Penn State Recruiting Class continues to grow

Penn State has had a good week - and Penn State had a GREAT night last night.

4 big time recruits committed to PSU this week - 2 OL (Logan-EL and Walton) - 1 DT (Taylor) and, as you may have seen on TV, local boy, Pat Devlin (QB), backed off of his commitment to U miami (we have Larry Coker and his golden guillotine to thank for this one).

PSU is sweeping up in the state of maryland (thank you Dwill) - of the 25 top recruits coming out of that state, Penn State has 7; actually, they have 7 of the top 10 (1,3,5-9).

Depending on whether you read Rivals or Scout - PSU has the 5th or 6th recruiting class in the country.

There are a few more whispers in the wind about some other "re-commits" = we'll have to see -

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