Oh, update on my fantasy football teams

We didn't do a 2theLion league (maybe next year) - But I am the commissioner for the Philly Blog team and a participant in a friend's league.

In the Philly Blog League we went "head to head" every week - I had a rough start but finished the "regular season" strong - My record ended up 9-4 and I finished the regular season ranked 1st (in record and points) out of 12. Not too bad for a rookie who had the LAST draft spot. We're in the playoffs now. I had a bye last week - and I'm up against the #5 seed (who won an "upset" last week) this weekend in the semi-finals. I'll admit it - I'm nervous. He has some really great players and my "stars" all seem to be up against really tough opponents this week. Wish me luck.

In the other league - we're points only. I've been doing pretty well. Again in this league I had the last draft spot (but this draft was automated, so there wasn't much drama - strangely, I ended up with many of the same players as I did in the live draft), but I've spent most of the season ranked 2nd out of 9. I'm over 150 points behind the leader (luckiest bum ever) really no hope of catching him. I'll be pleased with 2nd.

I've really enjoyed the Fantasy Football - although it has changed the way I watch Pro Ball - it's a lot more "I don't care if KC wins, just that Larry does well" - wait - is that different? :)

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