2001. Click on the link above for more pictures.

JoePa ready for 40th season

SI.com - Writers - Stewart Mandel: JoePa ready for 40th season - Tuesday August 16, 2005 3:24PM

Click above for SI's spin on Joe. Check out the photo - could Joe look more cranky - and it's not even at Beaver Stadium? Anyway. SI sees PSU as being on the brink, along with some other Big Ten teams - the problem is is that they all have to play each other. Michigan, OSU, Purdue and Iowa are being slated as possible top 5 teams - The Lions don't have to play Iowa this year (we can put the "safety as an offensive weapon strategy" on the shelf for a couple years) - but they also don't play Indiana this year and there are really no "gimme" conference games. It's going to be a tough season -


PSU v south florida

Penn State's first game of the 2005 football season is against University of South Florida on September 3rd. The Rams are entering their first year in the Big East Football conference.

Game time is set for 3:30pm and will be broadcast regionally through ESPN+.

The Lions hope to improve on their last few seasons and with 17 returning starters (8 offense; 9 defense) they will at least have some experience on the field. Last year, the PSU Defense was the only team in the nation to not allow more than 21 points in a game, allowing just 14 touchdowns total.

Paterno asks for patience

SI.com - Paterno asks for patience with retooled offense

Check out Sports Illustrated's spin on the preseason press conference.


Media Day - PSU

Media Day - 2005

Click on the link above for gopsusports.com for the questions and answers from Joe Paterno's press conference during Media Day 2005.

Joe covers topics such as the status of injured/questionable players, the quarterback position, the court ruling regarding his salary, specific players and much more. It's vintage Paterno - but a good read all the same.

Paterno defers to university on revealing salary or not

espn.go.com story link: ESPN.com - Paterno defers to university

Following a ruling that Penn State must release Joe's employment history, including salary, (because he is a "state employee") Penn State has filed an appeal based on the notion that Penn State is a state "related" institution and therefore not subject to the rule.

Joe has said that he'll go with the University either way.

It's interesting considering that Spanier had recently announced that the University doesn't have the money to pay a high priced coach when Joe retires - It seems strange that the University would be so protective of the amount - is it "too" low or "too" high?

This type of distraction is fine in the off season - but I don't need it now!! It's (less than) 3 weeks to football!!!!!


2005 PSU Football Roster

2005 Alphabetical Roster Penn State has released the official roster for the 2005 season. Click above for a link to the PDF list.

One interesting change you might note is that Paul Posluszny has changed his number to 31.


More Mascot Musings

Ivan Maisel of ESPN makes an interesting point when he quips:

"A reader e-mailed me this, and it's true: the word Oklahoma comes from two Choctaw words meaning "red people." I guess this means that the NCAA will ban the university name from all postseason play. 'Welcome to the championship game between the Florida State -------- and the ------ Sooners!'"

I myself have asked if Penn State will have to abandon the name "Nittany" - yes, the Lions are named after Mt. Nittany, BUT the word "Nittany" seems to have been derived from a Native American term meaning "single mountain". (the legends about indian maidens/princesses are, reportedly, all ficticious)


Lydell Mitchel enshrined in College Football Hall of Fame

Lydell Mitchell Click on the link above for the article on gopsusports. com.

Lydell Mitchell, a standout PSU running back has been enshrined in the College Football Hall of Fame in South Bend, Indiana. Lydell is the 19th Penn Stater to be inducted into the CFHoF.

As the song goes "Lydell Mitchell and Franco too; Guman and Barr wore the White and Blue"!

T.O. asked to leave for a week

ESPN.com - NFL - T.O. asked to leave for a week

I know it's not PSU football - but this is big news down here in Philadelphia - check out the link above to read the ESPN story. Basically, Terrell Owens has been trying to renegotiate his year old 9 year contract because he says he deserves more money (which he probably does) - but the Eagles have stood their ground and he's devolved into a big cry baby.

Well, although it was rumored that he would not, TO showed up for training camp (at the 11th hour) - but Andy Reid has sent him home for a week - which might turn into forever.

TO was an exciting addition to the Eagles last season - but he wasn't the only player on the team. Philadelphians are already predicting the outcome of the season - they've had a good team for many years now and they expect results (remember how that felt?) - but ultimately they love the Eagles, and not the individual players.


New Kickoff Time for Central Michigan

Penn State has announced that the September 17th game against Central Michigan will be televised (ESPN Plus), and that game time has changed to be 3:30pm.

Central Michigan game to be televised

This is a combined Dual Diesel Tailgate (DDT5) - more details to follow.


Workers needed at Football games

PSU needs Stadium Workers

As reported at gopsusports.com, the Athlectic Department needs people to man the gates, act as ushers, park cars and sell programs.

Parking attendants and program sellers, in addition to pay, get admission to the game! This never happened in the past.


NCAA playoff Indian mascot ban

Click on the link below for the whole story.

ESPN.com NCAA playoff Indian mascot ban

Now, I'm sure that you all know that I am just about the last person on earth who will defend Florida State - but I really think that this ruling is ridiculous and, yes, insensitive. I know that many school such as FSU and Central Michigan have taken measures to communicate with the tribes and communities so that their mascot is an accurate and positive symbol.

I understand that there are individuals who are offended and the history behind the mascots is not squeaky clean - but schools have taken real strides to be more sensitive to the native American cultures.

The ruling would not affect College Football, incidentally, in that Division 1 football does not have a post season tournament.


Extras Needed For Football Film

CBS 3: Extras Needed For Vince Papale Film

Click on the link above to read the whole article. They're looking for extras in the Philadelphia area to be in crowd shots.

Hey we could do that!

ESPN.com: JoePa's work isn't finished

Check out the article on Espn.go.com about JoPa at the Big Ten Media Days.

JoePa's work isn't finished

Joe missed the first day - "they" reported "personal problems" as the reason - but I wonder if he wanted to lay low so Barry Alverez would get the media coverage on the first day. He's a fiesty guy and truly believes in himself and the team.


New Endzone decor

According to the Centre Daily Times, PSU will change the end zone design to be the traditional block-style lettering that adorned the end zones in the 1980s.

Hopefully the PSU offense will be curious to see the new decoration up close and will actually get into the end zone this year! Maybe they should change it every game!