And now the final update for the FF

I've lost - in my first playoff game. Oh well - I sat a kicker who got 16 points and my opponent had a tight end score 21 - some things are just not in the cards. Larry Johnson had another GREAT game - but Tiki was insane. I'm so overrated as a top seed :( I'll be able to play for 3rd place next weekend - but it just t'ain't the same :(

To add insult - my other team scored 101 points over the weekend - with one athlete still to play - I'm still WAY behind the leader - so it does me little good.


Big Ten announced '09 and '10 schedules

Big Ten Announces 2009 & 2010 Conference Football Schedules - Lions Also to Meet Alabama & Syracuse

Oh, update on my fantasy football teams

We didn't do a 2theLion league (maybe next year) - But I am the commissioner for the Philly Blog team and a participant in a friend's league.

In the Philly Blog League we went "head to head" every week - I had a rough start but finished the "regular season" strong - My record ended up 9-4 and I finished the regular season ranked 1st (in record and points) out of 12. Not too bad for a rookie who had the LAST draft spot. We're in the playoffs now. I had a bye last week - and I'm up against the #5 seed (who won an "upset" last week) this weekend in the semi-finals. I'll admit it - I'm nervous. He has some really great players and my "stars" all seem to be up against really tough opponents this week. Wish me luck.

In the other league - we're points only. I've been doing pretty well. Again in this league I had the last draft spot (but this draft was automated, so there wasn't much drama - strangely, I ended up with many of the same players as I did in the live draft), but I've spent most of the season ranked 2nd out of 9. I'm over 150 points behind the leader (luckiest bum ever) really no hope of catching him. I'll be pleased with 2nd.

I've really enjoyed the Fantasy Football - although it has changed the way I watch Pro Ball - it's a lot more "I don't care if KC wins, just that Larry does well" - wait - is that different? :)


Okay - I'm stealing their idea

and I don't write for South Park...

The 2005 Bowls - and my picks

New Orleans Bowl: Arkansas State versus Southern Mississippi.

Southern Miss. Wait, does Jackie still coach there? No wait, that was Miss State - okay - we're fine.

GMAC Bowl: Toledo versus UTEP.

I still ain't made up my mind yet about Toledo.

Pioneer PureVision Las Vegas Bowl: BYU vs. Cal.

Mormon Cougars vs Bay Area Bears - I think I'll go with Cal.

San Diego State Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl: Colorado State versus Navy.

Gotta root for Navy - I love that color! Plus, my high school fight song (in land-locked Central PA) was Anchors-Aweigh -

Fort Worth Bowl: Kansas versus Houston.

Kansas - why? I know not - it just seems right. I can remember rooting for Houston's basketball team a hundred years ago - and they let me down - Hold on - Is this football?

Sheraton Hawaii Bowl: Nevada vs. UCF

UCF? how did they get here? Aren't they one of the worst teams in the nation? I guess not - and they get to go to Hawaii. Disney World versus Legalized gambling and prostitution? It's a tough choice, but I'll go with the Golden Knights.

Motor City Bowl: Memphis vs. Akron

The Zips - the indigenous kangaroo of the Ohio Valley - gotta root for PSU's opponents (well, next year's any way).

Champs Sports Bowl: Clemson vs. Colorado

Clemson - my personal "thank you" to Tommy for whoopin' his diddy - hopefully we can do the same.

Insight Bowl: Arizona State versus Rutgers

Gotta root for Rutgers - it's a Knights thing - or an underdog thing

MPC Computers Bowl: Boise State vs. Boston College

I love Boise for the blue field - and I still harbor some bc resentment - so I guess it's BSU

Mastercard Alamo Bowl: Michigan vs. Nebraska

Uggghhh - Could there be 2 worse teams? Perhaps in Tempe. Okay - hate Nebraska - but we beat them last time at UP. Hate Michigan, but they're Big 10. I really hate to say it - but I may be leaning toward the Huskers.

Emerald Bowl: Georgia Tech vs. Utah

Go with Ga Tech on this one - yellow jackets angry Wasps? They won a big one against miami.

Pacific Life Holiday Bowl: Oregon versus Oklahoma.

Yeah, gotta go against the whiney Ducks this year. We were whiney when we had to play them in the '95 Rose Bowl - and look what it got us... the BCS - no good can come from whining. 20 years ago PSU lost the National Championship to the Sooners in the Orange Bowl. This has been a great year for reversing trends and exercising demons - O-K-L-A-H-O-M-A

Gaylord Hotels Music City Bowl: Minnesota vs. Virginia.

Go Gophers. UVA is losing half its coaching staff to Temple in the off-season - I'll wait to root for those guys then.

Vitalis Sun Bowl: Northwestern vs. UCLA.

Northwestern; it's a Big Ten thing. They played tough against the Lions and the rest of the Big 10. Their offense is awesome.

Independence Bowl: Missouri vs. South Carolina.

Hate Spurrier. but he did knock off a few "giants" this past season, which i do appreciate. Don't know much about Mizzou - their basketball coach was (perhaps still is) really good looking - Tigers v Cocks (not the funniest of matchups - but if you're watching the game in Connecticut...)

Chik-Fil-A Peach Bowl: Miami vs. LSU

Oh that Tiger! Purple and Gold! 2 tough defenses - How ironic that LSU would be facing the Hurricanes - This time Louisiana will win!

Meineke Car Care Bowl: South Florida vs. NC State.

We beat the rams this year, but I gotta go with the Wolf Pack just to hear Amato congratulate them!

AutoZone Liberty Bowl: Tulsa vs. Fresno State.

Fresno State played one heck of a game against USC - and their coach has the coolest mustache.

EV1.net Houston Bowl: TCU vs. Iowa State.

The horned toads - amphibians and they wear purple.

Cotton Bowl: Texas Tech vs. Alabama

I found it necessary to, on occasion, root against them this season - but now - "Roll Tide Roll"

Outback Bowl: Iowa vs. Florida

Gotta go with the Big Ten - Iowa

Toyota Gator Bowl: Louisville vs.Virginia Tech.

2 massively overrated teams - but I'll go with Louisville -

Capital One Bowl: Wisconsin vs. Auburn.

Here's one I wouldn't bet on - but I'll be pulling for the Badgers.

Tostitos Fiesta Bowl: Notre Dame vs. Ohio State.

Oh, this is as bad as (if not worse than) the Alamo. But I have to go with the horse chestnuts (B10 and downed opponent). All of the hoopla - I can't say that I hope that OSU rolls (cause that would be too painful) but I really hope it's a boring, mistake ridden, penalty filled, why did I waste my afternoon watching THAT? game.

Nokia Sugar Bowl: West Virginia vs. Georgia.

Tough one. WVU (oh, the mighty mountaineers, got hairs in their ears) had a pretty good season in the Big Least - and the Dawgs played tough through some bad injuries - and, again, beat some well ranked teams. This is a "root for who's losing" game I think. or maybe UGA.

FedEx Orange Bowl: Penn State vs. Florida State.

Um, go Lions!

The Rose Bowl, sponsored by Citi: Texas vs. USC.

I have to root against the three-peat. no one should be at the top that long - Historical bias against the Horns, but I'll be rooting for them on the 4th


Check out the guys on "Every day should be Saturday" - they're Florida fans - ewww - but they've somehow escaped with senses of humor (whoda thought it possible?)


Found this link on SI.com - I love their philosophy - "Some people love to prognosticate the whole bowl season. In our self-appointed role as college football anti-pundits, we love to make our picks based on predjudice, caprice, and regional politics."

Good stuff.


ESPN.com's All American Football Team: Ivan Maisel

ESPN.com's All American Football Team: Ivan Maisel

Yup, ESPN has one too. Hali and Poz made it to the team.

Robinson may be catching in Senior Bowl

Per Ivan Maisel of ESPN...

Penn State quarterback Michael Robinson has agreed to take snaps at wide receiver at the Senior Bowl. How many will depend on whether USC's Matt Leinart accepts an invitation to play. The game has invited six QBs, per usual, but it's keeping a slot open for Leinart.

AP All Americans - Hali and Posluszny

Continuing the parade of national honors...

GoPSUsports.com - Four Nittany Lions Selected To Associated Press All-America Team

Hali and Posluszny get first team honors - Alan Zemaitis and Levi Brown were named to the second team.


Just in TIME for Christmas...

Big Ten official recruitment

While I generally think that the Big Ten officiating is pretty bad across the board - a little slam on Michigan never hurt anyone. Click on the image for a larger view...

Centre Daily Times Opinion: PSU-Florida State match disappointing

Centre Daily Times | 12/08/2005 | Opinion: PSU-Florida State match disappointing

I can understand some of the "disappointment" - but would it have been "better" playing Va Tech?

This isn't a cake walk game for the Lions - the seminoles looked really tough against the hokies (or maybe the hokies just looked that bad) in the acc championship game. The Lion offense has to ready for a really strong group of linemen and linebakers.

Did we "all" really want to play Notre Dame? The Fiesta was certainly not subtle about their preference for the Irish - which is why PSU got bypassed by the bowl. If the Fiesta had picked PSU first - there is no way the Orange would have let the Irish and their tv audience slip away. It would have been fsu v ND in the Orange - and PSU v. OSU in Tempe - And I really don't want to play the buckeyes again - call me crazy, if you must.

Personally, I think that PSU fans should be thrilled that PSU is in post season play. Is it "disrespect" that we've got the bowl berth we do? No - it's the BCS.

Orange Bowl Media Day

GoPSUsports.com - Joe Paterno Press Conference Joe tussles with the media over the "no show" of the players, emphasizes that the game is PSU v fsu not Joe v bobby, talks about his disdain for the bcs and the media, and does talk a little about the team's plans for preparing for the game

SI.com Congress questions BCS on playoff system

SI.com - 2005 NCAA Football Bowls - Congress questions BCS on playoff system - Wednesday December 7, 2005 5:43PM

uh oh - they're getting Congress involved!!!

ESPN.com - Penn St. players skip Orange Bowl media day

ESPN.com - NCF - Penn St. players skip Orange Bowl media day

I don't know if "skip" is the correct verb. It would seem that it was Joe's decision. Hey - it is finals prep week!

ESPN.com - Big Ten wrap-up

ESPN.com - NCF - Big Ten wrap-up

Big PSU love fest - but hey - this guy is from Columbus!

Youngstown State added to 2006 Football schedule

Youngstown State Joins Notre Dame, Temple & Akron on Nittany Lions' 2006 Non-Conference Schedule - Nittany Lions host the Penguins on Sept. 16 at Beaver Stadium

I'm not thrilled about this - but I guess with the short notice La Tech gave them, there weren't many I-A teams available. The Penguins played Pitt this year (2005) - giving the panthers their first win (to go 1-3) of their 5 win season.


ESPN.com - NCF - Temple set to name Golden as new football coach

ESPN.com - NCF - Temple set to name Golden as new football coach

Al Golden will be named the new head football coach for Temple.

Temple is an interesting choice, and an interesting "learning ground".

Golden was (is) on the so-called "short list" as a possible replacement for Joe Paterno at Penn State. Currently serving as Virginia's Defensive Coordinator, Golden (36) played for the Nittany Lions 89-90 and coached in 2000.

Temple's former coach Ron Dickerson was a long time assistant coach under Paterno.

Penn State and Temple renew their intrastate rivalry next November in University Park. (the teams are scheduled to meet at the Linc in 2007)

Let's hope he can turn the team around - they have one more year of "independence" and they formally join the MAC in 2007

Lineman Keith Dorney named to CFHF

GoPSUsports.com - Keith Dorney Set For Induction Into College Football Hall of Fame
20th Nittany Lion to Gain Induction

JoPa named regional coach of the year

gopsusports.com - Joe Paterno Selected AFCA Region Coach of the Year for Record 11th Time