Centre Daily Times Opinion: PSU-Florida State match disappointing

Centre Daily Times | 12/08/2005 | Opinion: PSU-Florida State match disappointing

I can understand some of the "disappointment" - but would it have been "better" playing Va Tech?

This isn't a cake walk game for the Lions - the seminoles looked really tough against the hokies (or maybe the hokies just looked that bad) in the acc championship game. The Lion offense has to ready for a really strong group of linemen and linebakers.

Did we "all" really want to play Notre Dame? The Fiesta was certainly not subtle about their preference for the Irish - which is why PSU got bypassed by the bowl. If the Fiesta had picked PSU first - there is no way the Orange would have let the Irish and their tv audience slip away. It would have been fsu v ND in the Orange - and PSU v. OSU in Tempe - And I really don't want to play the buckeyes again - call me crazy, if you must.

Personally, I think that PSU fans should be thrilled that PSU is in post season play. Is it "disrespect" that we've got the bowl berth we do? No - it's the BCS.

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