Quarterbacks in dogfight for No. 2 role behind Morelli

Centre Daily TimesQuarterbacks in dogfight for No. 2 role behind Morelli

The Suheys are legendary in State College (not just Penn State) - everyone knows the name, and everyone has a "Suhey story" - I don't, really - other than seeing Matt Suhey cry after the loss to Bama in the 78 Sugar Bowl cemented my adoration for college football.

My mom taught Paul Suhey (Kevin's dad) at church school. My cousin gave Matt Suhey detention when he was in high school (great story). And so on...

Cianciolo (Paul) has actually seen game time and gone up against the PSU #1 defense - I know nothing/very little about Clark.

Back up quarterbacks are almost always a controversy at PSU - this is so not new.

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