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The 2005 Bowls - and my picks

New Orleans Bowl: Arkansas State versus Southern Mississippi.

Southern Miss. Wait, does Jackie still coach there? No wait, that was Miss State - okay - we're fine.

GMAC Bowl: Toledo versus UTEP.

I still ain't made up my mind yet about Toledo.

Pioneer PureVision Las Vegas Bowl: BYU vs. Cal.

Mormon Cougars vs Bay Area Bears - I think I'll go with Cal.

San Diego State Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl: Colorado State versus Navy.

Gotta root for Navy - I love that color! Plus, my high school fight song (in land-locked Central PA) was Anchors-Aweigh -

Fort Worth Bowl: Kansas versus Houston.

Kansas - why? I know not - it just seems right. I can remember rooting for Houston's basketball team a hundred years ago - and they let me down - Hold on - Is this football?

Sheraton Hawaii Bowl: Nevada vs. UCF

UCF? how did they get here? Aren't they one of the worst teams in the nation? I guess not - and they get to go to Hawaii. Disney World versus Legalized gambling and prostitution? It's a tough choice, but I'll go with the Golden Knights.

Motor City Bowl: Memphis vs. Akron

The Zips - the indigenous kangaroo of the Ohio Valley - gotta root for PSU's opponents (well, next year's any way).

Champs Sports Bowl: Clemson vs. Colorado

Clemson - my personal "thank you" to Tommy for whoopin' his diddy - hopefully we can do the same.

Insight Bowl: Arizona State versus Rutgers

Gotta root for Rutgers - it's a Knights thing - or an underdog thing

MPC Computers Bowl: Boise State vs. Boston College

I love Boise for the blue field - and I still harbor some bc resentment - so I guess it's BSU

Mastercard Alamo Bowl: Michigan vs. Nebraska

Uggghhh - Could there be 2 worse teams? Perhaps in Tempe. Okay - hate Nebraska - but we beat them last time at UP. Hate Michigan, but they're Big 10. I really hate to say it - but I may be leaning toward the Huskers.

Emerald Bowl: Georgia Tech vs. Utah

Go with Ga Tech on this one - yellow jackets angry Wasps? They won a big one against miami.

Pacific Life Holiday Bowl: Oregon versus Oklahoma.

Yeah, gotta go against the whiney Ducks this year. We were whiney when we had to play them in the '95 Rose Bowl - and look what it got us... the BCS - no good can come from whining. 20 years ago PSU lost the National Championship to the Sooners in the Orange Bowl. This has been a great year for reversing trends and exercising demons - O-K-L-A-H-O-M-A

Gaylord Hotels Music City Bowl: Minnesota vs. Virginia.

Go Gophers. UVA is losing half its coaching staff to Temple in the off-season - I'll wait to root for those guys then.

Vitalis Sun Bowl: Northwestern vs. UCLA.

Northwestern; it's a Big Ten thing. They played tough against the Lions and the rest of the Big 10. Their offense is awesome.

Independence Bowl: Missouri vs. South Carolina.

Hate Spurrier. but he did knock off a few "giants" this past season, which i do appreciate. Don't know much about Mizzou - their basketball coach was (perhaps still is) really good looking - Tigers v Cocks (not the funniest of matchups - but if you're watching the game in Connecticut...)

Chik-Fil-A Peach Bowl: Miami vs. LSU

Oh that Tiger! Purple and Gold! 2 tough defenses - How ironic that LSU would be facing the Hurricanes - This time Louisiana will win!

Meineke Car Care Bowl: South Florida vs. NC State.

We beat the rams this year, but I gotta go with the Wolf Pack just to hear Amato congratulate them!

AutoZone Liberty Bowl: Tulsa vs. Fresno State.

Fresno State played one heck of a game against USC - and their coach has the coolest mustache.

EV1.net Houston Bowl: TCU vs. Iowa State.

The horned toads - amphibians and they wear purple.

Cotton Bowl: Texas Tech vs. Alabama

I found it necessary to, on occasion, root against them this season - but now - "Roll Tide Roll"

Outback Bowl: Iowa vs. Florida

Gotta go with the Big Ten - Iowa

Toyota Gator Bowl: Louisville vs.Virginia Tech.

2 massively overrated teams - but I'll go with Louisville -

Capital One Bowl: Wisconsin vs. Auburn.

Here's one I wouldn't bet on - but I'll be pulling for the Badgers.

Tostitos Fiesta Bowl: Notre Dame vs. Ohio State.

Oh, this is as bad as (if not worse than) the Alamo. But I have to go with the horse chestnuts (B10 and downed opponent). All of the hoopla - I can't say that I hope that OSU rolls (cause that would be too painful) but I really hope it's a boring, mistake ridden, penalty filled, why did I waste my afternoon watching THAT? game.

Nokia Sugar Bowl: West Virginia vs. Georgia.

Tough one. WVU (oh, the mighty mountaineers, got hairs in their ears) had a pretty good season in the Big Least - and the Dawgs played tough through some bad injuries - and, again, beat some well ranked teams. This is a "root for who's losing" game I think. or maybe UGA.

FedEx Orange Bowl: Penn State vs. Florida State.

Um, go Lions!

The Rose Bowl, sponsored by Citi: Texas vs. USC.

I have to root against the three-peat. no one should be at the top that long - Historical bias against the Horns, but I'll be rooting for them on the 4th

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