T.O. asked to leave for a week

ESPN.com - NFL - T.O. asked to leave for a week

I know it's not PSU football - but this is big news down here in Philadelphia - check out the link above to read the ESPN story. Basically, Terrell Owens has been trying to renegotiate his year old 9 year contract because he says he deserves more money (which he probably does) - but the Eagles have stood their ground and he's devolved into a big cry baby.

Well, although it was rumored that he would not, TO showed up for training camp (at the 11th hour) - but Andy Reid has sent him home for a week - which might turn into forever.

TO was an exciting addition to the Eagles last season - but he wasn't the only player on the team. Philadelphians are already predicting the outcome of the season - they've had a good team for many years now and they expect results (remember how that felt?) - but ultimately they love the Eagles, and not the individual players.

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