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As you know (I'm assuming), I am the moderator of the Sports Forum at Phillyblog.com - We have a great thread going about PSU Football. I was (I admit) a little tentative about starting a PSU thread in a Philadelphia forum - those fans are tough - but another poster (after an off-board tet-a-tet) started the thread last summer and it's been great. As with this blog, it's fun to go back and see what I (and others) wrote back in the late summer/early fall and how our sentiments shifted as the season progressed.

As you can only imagine, I have dominated the postings on the thread - I can't help myself.

ANYWAY - my "signature" on Phillyblog has been (since mid-season) the following:

Ivan: My first question: Can you spell Posluszny?
Pat: No I cannot. But I can spell Paterno. We've had 40 years of practice. It's very relevant again.
Ivan: It's P-O-S-L-U-S-Z-N-Y. Pronounced: Con-lan, or Ar-ring-ton. --Ivan Maisel and Pat Forde, ESPN.com

I'm thinking of changing it (gasp! horrors!) - but I couldn't bear the idea of it just evaporating into the internet ether - so I wanted to "immortalize" it here.

With the announcement of Posluzny's return for his senior year, I hate to change it - but I can keep it ready for September!!!

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