The Night of Knights

While the sports world was watching one Knight, the Scarlet Knights were (on that elusive NFL network) running up and down the field in the Texas Bowl.

It's all so interconnected - Bob Knight, coach at Texas Tech was vying to become the all time winningest coach in NCAA Men's basketball (he didn't) while the Scarlet Knights of Rutgers were playing in the Texas Bowl, vying to complete the greatest season in the school's long (longest) football history with a win (they did). It was a fun game to watch. I gotta say, Rutgers is an excellent team and they looked very poised and ready last night; plus, their red uniforms look really good on TV. R U rah rah! 6-4.

In the other two games, the ill clad golden bears of Cal stomped on the Aggies - 6-5.

and, the OSU (no, the other one) Cowboys washed away the rolling Tide with a last minute field goal - 6-6.

Five games today (it's like New Year's Light) starting at 1pm- and, although it does mark the debut of the Big Ten this Bowl Season, none of the games really tempt me to cut out of work early or to tune away from Days of our Lives (what is EJ going to do????) - But Saturday hosts a few interesting match ups - Navy/BC - Longhorns/Hawkeyes (just for the carnage) - Georgia/VA Tech.

One game on Sunday (Smurf Turf) and then it's New Year's Day and 12 hours of football. Please begin the chilling of the chip dip now.

oops, missed one

in my haste to report the bowl game results, I missed one.

The Chippewa Chippewon the Motor City Bowl. A Central Michigan team playing in Detroit - continuing the theme of nepotism throughout the bowl season -

Good job CMU- sorry I missed you.

oh, and that tips the biased prediction meter to 5-4 which is good, because we didn't do so well last night...


Big Night

Three Bowl games tonight - December 28th - that magical college football night - I remember in 1999 PSU played on the 28th, against Texas A&M - I didn't get the channel that the game was on so I went to a local Bella Vista bar/restaurant by myself - had dinner and quietly watched the game. I was sitting in front of one of the TVs - and really didn't move the entire game. After PSU had sealed the win, I happily closed my tab, gathered my stuff and made my way out of the now crowded joint - on my way out, to my surprise, multiple people "high fived" me, a few saying "we were watching you" - I guess I wasn't as "quiet" as I thought I'd been.

So, to all of those Rutgers fans who must go out tonight to be able to see their Scarlet Knights - I bid you "R!U! rah rah R!U! rah rah!" Everyone who is a fan of college football and didn't actually go to KSU - is a Knight fan tonight (or at least they should be).

The match ups tonight look pretty good -

Shreveport, La. Dec. 28, 4:30 p.m. (ESPN)
Oklahoma State (6-6) vs. Alabama (6-6)

San Diego Dec. 28, 8 p.m. (ESPN)
Cal (9-3) vs. Texas A&M (9-3)

Houston Dec. 28, 8 p.m. (NFL)
Rutgers (10-2) vs. Kansas State (7-5)

And then sometimes it bites you in the butter

Yesterday was sort of a bad karma day (hopeful that today is better) - I had a really nice time with friends for a post christmas christmas, but, other than that - the day was not my favorite.

As evidenced by the final score of the emerald bowl.



Sometimes false humility pays off

My Phillyblog Fantasy Football team, despite a not-so-great performance in the final weekend, finished in first place - winning the regular season head-to-head and playoff! Woo hoo!

Post Christmas Bowl Game update

LAS VEGAS BOWL - So, the Ducks and their puce yellow helmets couldn't contain the cougar offence- 1-1

NEW ORLEANS BOWL- The Owls of Rice fell to the soapy sudsy men of Troy - 1-2

PAPAJOHN'S.COM BOWL - mmmm pizza - The Bulls charged past the Johnny Depp wannabes - 2-2

NEW MEXICO BOWL - Los Lobos lost - 3-2

ARMED FORCES BOWL - Clearly, Utah was the more American choice - 3-3

HAWAII BOWL - The Warriors and their quarterback chieftan slashed past ASU - 4-3


On my way to Happy Valley

Heading home for the holidays. I'll be back next week to report how I've done on bowl predictions.

Also, my Fantasy Football teams are doing well - one (which finished the "regular season" in first place) is in the championship game this weekend - the other (in a points only league) is in 2nd place. Both teams' efforts will be, very likely, thwarted, single handedly, by LaDanian Tomlinson - but you still get a Yahoo! trophy for 2nd place, so I'm not too bitter.

Las Vegas Bowl

I want to clear up a few things about my Oregon prediction. This in no way suggests that I'm actually rooting for the Ducks - it's just that I (ever so slightly) like them better than the BYU Cougars. I do not have a deep set loathing for the Ducks - but they were part of the debacle of 1994- and for that they have been on my "don't root for them unless it can help PSU list" ever since. I'm breaking with that tradition this year because I just can't root for BYU - and Oregon's season has been defined by outrageous officiating - which is something we're familiar with - so I'm giving them the edge on this one.

LAS VEGAS BOWL Las Vegas Dec. 21, 8 p.m. (ESPN)
BYU (10-2) vs. Oregon (7-5) - Cougars vs Ducks. BYU has a nice record - and Oregon suffered the most egregious not nice thing by college football officials this year - but... I really hate Oregon’s uniforms, but... My final choice is Oregon


Poinsettia Bowl - 2006

I watched a little of the game - it wasn't as competitive as some may have thought. Northern Illinois looked totally outclassed at in every aspect of the game - except for punt blocking - they do that well.

It's early, but the biased bowl prediction record is 1 - 0.

Next game is Thursday - Dec. 21st.

Here's my prediction...

San Diego - Dec. 19, 8 p.m. (ESPN2)
TCU (10-2) vs. Northern Illinois (7-5) - Horned Frogs vs Huskies. One of many illitrative match ups. As we all know, the horned frog shoots a red colored substance from it’s eyes when attacked; that’s pretty wicked. Plus they wear purple. So, I’m going with TCU.


Outback Bowl Media Day

Read quotes from players such as Dan Connor, Deon Butler and Jeremy Kapinos, about the upcoming bowl game, on goPSUsports.com

Dan Connor - destined to be the best?

Check out the story on pittsburghlive.com about Danny's future.

Connor was just named first team All American on the Sporting News' team (Brown & Posluszny were named to the second team).


ESPN.com - Posluszny two-time All American

Posluszny and Jarrett honored by AP for second time

Poslusny named to AP All American Team

Once again Poz has been named to an All America Football Team. Other Lions were named to the 2nd and 3rd teams (Connor, Brown, Kapinos...) - The Big Ten had a huge showing in the list.

There are so many AA teams named these days. Poz was named 2nd team linebacker on SI.com - I believe that there are 4 other lists - but it's nice that the kids get recognized, regardless.


Who's Gonna Win? PENN STATE!

and some other teams...

Year old hat tip to EDSBS - Bowl Predictions based solely on personal bias. Last year my grudges/leanings/basically unsubstantiated hatred earned a 61% average - not too bad.

This year we've got 32 Bowl games - hosting nearly half of the college football pool - making it necessary to learn some new mascots, etc.

College Football on Fox? Non-BCS games after New Year’s? Are they going to make the kids play on a soccer pitch in Toronto?

Many questions eminate from this year’s games - Let’s take a look...

San Diego - Dec. 19, 8 p.m. (ESPN2)
TCU (10-2) vs. Northern Illinois (7-5) - Horned Frogs vs Huskies. One of many illitrative match ups. As we all know, the horned frog shoots a red colored substance from it’s eyes when attacked; that’s pretty wicked. Plus they wear purple. So, I’m going with TCU.

LAS VEGAS BOWL Las Vegas Dec. 21, 8 p.m. (ESPN)
BYU (10-2) vs. Oregon (7-5) - Cougars vs Ducks. BYU has a nice record - and Oregon suffered the most egregious not nice thing by college football officials this year - but... I really hate Oregon’s uniforms, but... My final choice is Oregon

New Orleans Dec. 22, 8 p.m. (ESPN2)
Troy (7-5) v. Rice (7-5) Trojans vs Owls. Troy - they like to slip-n-slide together - not too cool. At Rice they have a pithy little Owl cartoon that disses upcoming opponents. Let's go Owls! Rice.

Birmingham, Ala. Dec. 23, 1 p.m. (ESPN2)
South Florida (8-4) vs. East Carolina (7-5) - Bulls vs Pirates. Pizza on the internet - that makes me think of football. Pirates are very "in" this year - but I can't muster the energy to root for Easy U - so I'll say South Florida.

Albuquerque, N.M. Dec. 23, 4:30 p.m. (ESPN)
New Mexico (6-6) vs. San Jose State (8-4) Lobos vs Spartans - How unfair is this? New Mexico in the New Mexico Bowl. And how sad will it be if they lose? And I think they will lose - a friend of mine used to live near San Jose- so that's good enough to me.

Fort Worth, Texas Dec. 23, 8 p.m. (ESPN)
Tulsa (8-4) vs. Utah (7-5) - Golden Hurricane vs Utes. We don’t ask for experience; we give it. You can’t read it in a book; you live it! I gotta say, not a big fan of the mental image that a “golden hurricane” congers - but in support of our troops, I’m going to go with Tulsa.

Honolulu Dec. 24, 8 p.m. (ESPN)
Arizona State (7-5) vs. Hawaii (10-3) - The rainbow warriors now just call themselves the Warriors (bor-ring) - Warriors vs Sun Devils - With all of these sprirtual images in play, at the very least they’re gonna make it rain, or volcanos errupt - or something. I’m thinking that Hawaii will be best suited to weather the elements. With that and home team advantage, I'm picking: Hawaii.

Detroit Dec. 26, 7:30 p.m. (ESPN)
Central Michigan (9-4) vs. Middle Tennessee State (7-5) - Chippewa vs Blue Raiders. Middle Tennesse State? who? whaa? Central Michigan had a pretty good season - I see them winning over the MTS Raiders. C Mich.

San Francisco Dec. 27, 8 p.m. (ESPN)
Florida State (6-6) vs. UCLA (7-5) - seminoles vs Bruins. ahh how the mighty have fallen - gotta give props to the Bruins for making 2006 yet another year of controversy - I’m looking for UCLA to crush the seminoles. UCLA

Shreveport, La. Dec. 28, 4:30 p.m. (ESPN)
Oklahoma State (6-6) vs. Alabama (6-6) - Cowboys vs Crimson Tide. Bama's getting a new coach next year - asserting their Independence from the Shula era, I say "Roll Tide." Bama

San Diego Dec. 28, 8 p.m. (ESPN)
Cal (9-3) vs. Texas A&M (9-3) - Golden Bears and the Aggies. Cal was way overrated at the beginning of the season - the Aggies pulled off an improbable upset late in the season. Oh this is another horrible choice. but - Aggies?

Houston Dec. 28, 8 p.m. (NFL)
Rutgers (10-2) vs. Kansas State (7-5) - Scarlet Knights vs Wildcats The NFL network? Maybe Schiano will jump straight to the pros and faagetabbout college ball - Steelers? Anyway, I’ll be rooting for the Scarlet Knights - Rutgers

Nashville Dec. 29, 1 p.m. (ESPN)
Clemson (8-4) vs. Kentucky (7-5) - Tigers vs Wildcats - Any year in which CU defeats fsu, and in which they are paired up with a team I care nothing about, they get my vote for the bowl game. Tigers

El Paso, Texas Dec. 29, 2 p.m. (CBS)
Missouri (8-4) vs. Oregon State (9-4) - Tigers vs Beavers. More Tigers? I gotta say, I'm very disappointed with the match ups for Oregon State and South Carolina this year - they could have been much more entertaining - they could have played each other (snicker) - Regardless, OSU is up against Mizzou this year - OSU beat USC (the other one) - which was huge - but Missouri had a fine season. Any Bias against the pac ten is easily negated by anti big 12 sentiment. hmmm - eenie meenie - Mizzou!

Memphis, Tenn. Dec. 29, 4:30 p.m. (ESPN)
South Carolina (7-5) vs. Houston (10-3) Gamecocks vs Cougars. Again with this Houston team - and again with Coach Spurrier (hate him) - but, I have to thank SOS for not changing jobs and going to another team this year - I'd hate to see a team that I dislike, get a decent coach, and I'd really hate to see a team that I somewhat like get him as coach - since I don't give a rat's backside about USC - I'm going to say "thank you" to Coach Spurrier and say that the Gamecocks are gonna win (just watch for the blocked kicks). South Carolina.

Tempe, Ariz. Dec. 29, 7:30 p.m. (NFL)
Minnesota (6-6) vs. Texas Tech (7-5) - Golden Gophers vs Red Raiders. It ain’t gonna happen, but I’ll go with Minne.

Orlando, Fla. Dec. 29, 8 p.m. (ESPN)
Maryland (8-4) vs. Purdue (8-5) - Turtles and Boilermakers. Go Home Maryland, Go Home! I have no reason other than conference loyalty and the "we beat them" factor - but I say Purr - Do!

Charlotte, N.C. Dec. 30, 1 p.m. (ESPN)
Navy (9-3) vs. Boston College (9-3) - Midshippmen vs Eagles. Navy's done well this year and heck, support our troops!- Navy

San Antonio Dec. 30, 4:30 p.m. (ESPN)
Iowa (6-6) vs. Texas (9-3) - Hawkeyes vs Longhorns. Oh this has the potential to be very, very bad. So very bad. Texas

Atlanta Dec. 30, 8 p.m. (ESPN)
Virginia Tech (10-2) vs. Georgia (8-4) - Hokies vs Bulldogs. Georgia had 2 unbelievable losses this season - and I have a long lived distain for the Hokies - this is a really tough one. VA Tech.

Boise, Idaho Dec. 31, 7:30 p.m. (ESPN)
Nevada (8-4) vs. Miami (6-6) - wolf pack vs hurricanes on the Smurf Turf - Gotta go against Miami - Nevada

New Year’s Day Games - “Let’s syncronize our watches”

Tampa, Fla. Jan. 1, 11 a.m. (ESPN)
Penn State (8-4) vs. Tennessee (9-3) Nittany Lions vs Volunteers

Penn State forever, moldy old men. Penn State

Dallas Jan. 1, 11:30 a.m. (Fox)
Auburn (10-2) vs. Nebraska (9-4) - Tigers v Cornhuskers. Both teams have had, for them, disappointing seasons. Many folks listed Auburn as their National Championship team, but the Tigers failed to produce. I say they rebound in the bowl game. Auburn.

Orlando, Fla.Jan. 1, 1 p.m. (ABC)
Wisconsin (11-1) vs. Arkansas (10-3) - Badgers vs Razorbacks. Should go with conference loyalty, but wisky broke our coach this year. And Houston Nutt is one of the all time greatest names in football, ever. I hate the idea of pulling for an SEC team, again (and again) - but I'm going with Arkansas - I hope they kick out of bounds 14x in a row. Arkansas.

Jacksonville, Fla. Jan. 1, 1 p.m. (CBS)
Georgia Tech (9-4) vs. West Virginia (10-2) - Yellow Jackets and Mountaineers - Tech showed some brilliance this year - but if their qb gets rattled - it all unravels - The Mighty Mountaineers (with hairs in their ears) - have speed, and Pat White does a mean (spirited) pitt panther imitation - so I think I'll give the BE the advantage on this one - WVU

Pasadena, Calif. Jan. 1, 5 p.m. (ABC)
USC (10-2) vs. Michigan (11-1) - Trojans and Wolverines. I hate it when they make me do this - It really depends on whether both teams actually show up for this one - I think they will - but it's still gotta sting. As much as I hate the idea - I'll be rooting for (the other) blue. um

Glendale, Ariz. Jan. 1, 8:30 p.m. (Fox)
Boise State (12-0) vs. Oklahoma (11-2) broncos v sooners. As a PSU fan, I have a certain connection to undefeated/unheralded teams - But the Sooners are tough - This is Boise State's chance to make a name for themselves apart from the blue turf - I still think they fall a little short - Oklahoma -

Miami Jan. 2, 8 p.m. (Fox)
Wake Forest (11-2) vs. Louisville (11-1) - Demon Deacons vs Cardinals - Again with the spiritual symbolism. Wake isn't being given much of a chance in this one - for that reason, I'd like to see 'em win. WF.

New Orleans Jan. 3, 8 p.m. (Fox)
LSU (10-2) vs. Notre Dame (10-2) Tigers and Irish - In the Big Easy. If LSU is on this will be an unlucky day for the Irish. That’s what I’m hoping for. Hate notre dame. LSU

Toronto Jan. 6, Noon (ESPN2)
Cincinnati (7-5) vs. Western Michigan (8-4) Bearcats - Broncos. Toronto, eh? On Epiphany no less - those wacky canadians - My understanding is that they will be playing the game on an American football sized field - but there will be beer tents. Cinci is losing their coach - I know little to nothing about the broncos of western Michigan - I'll go for the city team rather than the directional team - Cincinnati.

Moble, Ala. Jan. 7, 8 p.m. (ESPN)
Southern Miss (8-5) vs. Ohio (9-4) Golden Eagles v Cougars. Really nothing to say about this one, except I'm going to extend my dislike for the land mass west of PA and go for So Miss.

Glendale, Ariz. Jan. 8, 8 p.m. (Fox)
Ohio State (12-0) vs. Florida (12-1) - buckeyes and Gators. This is the big one - the National Championship. The BCS is taking a lot of heat for this pairing - and as a big fan of all things anti-BCS, I'm almost tempted to root against the gators. But my heart is with the underdog - but are they really the underdog - UF won the basketball national championship last March (i was totally rooting for them then - Yea Noah!) - they don't deserve another championship (they'll never shut up about that) - but tosu won the NC in 2002 - that's too soon and they're just so slimy - and I really don't want Evil Sweatervest McCheatypants to win - he's just not that good (they'll never shut up about that) - So it's a horribly difficult choice, based mostly on not-nice vibes - but my pick is Florida - now go out and disappoint me, guys, I know you can.

All American, Paul Posluszny named PSU MVP

Team Captain, Paul Posluszny, was named team MVP at the Nittany Lions' annual football banquet.


ESPN poll about BCS

ESPN.com has a poll regarding the BCS results - I participated - and below is a snip of the answers (my choices were the #1 answers on each of these questions) - I find the result of #8 to be rather impressive (and #7 rather interesting)- are you listening College Football? There were about 150,000 "votes" at the time I took the poll.

6) Which is the best team not playing in a BCS bowl?

34.0% Wisconsin
33.0% Auburn
23.0% Arkansas
10.0% West Virginia

7) Which is the worst team playing in the BCS?

54.4% Notre Dame
23.9% Wake Forest
17.2% Boise State
4.5% Oklahoma

8) Does college football need a playoff system?

90.0% Yes
10.0% No

I'm not saying that I'm brilliant or anything...

EDSBS - Archive - BOOM.

or that I'm "happy" about results of the BCS rankings - but I will say, that, a month ago, when no one gave Florida a chance - i did. As evidenced by my comment on this thread on Every Day Should Be Saturday (click on link above).

Magic plays a big role in College Football - UF's win over South Carolina (and Coach Spurrier) was nothing short of miraculous - a miracle forged, of course, from a never die attitude and awesome athletic ability - but a miracle, all the same. Wins, like the one over USC, affect the mentality of a program - the kids learn that they can win, no matter what -

And Florida has.

Bowl Schedule 2006-7

NCAA Football - Scores & Schedule - Yahoo.com

Gonna steal EDSBS's idea again (with totally biased Bowl Predictions) - coming soon.

Penn State v Tennesse - Outback Bowl

GoPSUsports.com - Official Home of Penn State Athletics


Posluszny named Academic-All-American of the Year

GoPSUsports.com - Official Home of Penn State Athletics

Poz earns first team honors along with DE Tim Shaw. Senior, Nolan McCready, earned 2nd team honors.

The Big Ten (led by Penn State, OSU and Iowa) had an excellent showing with 8 student-athletes named to the first team and 11 total honors.


Vote for Football Awards!!!

ESPN.com: SPORTSNATION - Vote: College FB awards

Click above and vote for Paul Posluszny (sorry Danny) and Jeremy Kapinos for the national football honors.

Paul currently trails in the "popular vote" in both the Bednarik and Butkus Awards!

Penn State Student Athletes Graduation Success Rate - well above national average

GoPSUsports.com - Official Home of Penn State Athletics



Pennstate Auction

Pennstate Auction

SAAB - the Student Athlete Advisory Board is hosting an auction of fun items from various teams. Proceeds from the auction go to the Penn State Dance Marathon.

Check it out.

Posluszny and Connor named as Bednarik finalists

GoPSUsports.com - Official Home of Penn State Athletics

3 finalists, and 2 of them are Penn Staters and all 3 are Big Ten.

Connor and 2005 winner of the award, Posluszny are joined by michigan DE, LaMarr Woodley as finalists for the honor, awarded to the nation's top defensive player.


Kapinos named Finalist for Ray Guy Award

GoPSUsports.com - Official Home of Penn State Athletics

One of 3 finalists and only finalist from the Big Ten - Interesting that Jeremy gets this national recognition - but only 2nd Team All Big Ten.

8 Lions named to all Big Ten Team

GoPSUsports.com - Official Home of Penn State Athletics

Posluszny and Scirrotto on first team.

What a great honor for sophomore Anthony Scirrotto!

Football: PSU expects Outback Bowl bid

Football: PSU expects Outback Bowl bid

Favorite quote from Michigan State game...

"Don't worry about it. I'm getting an egg. Two."


Give credit where credit is due

My mother takes full responsibility for the PSU win. We have an ancient tradition in my parents' home that before a PSU game one family member yells "Who's gonna win?" and the others respond "Penn State!" (must be repeated twice, followed by "Let's go State!") - well, she's been ill this past week and was sleeping when we left for the game on Saturday morning (6am) - so, although I said "who's gonna win" (fully aware that she was still in bed) there was no response. I couldn't get ahold of her before or during the first half of the game - but early in the second half she answered and I chanted into the phone "who's gonna win?" - and then they did.

She called me Sunday night and said "just one thing. Did I singlehandedly win that game yesterday?"

Yes, Mother. Yes, you did.

The Computers still like us

GoPSUsports.com - Official Home of Penn State Athletics

Probably because they don't actually watch us play - PSU's BCS ranking is #25 - the computers have us ranked at #21.

Penn State claws back to beat MSU - 17 -13

GoPSUsports.com - Official Home of Penn State Athletics

Bradley and Hall Game Quotes

GoPSUsports.com - Official Home of Penn State Athletics


How will the 2006 season be remembered?

With the passing of legendary coach, Bo Schembechler, as we prepare to wish farewell to the Penn State Seniors - I feeling a little introspective about football 2006.

We came into the season with some cautious optimism -Posluszny assured us that he was 100% recovered from his Orange Bowl injury; recruiting had gone well in the spring bringing in some more speedsters, OL candidates and more - Morelli looked decent in the rain soaked Blue White game.

As far as the newbies have gone - we've seen Chris Bell, Maurice Evans, Andrew Quarless, AJ Wallace in games and get their names called over the PA system. Morelli made Quarless his go-to guy for a few games.

One thing I will say - the field has kept up beautifully this season - through all of the bad weather, it still looks fresh and clean.

Joe Paterno comment on the passing of Bo Schembechler

GoPSUsports.com - Official Home of Penn State Athletics


Beckham signing is a no-brainer

ESPNsoccernet - MLS - Chang: Beckham signing is a no-brainer

I know, I know, it's not our football - and it's not even the off season yet - but, just to add my own 2 cents - I'd go see David Beckham play soccer - I'd go every chance I got - and I can't be alone in that. MLS would be daft not to bring in a guy with his name recognition - the people will go - and they will get hooked - and they'll want to watch it on tv - and they'll get favorites - We Americans are sports fans, and just give us a reason to watch, and we will.


Temple and the rain fall

Penn State beat up the Temple Owls on Saturday, while Mother Nature beat up on us fans. Actually, if it had to be raining, it wasn't that bad, as the air temperature was warm - and the rain did hold off until an hour or so before the game, so the tailgate wasn't too badly affected.
Penn State's offense (other than Tony Hunt) didn't look particularly great - Temple's D was just not good. The kids are small - and the weather was crap. It was almost criminal sending the PSU defense out against those kids - they (temple) do have some speed - they just didn't have the blocking to get anything started - Penn State won, 47 - 0.

4 Nittany Lions named to Academic All-District Football team

GoPSUsports.com - Official Home of Penn State Athletics

Tony Hunt named big ten co-offensive player of the year

GoPSUsports.com - Official Home of Penn State Athletics

Lions beat the Owls 47-0

GoPSUsports.com - Official Home of Penn State Athletics

Joe goes home

GoPSUsports.com - Official Home of Penn State Athletics


Joe will not coach

Joe Paterno will not coach this Saturday against Temple - his doctor(s) advised that the best course of action would be for him to remain in the hospital or at a rehab center to ensure that his leg remains elevated and, primarily, to avoid blood clots. Joe made the official decision today so that the focus could move away from him and center on football. The doctors had stated that the only way Coach Paterno would have been able to coach on Saturday would have been from the press box and that he will not be on the sideline again this season (which isn't too surprising considering that next week is the last regular season game).

We here at 2theLion take blood clots very seriously (as should we all), and we understand Coach Paterno's desire for the team, coaches, media and fans to concentrate on the game, and not him. However, it will be odd being in the stadium without Joe's being there. I'm old enough to remember when Joe didn't make the trip to Syracuse in 1977 after his son suffered a head injury - that's a 30 year old memory of a little girl - it was weird then - it's still weird today.

We all wish Coach Paterno a speedy recovery and all the best.

That said we also hope that the Lions can get geared up to play Temple this weekend and give Joe something to smile about as he enjoys the stadium view from his hospital bed.

Rivals understand Paterno's dedication - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Rivals understand Paterno's dedication - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

ESPN.com - NCF - Doctor: Paterno must coach from press box Saturday

ESPN.com - Paterno must coach from press box Saturday

Nice recap of Sabastianelli's and the coachs' press conference.

Galen and Tom headup pre Temple press conference

GoPSUsports.com - Official Home of Penn State Athletics


So, that wisconson game...

...really hit Joe hard. If you've seen the footage from the game, you know how painful/horrific the hit looked. Joe's a trooper though, he tried to keep standing but was eventually helped to the bench and then went to the locker room to be checked out.

These aren't the problems of a 79 year old - this would have happened to anyone standing there and Joe's lucky that he wasn't more seriously injured (dude is fit) - if he hadn't been hurt earlier in the season (broken ribs) he'd of been in even better shape and I'll bet the uw kid would've had a concussion.

Regardless, Joe has had surgery and, reportedly, is doing well. He's a scrappy guy - you've got to give him that.

And yeah Craig James, thank goodness Joe did take his Geritol (do they even make Geritol anymore?) on Saturday. I didn't hear James' comments first hand on Saturday - but I did get to hear his apology - which was very odd - I said "what on earth did he say, to warrant such a comment?" - So, he called Joe an "old fart" - as many have pointed out, he is an old fart - but I think it was more his delivery "way to stick it to the old fart" (speaking of wisconsin's 'brilliant' abuse of the new clock rules) - I'd have been po'd if he'd said "way to stick it to the fabulously intelligent, more fit than I'll ever be, Saint Joe" - first of all, Mr. James, we know you hate Penn State, you have since you were in college (talk about sour grapes); you have been blatantly not a fan through out your commentating career; you said, just last week (again, on camera), that you "just don't like Penn State" - but please, don't kid yourself that Joe Paterno was "fooled" by anyone - Joe himself is the one who said to the press, and the big ten, before the season started that the new rule about the kicking game could be exploited - and I really don't care if you jumped on the Penn State bandwagon last year - or if you believe you were the "voice of reason" in the low years - you just wanted to disagree with PSU fans - we're so silly - why would we want to replace Joe, the old fart?

Why does one announcer get suspended for calling himself "gay" - but all Craig has to do is make an extremely defensive "i didn't do anything wrong" statement on air?

It's the pattern of biased broadcasting that is distasteful. The articles about this have been few - and none on the major sports outlets - Penn State fans are helpless, even if PSU as an institution would want to be outraged (which they won't), because of the ABC/ESPN big ten tv contract - it's not like we'll stop watching (is it?).

In other regards, the Lions, again looked flat and were completely ineffective on offense. It's a bad loss - it's a 2004 type loss. Something has to change.

12pm start for Senior day

GoPSUsports.com - Official Home of Penn State Athletics

PSU/msu clash to be aired on ESPN2 -

ESPN.com - NCF - Paterno undergoes successful surgery, plans to coach

ESPN.com - NCF - Paterno undergoes successful surgery, plans to coach

Paterno suffers leg injury during wisconsin game

GoPSUsports.com - Official Home of Penn State Athletics


Kapinos named one of 10 semifinalists for Ray Guy Award

GoPSUsports.com - Official Home of Penn State Athletics

beat the badgers

I like wisconsin fans - they're probably my favorite "not us" fans right now. This sentiment has been developed over the years. The folks I know who graduated from uw are, generally, swell folks and I love hearing stories about wearing bib overalls and dancing in the stands (I attribute much of their method to the frightfully cold weather). The last 2 home wisconsin games have given us the opportunity to meet and visit with other alums, all of whom have been a lot of fun and "good fans".

Penn State travels out to Madison this weekend to face wisconsin. The badgers currently boast a record of 8-1 with their lone loss coming at the hands of the wolverines. They have an excellent running back, a 14th year (or so it would seem) senior quarterback, a big o-line and a very good defense. Compared to Penn State, which I would say has a good running back, a rookie quarterback, a young o-line and a good defense.

And, it's supposed to be rainy and chilly (well, chilly by our pampered Pennsylvania standards).

The Lion Offense must be able to piece together decent, sustained drives, resulting in points on the board - giving the defense time to re-group -

As always, I think that PSU has a chance to win the game. With only 3 games left in the season it's about time that they settled down and came together as a team - the play (and the play calling) has been very disjointed to date - but they have the talent to be a good team - it's just a matter of execution and utilization. It's the PSU coaches who have to step up and make it work -


Temple/PSU gametime 3:30pm

GoPSUsports.com - Official Home of Penn State Athletics

Despite the Owls impressive win over Bowling Green, the Lions best not be looking past their match up this weekend against wisconsin.

Kick off against Al Golden and Penn State East, er, Temple, November 11th, at 3:30pm - game to be televised regionally on ESPN.

Dan Conner named Big Ten Defensive Player of the Week

GoPSUsports.com - Official Home of Penn State Athletics

How is it that we keep winning these weekly honors (5 so far) - but our team still looks disjointed. We obviously have the talent and the performances - the coaches just need to bring it all together.

For the Cherry and the White...

ESPN.com - NCF - Owls secure Golden moment for coach, program

Temple football defeated Bowling Green 28 - 14 on Saturday, breaking a 20 game losing streak. It's quite a remarkable feat; getting that first win is probably the most difficult.

The team celebrated like they had won the super bowl, pouring a cooler of gatorade on their coach - it was a great day for a program that has been struggling for so very long.

Coach Golden dashed off to the hospital after the game to be with his pregnant wife who had been hospitalized for "mild complications."

The Owls travel to University Park on November 11th. Sadly, their possible win streak (unfortunately, not likely as they face Central Michigan this week) will definitely end then.

But until such time:

Fight fight fight for the cherry and the white!

PSU beats Purdue - 12-0

GoPSUsports.com - Official Home of Penn State Athletics


PSU's Posluszny among top scholar-athletes - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

PSU's Posluszny among top scholar-athletes - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review


Penn State makes the trip to West Lafayette, IN this weekend to face the purdue boilermakers. purdue has weathered a tough couple years - last year being the pre-season media darling (iowa is this year's purdue) only to falter, and this year they boast an offense which can run all over the field, but a defense that can't keep the opposing teams from doing the same (think 1990s BYU).

Penn State should be able to score points on this team - and hopefully the defense can toughen up. this game should be an easy win for the Lions, but purdue is pesky, and PSU hasn't shown much cohesiveness lately (on or off the field).

As always, I am completely optimistic that Penn State will carry the day and become bowl eligible on Saturday.


Posluszny named as quarterfinalist for Lott Trophy

GoPSUsports.com - Official Home of Penn State Athletics

He and Connor have been named semifinalists for the Bednarik Award, and Paul is also a semifinalist for the Butkus Award.

The Lott award is worth noting as it is awarded for performance and character on and off the field. Posluszny has established himself as an elite football player, but his performance in the classroom, as a Finance Major, is outstanding as well.


Joe Paterno Press Conference transcript

GoPSUsports.com - Official Home of Penn State Athletics

I believe that Jay is either 38 or 39.

I'll admit it

That Michigan game... well, it really didn't hit me as hard as the nd and tosu games - perhaps you don't feel the third kick in the teeth as acutely as the first two.

Ironically, this is the one of the three where PSU actually had a legitimate chance to tie/win. The game was close - a few loose plays by the PSU defense gave UM a 2 touchdown lead, and then Tony Hunt broke free on a routine screen - and brought the Lions back within a touchdown. The PSU defense stood tall - well, Lloyd Carr got super conservative and stupid and gave the ball back to the Lions with about a minute left on the clock - sounds like the beginning of a great comeback story, but it isn't. The offense did nothing with their gifted opportunity and turned the ball over on downs.

Jeremy Kapinos continues to be the star of the team - his punting is the one factor that has kept PSU in the tight games. And please, for the love of puppies and kittens, Throw the ball to Butler!

PSU's inability to score points is more and more alarming - it's not like last year where if the Lions missed a scoring opportunity we thought, ehh, they'll get points next time - because this year there isn't a "next time" - the sustained quality drive is not an attribute of this year's team - to not capitalize when they do get within range is crippling/fatal.

The Defense, while impressively holding um to 17 points (and none in the 1st quarter), did not "create" much - they never "got to" Chad Henne - when your offense is floundering, the defense has to step up and make things happen, if not score the points themselves.


Kapinos candidate for award

GoPSUsports.com - Official Home of Penn State Athletics

Now, it's not always great when your punter is your star - but Kapinos is something special. He creates and reclaims field position advantages. As the article states, Kappy is just about 100 punting yards behind the Penn State career yardage leader - Ralph Giacomarro - the punter for our 1st national championship team.

Joe Paterno Press Conference transcript

GoPSUsports.com - Official Home of Penn State Athletics


Penn State v minnesota

So Penn State is making the trip out to minneapolis this weekend after all of the hullabaloo about the baseball playoffs.

Black Shoe Diaries has a nice write up about the game.

The sentiment on the internet is, basically, that Minnesota has a young, inexperienced team and a very suspect defense. But, as always, the Lions need to be prepared to play and play the entire game. Penn State beat up on the gophers last year (and Michael Robinson's now legendary hit on the um d-back ended the kid's football career) so minne is definitely not looking past the Lions.

There are still key injuries on the PSU offensive line - hopefully the offense can pick up where they left off in the second half of the northwestern game - and, throw the ball to Butler!

The D needs to be tough - and create turnovers. Special teams, as always are important - Kelly needs to get all the confidence he can.

Game time is 12pm(EST) - which isn't always a great start time for PSU and the first "early" game of the season - ESPN is broadcasting the game regionally - so check your local listings. In Philly they're airing the game on My Phl (Channel 17).

2 the Lion! Let's go State!

PSU - minne to air on ESPN regional



Oktoberfest 2006

We leave tonight for state college - big tailgate planned and big ten home opener. If you'll be in HV for the game - you should stop by the tailgate - it's going to be a blast! Check out the website and/or tailgating blog for details.



Look, I'll admit it -

that osu game hit me hard...

See, I went into the nd game, as a fan, thinking we could win; I went into the osu game hoping we wouldn't get blown out and/or hurt (bad history with that at the horseshoe). So then, when the Lions were driving, and holding the chestnuts offense (okay, we couldn't score for anything, but) and at half time it was 3-0 - I starting thinking, maybe, just maybe we'd have a chance.

I can only imagine how the kids feel about all of the red zone meltdowns this season - cause I feel awful.

Now that we're into the big ten schedule - the games just aren't going to get easy (okay, maybe that non-conf Temple game) - every week is a test in the big ten - this team needs to get ready.

I'm glad that Tony Hunt had a better game - but there's little point in "opening up" the running game if you don't back it up with quality passing. I was a little afraid that Butler and Norwood had missed the plane to ohio - or maybe they were helping Joe in the loo or they were wearing their invisible body paint (and uniforms) again.

northwestern has had a tough season/year all ready - but they're going to come into beaver stadium and give it their all - again, this team needs to get ready.

Kap Kap Kapinos!

GoPSUsports.com - Kapinos Earns Big Ten Special Teams Player of the Week Honor

Kappy was my Player of the Game - no "special" qualification needed. "That was a HECK of a kick!"

And you thought the Tax Code was complicated....

GoPSUsports.com - Penn State-Minnesota Football Game Set for 12:00 p.m. ET Kickoff on Oct. 7

BUT! the game still might be rescheduled AND there's no determination yet as to which of the ESPNs will broadcast the game AND if it is rescheduled, the TV coverage is TBA....


Look, I'll admit it -

That nd game really hit me hard. It's amazing how quickly you can get back in the habit of "winning" - not that I was ever satisfied or complacent during the "low years" but we had learned to focus on other aspects of the game - individual records, tailgating, developing really thick skin - and then by the end of the 2005 season, it's as if we all (the PSU football team and community) shed our skin and began anew - I should have known that new skin is tender and easily bruised - but I wasn't ready. As a result I've been avoiding talking (thinking) about the nd game. um beating them last week mitigated the pain, just slightly - I knew they were beatable - and I think they still are.

We had a "revenue" game last week against youngstown state - PSU won pretty handily - it was a little tense when the first quarter ended in a scoreless tie - but the team came around. I sit in seats which are very close to the the away team section - the ysu fans were (especially after we started winning) really good sports and great fans - however there were a few obnoxious reminders of tasks down the road - One ysu fan in front of me kept waving an osu sweatshirt (in homage, I'm assuming, to the schools' respective relationships with coach tressel - and not, as I suggested at the game, to the flurry of dateline, nbc "to catch a predator" perps sporting tosu garb) - which just made my blood boil.

I didn't post before the nd game, because I had (only the 2nd time - and last - that season) posted specifically about the PSU um matchup last season and quickly dubbed it a cursing event - maybe not.

Anyway - the game this week is huge. tosu is ranked #1 in the country and is most pundits' pick for national champion. I don't know how the season is going to end - I just know that PSU has a lot of things to work on before they're going to be competitive with the osu I've read/heard about - but it doesn't stop us from believing, dreaming and remembering that it can happen.

My all-time lifetime favorite game (although I really only remember one play) is the 1981 PSU v pittsburgh match up at pitt. pitt went into the game (last game of the season) ranked #1, danny marino was everyone's favorite for the heisman and it was coach sherrill's birthday. The Lions walked in and won the game, 48 - 14. The play I remember so well was a Blackledge pass to Kenny Jackson (who was, at the time, just a sophomore - hmmmmmmm junior quarterback....). Kenny caught the ball, pirouetted around the defender and ran for a touchdown. I was at home watching the game with my mom as Dad was at the game. I spent the rest of the day reenacting the play and twirling around the house. Just goes to show - it can happen.

Where's the ball!?!?!

I can see it in his visor!

Photo from GoPSUsports.com


No. 2 quarterback passing his tests - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

No. 2 quarterback passing his tests - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Penn State-Minnesota Football Game May Be Rescheduled Due to Potential Facility Conflict

GoPSUsports.com - Game will be played on Oct 7 or Nov 25

It all rests on the Twins - if they win their division, and don't have to play in the wild card playoff - no conflict and we play on the 7th (as scheduled) - if they don't make the playoffs - no conflict, and we play on the 7th. If they're in the wild card (ie, win the wild card or are the division winner with the 3rd best record) playoff - conflict in the Metrodome, and we play on Nov. 25th.

Craziness? yes. But I'm thinking that there isn't any big tv contract (gosh I'm getting paranoid about that) tying them down to one date. They should just reschedule to the 25th and let people make plans. No, it's not (just) because that would give us a bye week before Michigan...Hey, I'd be able to go down to the Linc and watch the Temple / Kent State game!


PSU notebook: Kinlaw backs up Hunt - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

PSU notebook: Kinlaw backs up Hunt - pittsburghlive.com

Joe Pa on CBS News

GoPSUsports.com - Joe Paterno on CBS news tonight September 13th

Joe got bumped last week so the story is supposed to run tonight - A little air out of the sails after last week's game - but still a good "piece"

That is, assuming that Brittany's new baby doesn't bump the story.

PENN STATE v youngstown state

The Lions host the youngstown state penguins this Saturday (September 16th) at Beaver Stadium. Kick off is at 3:30pm. The game will be televised on ESPNU.

Check 2theLion.com (and the Tailgating blog) for details regarding this week's tailgate.

Paterno warns of impending threat - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Pittsburghlive.com - Paterno says don't overlook the Penguins - and all is not lost

In his press conference, transcript link below, Joe reminded everyone of the 1982 season when PSU got drubbed by Bama but came back to win the rest of their games (and the NC, btw) - That game's lopsided (42-21) score was, similarly, not a true reflection of the play on the field - the game was rather competitive - until the tide blocked a punt - That was a sad day, but they rebounded.

U football: Penn State game remains in limbo

StarTribune.com - U football: Penn State game remains in limbo

The scheduled November 7th game might be postponed (or moved ahead) due to the Minnesota Twins playoff schedule. Although the baseball standings are yet to be decided, the schools are trying to make a decision now so that fans can make travel plans.

The options are to either play on Thursday (Oct 5th) - which, reportedly is "out of the question" - or add a game at the end of the season (Nov. 25th).

This could result in the Lions having an unscheduled bye week before the Michigan game - apparently Lloyd Carr will be upset about this (hey, you got your 2 seconds, let us have our weekend) -

Joe said in the preseason that the 12 game schedule is bad for the student athlete - he said that they usually used the bye week for the kids to catch up on their studies and exams - of course the NCAA has no concerns about the rule change -


Joe Paterno Press Conference

GoPSUsports.com - Paterno press conference transcript

PSU v ysu Game Notes


click above for links to game notes and updated statistics; files are in PDF format.


I don't know what we did wrong

But we obviously messed up.

On Saturday I wore all blue and white- underclothes included. I was careful to avoid any yellow, gold, khaki, orange, etc stitching, accents, clothing tags -

I was thinking positive thoughts - humble even. I didn't predict an outcome or even talk about it on the internet.

We were at one location and then left - trying to alter the mojo.

I was wearing different clothes from the first game - (the clothes worn on saturday will always be tainted)

There were times, during the game that I didn't pay as close attention as I should have - but nothing to warrant such a score.

We'll get 'em next time -

Hopefully I can get my wardrobe figured out by the 23rd - if it means I have to wear my rain gear every week...

game time for PENN STATE osu game

GoPSUsports.com - PSU/osu kickoff at 3:30pm

Sept 23rd game to be televised on ABC.

Game Notes

GoPSUsports.com - game notes - not sure why you'd want to relive it, but here they are


If you are lucky enough

to be going to the game this weekend - you know what I'm talking about - PSU is encouraging you to wear white as our unifying color. Away game white out -


Paterno to be Featured on Thursday's CBS Evening News

JoePa and Katie Coric - together at last



The fellas over at EDSBS (Everydayshouldbesaturday.com) have posted the contact information for the NCAA Rules Committee Liaison - if you want to protest the new rules - this is the guy to email, fax and/or send a strippergram.

It's such a bow to television - yeah, let's change the game instead of the outside forces. Have on screen advertising, shorter advertising breaks whatever - but don't mess with the game!

Fabulous Photo

This one is great - not only is Norwood awesome, but Paterno is in the background and the one Akron defender (the one with the braids) looks like he's going to take off flying. (from GoPSUsports.com)

Paterno prefers not to reminisce about classic PSU-Irish games

Paterno prefers not to reminisce about classic PSU-Irish games

Penn State issues blackout order - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Penn State issues blackout order - pittsburghlive.com

Joe Paterno Press Conference

GoPSUsports.com -


Penn State-Notre Dame Game Notes

GoPSUsports.com - Penn State-Notre Dame Game Notes

It's you football, it's really you

And so it begins.

Penn State football - 2006. I kept having to remind myself that it was September 2nd, and not November - the weather was probably as bad as it could be for an opening game (unless you play at Alaksa State) -

Donned in full rain gear - rubber bib overalls - it's just about as attractive as one can get - we made our way into Beaver Stadium early (yes, early - we did tailgate - but more about that later on the tailgate blog) - we got to see the players warming up, and hear the band (from the south end seats - no marching on the wet turf!), and sing the songs ("when we stood at boyhood's gate...") - and FINALLY it was game time.

PSU started out on defense, the first campaign (if you will) was fine - it always takes a few plays (at least it does for PSU defenses) to get acclimated and in sync - PSU's offense got the ball back - 2 good running plays and then, Morelli lets loose this rocket, aimed at the south endzone, where Deon Butler is patiently waiting to make his first reception and touchdown of the 2006 season - puddled rain off of ponchos and jackets splatters everywhere in the stands. It was a great start.

All in all the team looked pretty good. It was a miserable day - the rain never let up - and there was some sloppiness.

Posluszny was pretty quiet - he had maybe 3-4 tackles - but Akron ran every play away from him. Other members of the defense stepped up big time. Danny Connor had a breakout performance - 13 tackles (enough to win B10 Defensive Player of the Week honors), Sean Lee was swarming - they got to Getsy, the Zips touted QB a few times.

But the defense wasn't all good. Getsy is a talented and experienced guy; he was able to audible and change up plays to get yardage when it appeared the D had him wrapped up. Their running back, Kennedy, was all over the field - I'm really not sure that any other Zips made the trip. Defensive coverage on 4th down was nonexistent - I don't know if they were confused or unfocused - but that was not good. And then there was the secondary - young, yes, but they got in a few good hits and (the new) #7 Anthony Scirrotto had a good outing - he delivered some hard hits and had an interception. Justin King did not look sharp - I don't know if we have unrealistic expectations for him - but he reminded more of a former wearer of his new jersey number than that kid who played so valiantly last season - no arm tackles, no running toward the play, on one Akron reception he was 5 yards away from and had his back to the receiver. This will not do.

Morelli had a great opener - considering the weather, his 206 yards and 3 touchdown passes and clean pants at the end of the game are even more impressive - He surprised me; I admit it. Norwood renewed his tenure as the go to guy, getting yardage, first downs and (his first) touchdowns when needed. This kid is fast (they all are; it's great) and he ran some routes down and across the middle that were fantastic. All of the receivers looked sharp - TG (Terrell Golden) had a nice catch, but he paid for it - limping off the field - and Freshman Chris Bell had his first career reception.

But, there's always a but... Morelli looked sharp, yes. But that doesn't mean he wasn't pressured - and there was no run blocking - poor Tony Hunt was caught in the backfield time and time again - he had a few good runs, and a great touchdown run - but the rest of his day was dismal. The offense had a little trouble with the new clock rules - hopefully that will even out - By the end of the game Morelli looked a little scripted - he has talented receivers who saved a few would be interceptions -

Special teams need to get better - immediately - the coverage on kicks was not good. There were few botched plays, such as Jason Ganters stumble on a fake field goal attempt (and a fumbled snap) - but I'm going to give the field and weather a little credit on that - AJ Wallace made his debut in a big way with some outstanding kickoff returns; sadly, one of them resulted in a fumble - but hey, he's baby. The kicking was pretty good - Kelly was solid from a variety of distances, and, again, in crap weather. Kapinos was fine - I expect him to be a key player this season -

Akron was a good opener, and the weather was a good test. This week's game is huge. No speculation here - just some hopes that the front 2 lines (what ever configuration they may appear in) keep up the intensity and that the D backs bring it - some hopes that the O-line continues to jell and opens up some running lanes.

2 the Lion!

Centre Daily Times - Questions remain after PSU opener

Centredaily.com | 09/04/2006 | Questions remain after PSU opener

Upper St. Clair's Lee forces a change in PSU's defense

postgazelle.com - Upper St. Clair's Lee forces a change in PSU's defense

Nittany Lions eager to challenge Fighting Irish - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Nittany Lions eager to challenge Fighting Irish - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Morelli soars to dream start - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Morelli soars to dream start - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

PSU notebook: Defense shows new look - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

PSU notebook: Defense shows new look - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Penn State spotlight - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Penn State spotlight - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

No. 19 Penn State 34, Akron 16 - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

No. 19 Penn State 34, Akron 16 - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Connor Earns Big Ten Defensive Player of the Week

GoPSUsports.com - Connor wins honor after 13 tackle outing: "Connor Earns Big Ten Defensive Player of the Week"

Nittany Lions Zip Up Opening Day Win Over Akron, 34-16

GoPSUsports.com - Game Notes, Quotes from Coaches and more


SI.com - 2006 NCAA Football Preview - Big Ten Preview

SI.com - 2006 NCAA Football Preview - Big Ten Preview

They list PSU at #3 in the B10 - with 2 conference losses -

Not complaining - just happy to see that someone thinks we'll win a game this year.

SI.com - Photo Gallery - Big 10's Top 10 Players

SI.com - Photo Gallery - Big 10's Top 10 Players

who's number 1? Who's Number 1?!?! Mr. Posluszny, that's who. Levi is number 6.

not too shabby.

With game week looming, Paterno curious how team will perservere

Centre Daily Times - With game week looming, Paterno curious how team will perservere

Jay so needs to wear a v-neck/open collar shirt.

Quarterbacks in dogfight for No. 2 role behind Morelli

Centre Daily TimesQuarterbacks in dogfight for No. 2 role behind Morelli

The Suheys are legendary in State College (not just Penn State) - everyone knows the name, and everyone has a "Suhey story" - I don't, really - other than seeing Matt Suhey cry after the loss to Bama in the 78 Sugar Bowl cemented my adoration for college football.

My mom taught Paul Suhey (Kevin's dad) at church school. My cousin gave Matt Suhey detention when he was in high school (great story). And so on...

Cianciolo (Paul) has actually seen game time and gone up against the PSU #1 defense - I know nothing/very little about Clark.

Back up quarterbacks are almost always a controversy at PSU - this is so not new.

PSU center's wait may be over - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

PSU center's wait may be over - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

The Watch Lists are Coming...

GoPSUsports.com - 2005 Butkus Award Winner Posluszny & Connor Among Candidates for '06 Top Linebacker Honor


Penn State Football: Posluszny is the main man, but Lee is also a big-time talent

postgazette.com: Posluszny is the main man, but Lee is also a big-time talent

Penn State Football Notebook: Bradley might try WVU's defense

Postgazette.com - Penn State Football Notebook: Bradley might try WVU's defense

Well, Texas' offense worked for us last year - maybe the mountaineer defense isn't such a bad idea - but, then again, it wasn't the wvu defense that was impressive last january - we'll see.

1986 team reunion at akron game

GoPSUsports.com - Nittany Lions' 1986 National Championship Team To Be Recognized at Akron Game; '66 Team Reunion Set for YSU

The 1986 team is probably one of my clearest Penn State memories - I loved those guys - 30 team members will be there - I wonder if Duffy will?


Okay, in this photo

he looks a little like the "missing Savage brother"

PSU's fleet of wide outs

What on earth are Deon and Terrell talking about? DW looks very serious and Jordan looks confused.

Photo from ESPN.go.com

ESPN.com -Maisel: 20 reasons college football beats the NFL

ESPN.com - NCF/PREVIEW06 - Maisel: 20 reasons college football beats the NFL

2006 NCAA Football - Preseason Poll

SI.com - 2006 NCAA Football Preview

SI ranks PSU at #19 - it's been a very long while since we've been ranked in the top 20 in a preseason poll - it's nice, if not a little unnerving. We have to play 3 teams "ranked" above us by October 14th (teams 1 and 2 by Sept 23rd). Iowa is strangely missing from this list - odd because some pundits see them running the table.

Can't wait until the 2nd. Don't look past Akron - Joe says they have a heck of a running back and a great quarterback. We gotta play them first and get the job done; one game at a time.

Talented sophomores aim to keep Penn State in spotlight

Talented sophomores aim to keep Penn State in spotlight - NCAAF - Yahoo! Sports

Larry Johnson, Sr - ace recruiter

Assistant reluctantly steps out of shadows - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review


Former Nittany Lion Football All-American Pete Harris Dies


Younger brother of Franco, who had a standout year in his position as Safety in 1978, on the team that would take the Lions to the Sugar Bowl to play for the National Championship.

These two quotes are why

I respect Coach Paterno.

The quotes are from Joe's preseason press conference. He cares about the game and he cares about the kids. This is not professional football and anyone or any scheme that is focused more on money than on student athletes should be removed from the game.

Can you talk about the rule changes this year and your thoughts on them?

I don’t like the rule changes, but you have to live with them. Obviously, it is a challenge to the coaches. We have already talked a great deal about it and we have to set up practices so that we put ourselves in different situations that will be affected by the rule changes. They are doing it because of television and that doesn’t light me up. I think that we (should) cut out a couple of commercials and never mind cutting out the way the game is played. It is going to have an awful lot of bearing on the end of the game and wondering if you are going to kick off whether you are going to take a safety or those kinds of things. I think we have to think that through and put ourselves in those kinds of situations as to what we are going to do. I was on a rules committee for a long time and, unfortunately, there are not enough people who are coaching on those committees. If you look at the rules committees, see how many Division I football coaches there are…maybe one or two and they are the ones that make the rule changes. I am not happy, but if that is the way it is, that is the way we will play with it.

With the 12-game schedule and not having a bye week, how does that affect the pace of practices and what are your feelings not having a bye week?

As I tried to get across to the people at the Big Ten meetings back in May, we have gone from playing an 11-game schedule with one week off to playing a 12-game schedule with no weeks. I think it is going to make it difficult. You are going to have to watch to see how much they have to do and tie it in with what is going on in the classroom, final exams and mid-term exams. I really take exception to what the NCAA Commissioner said, Myles Brand, “No difference a week off than a week when there is school.” He doesn’t know what he is talking about. When we had a week off, you could always kind of gear in some things and make sure your kids got a little rest and take a couple of days off so they can get caught up with term papers and do different things. We don’t have that now. If you go 12 games for 12 weeks in a row, that is not going to be easy. I would prefer, obviously, that we had an open date. I would prefer we play in 10 games as long as you get this BCS and everything going on. I think 12 games is tough, tough, tough for kids, but it is (about) money.

For full transcript goto GoPSUsports.com.

Penn State Football: QB Morelli out to disprove knocks against his intelligence

Postgazette.com: QB Morelli out to disprove knocks against his intelligence

Oh, there's a nasty joke in there somewhere.

Paterno lets competitions run course - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Paterno lets competitions run course - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Paterno looks for players with 'moxie' - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Paterno looks for players with 'moxie' - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

PSU defense sticks with 4-3, for now - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

PSU defense sticks with 4-3, for now - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

No end in sight at PSU, but who's next after Paterno? - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

No end in sight at PSU, but who's next after Paterno? - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review


PSU's Rubin injures shoulder - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

PSU's Rubin injures shoulder - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

What the? Mark Rubin is either the most unlucky guy or the most fragile. Amazing, another pre-season injury - this one, however, does not appear to be a season ender.


Just goes to prove

That I'm never happy. When sports writers say nice things about PSU (particularly in the preseason) I get agitated about the jinx factor.

But when they see flaws and don't predict perfection, I get indignant as well...

SI.com - 2006 NCAA Football Preview - Penn State

But, the reality is, I'd rather them down play PSU's chances than build them - Hopefully our "big" opponents will be looking past their PSU match ups.

It won't be very long before we know - PSU's biggest games are in the beginning of the season (or at least "on paper biggest").

Let's go State!

News from Big Ten Media Day

ESPN.com - NCF - Another decade for JoePa?


More Preseason Press

Posluszny Selected Big Ten Pre-season Defensive Player of the Year - GoPSUsports.com

When asked for comment (in my imaginary press conference), Mr. Posluszny remarked "while it is a great honor to be recognized, it's the play on the field that really matters. But yeah, Troy Smith is offensive."



Per the Tailgating Coordinator

Hey Alumni,

Just a reminder: If would like to see the games that we are tailgating, single game alumni tickets are going on sale at 1000 hrs June 30. You can only get tickets thru http://www.GoPSUsports.com There is a limit of two tickets for the Saturday, Oct. 21 Homecoming battle with Illinois. Tickets are selling out fast, so be sure to get them now.

I also have 2 tickets to sit with Johnny (AKA Chris F) and I in section WCU for $50 each. Let me know if you'd like to sit with us.

Our 2006 tailgates are :
09-30-2006 Northwestern (Oktoberfest tailgate)
10-21-2006 Illinois (Homecoming)

I also still have hotel rooms for the games we are tailgating. The sooner you let me know, the more likely we'll still have space.

More info can be found at http://dieseltailgate.no-ip.org/pennstate_tailgate_plan.html

For the Glory,


That other Football

Posting this because of the tennis connection and it for some reason makes me happy knowing that Steffi Graff now knows about Penn State....

Steffi Graff with PSU soccer coaches Marlon LeBlanc and Barry Gorman (on trip to 2006 World Cup)

Still smart

GoPSUsports.com - More Than 40 Members of Penn State Football Team Earn 3.0 GPA During Spring Semester

12 kids on the Dean's List - for those who don't remember - PSU's dean's list is 3.5 - not rolling like many other schools.

Posluszny on Nagurski watch list



I'm so stinkin' competitive

the fellas at EDSBS linked to a guy (a Georgia Tech guy, mind you) who is ranking the college football conferences by strength of Mascots. An admirable concept, but I feel that much of his analysis falls off the mark. And, for as biased as I am regarding the furry fellows who follow the football faithful, I got all annoyed with the as yet to be written critique of the Nittany Lion (just assumption, based on the dude's write-ups of the ACC mascots - how on earth can anyone from the ACC have any respect for FSU? how?). But it's okay to disagree; if it weren't for dissent we would all still be having kippers for breakfast.


Let the memory live again - 1986

PSU had gone undefeated in 1985 but came up short against Oklahoma in the Orange Bowl championship game. In 1986 PSU repeated the undefeated regular season but entered the 1987 Fiesta Bowl as huge underdogs against the #1 Miami Hurricanes. No one, especially not Heisman Trophy winner, Vinny Testaverde (are you seeing a trend here?), or coach Jimmy Johnson gave Penn State a snowball's chance in Tempe.

But the Lions kept their cool, both on and off the field and defeated UM 14 - 10. Testeverde threw 5 interceptions and the Lions defense forced 2 fumbles. John Shaffer and DJ Dozier scored for PSU.

Late in the 4th quarter, Miami pieced together a drive down to the Lions' 5 yard line. The Hurricane defense had been tearing up the field, but Johnson chose to throw. Testaverde was sacked and then they had to put it up. With time ticking away, Vinny threw the ball into a sea of white jerseys. Pete Giftopoulos stepped in front of the ball, sealing the Lions' victory. The Lions had slayed the giant and won their 2nd National Championship.

Misty watercolored memories.... 1982

I've been compiling some prose for the website - so I thought I'd post it here as well. Right now I'm working on the "football" section of the site - with recaps from memorable games and seasons.

Here's 1982....

PSU’s first National Championship followed the 1982 season. The Lions had played for the National Championship in January 1979, but fell short against Alabama and the Bear. In 1981 PSU had spent time ranked #1 but finished the season with 2 losses (Miami, and yes, Alabama).

In 1982 PSU had big hopes but once again lost to Bama; I remember, I was at a friend’s birthday party; when we returned from the roller skating rink, her dad had the game on TV - I couldn’t believe that PSU had lost, and I knew that my Dad would be devastated. I got to go to one game that season - the slaughtering of NC State - it was a good afternoon. With 1 loss, the Lions climbed back up in the rankings and finished the regular season ranked #2. They met the #1 Georgia Bulldogs, coached by Vince Dooley and featuring Heisman Trophy winner Hershel Walker, in the 1983 Sugar Bowl. The Bulldogs were the odds on favorite to win the National Title.

Led by Todd Blackledge, Curt Warner, Kenny Jackson, Harry Hamilton, Mark Robinson, Scott Radisec, Greg Garrity and many others, the Lions played with tons of heart and determination and won the game 27 - 23. Garrity scored the "stay ahead" touchdown with a now immortal layout leap into the endzone. Penn State had won the ball game; Penn State was the National Champion.

I remember being overwhelmed by it all. I was old enough to remember the disappointment of the last Sugar Bowl - and the kids just put together such a fantastic game. Dad had turned on the radio (no delay back in those days) to hear the end of the game, announced by Fran Fisher. There’s nothing like hearing a completely biased announcer call the last seconds of a championship win (no matter what sport) -

Soon after the game, we went outside - it was cold and clear and you could hear cheering and horns honking all around. After all those years of winning and yet waiting, Penn State had won the Championship, ironically, with a non-undefeated team!

They had a parade in State College a week or so later. It was snowing like crazy but Dad and I went downtown, all bundled up to cheer the victors.


Preseason "honors" start rolling in

GoPSUsports.com - Seven Lions Named Preseason All-Big Ten, Three All-American By The Sporting News

I'm the first person to applaud when PSU players are recognized nationally - but all this pre-season stuff makes me nervous. PSU has some very gifted/talented kids returning to the squad this year - but it really means nothing if they can't make it work on the field. The 2006 season is tough - and it's tough early and it's tough away from University Park. The Lions and their new starting quarterback are going to have to show a lot of fortitude early, and on the road.

I'm thrilled that the kids are getting some recognition - but many of the kids they'll be seeing across the field are as well.



GoPSUsports.com - Men's Volleyball Stuns No. 1 UC-Irvine, 3-2; Nittany Lions Meet UCLA in National Championship Match Saturday

Championship game at Rec Hall at 7pm. It's a story-book scenario - NCAA championships held at University Park and 4th seed Penn State gets through to the final -


Schwarzenegger wants two NFL teams in Los Angeles area - NFL - Yahoo! Sports

Schwarzenegger wants two NFL teams in Los Angeles area - NFL - Yahoo! Sports

Baby steps Arnie, baby steps. You want the Eagles?

3 PSUers sign NFL contracts

GoPSUsports.com Interestingly, none of them are the kids who were drafted this past weekend.

Defensive tackle Scott Paxson and tight end Isaac Smolko have signed with the Super Bowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers. Cornerback Anwar Phillips has signed with the New Orleans Saints.

I hope that Scotty can turn things around. I think he's a very talented football player - I wish him luck - as I do all of the Penn Staters!

49ers select PSU's Robinson - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

49ers select PSU's Robinson - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Penn State renews draft presence - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Penn State renews draft presence - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review


Perhaps it's a little morbid -

but it's really special too - and somewhat the genesis of all we now do. The phrase "To the Lion" is what my dad (and his cronies) used to say after every PSU score - they'd raise their respective glass(es) and toast the team. It was the most consistent and personal PSUism that I could remember my father uttering. When Pop passed away, suddenly, in 1999, my mother and I found ourselves confronted with many decisions and choices to make in a very short time. One such choice was if we wanted any special message on his grave marker (I warned you this was morbid) - my mom looked at me and asked "Fight on State?" - I half smiled and said "To the Lion".

Since then, "To the Lion" has been my Penn State motto, moniker, etc. When PSU was selling "bricks" for the new addition to the stadium, I bought one for Dad, complete with the slogan, "To the Lion" (see photo). We have, subsequently, named our tailgate, website and blogs accordingly. Slowly, but surely, we are branding ourselves with accessories (both tailgating and apparel) sporting the slogan.