Groh gets new deal with raise of nearly $1 million

SI.com - Virginia's Groh gets a raise

So, UVA has some spare change set aside to pay a football coach - but poor, poor PSU can't muster together enough to pay a "big name coach" when JoePa retires.

I know that UVA is a well funded (private and public donations) school, but seriously, "good" football is new to them. But, apparently the Trustees and administration are willing to invest in the program -

The news coming out of State College this weekend has me in a sour mood - so here goes...

If the University wants to hire from within (as the almost always do) why not be honest? Money can not be the problem. Penn State raises money better than anyone else, they have more dues paying alumni, they have a football program that pays for itself and most of the other programs -

UVA's stadium seats about 60K and "reserved" tickets are $30. Students get in for free. Compare that to PSU where Beaver Stadium seats 106+K, students pay for their tickets and regular seats are $48 and $53. I know we didn't go to UVA, but PSU is an engineering school, so we should be able to do the math. With ticket sales alone, less than half the stadium, in one game, could pay a "big name" coach. Sure it costs money to host games and pay staffs and support the rest of the athletic department - but COME ON PENN STATE - you had $94M to expand the stadium and have had 1 winning season since - Get the kids at Smeal to help you if you can't figure it out - Supply and Demand - if you don't produce something that fans demand, then you aren't going have the $ to even pay JayPa.

Penn State is too high profile to be a "farm school" - Joe "learned" here, but that was 40 years ago (40!) - If Penn State can't bring in the kids and get results then they need a "name" to stir things up.

But - Joe is still coach and I respect that - and the first game is 12 days away - I can't wait - We'll have a lot to debate and fuss about at the tailgate!

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