What would the off season be without some bellyaching?

I just read an article on ESPN.com about the addition of the 12th game to the NCAA schedule - and the dilemma of scheduling with, realistically, 13 weeks of "regular" season (Labor Day weekend - the end of November) - The big ten has already announced that many teams will probably "lose" their bye week as a result. Last season, PSU and Wisconsin did not have their bye weeks until the very end of the season.

Anyway, in the article they mentioned that Syracuse and Rutgers are still both looking for a 12th game opponent for this season. This is interesting to me in that PSU was, reportedly, scrambling to find a replacement for vacancy left when LA Tech had to back out - and the only team they could schedule was the Div I - AA Penguins of Youngstown State? Now I know that the vacancies on the teams' schedules were not "perfect matches" - but it just seems like PSU didn't try VERY hard to get a I-A opponent. That really disappoints me = I usually take great pride in discounting the achievements of teams in conferences such as, say, the Big 12, by listing among their opponents St. Mary's School for Blind Nuns - but I'm going to have to keep mum this season. I am so not looking forward the "death march of the penguins" (you so know that's what it's going to be) pins at the Youngstown St. game.

The 'cuse is rebuilding and the scarlet knights had a heck of a season last year (so should have won their bowl game - talk about biased officials!)

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