The Watch Lists have begun

GoPSUsports.com - Brown and Posulszny named to preseason watchlists

I had to laugh. Last year, when the watch lists started coming out we were so excited that anyone would even consider recognizing the kids on the PSU squad. I can remember reading the names, most notably, Michael Robinson, and thinking, "yeah, but just wait until the season starts".

The 2005 football season was a gift for PSU fans. Even the most optimistic of us couldn't have (seriously) dreamed it would turn out the way it did. 2006 is going to be tough - PSU has some big games early. It'll be exciting - nerve wracking - but exciting.

Paterno & Grier Among NCAA’s “100 Most Influential Student Athletes"

GoPSUSports.com Joe Paterno and Rosey Grier have been named to the NCAA's list of individuals who have had a significant impact on their schools and/or society.

Check out the whole article through the link above.


These kids showed a lot of heart

PSU basketball team invited to NIT - hosts Rutgers Tuesday

The PSU basketball team slugged out a pretty good season this year, considering how young they are and they improved to 6 conference wins (compared to the 1 win last year).

They made it to the Big Ten Tournament and really tested Ohio State in the quarterfinal game - OSU had to rally late in the game to get the win.

The winner of Tuesday's game faces St. Joe's in Philadelphia. If PSU makes it to that game - the place will be packed!