Oktoberfest 2006

We leave tonight for state college - big tailgate planned and big ten home opener. If you'll be in HV for the game - you should stop by the tailgate - it's going to be a blast! Check out the website and/or tailgating blog for details.



Look, I'll admit it -

that osu game hit me hard...

See, I went into the nd game, as a fan, thinking we could win; I went into the osu game hoping we wouldn't get blown out and/or hurt (bad history with that at the horseshoe). So then, when the Lions were driving, and holding the chestnuts offense (okay, we couldn't score for anything, but) and at half time it was 3-0 - I starting thinking, maybe, just maybe we'd have a chance.

I can only imagine how the kids feel about all of the red zone meltdowns this season - cause I feel awful.

Now that we're into the big ten schedule - the games just aren't going to get easy (okay, maybe that non-conf Temple game) - every week is a test in the big ten - this team needs to get ready.

I'm glad that Tony Hunt had a better game - but there's little point in "opening up" the running game if you don't back it up with quality passing. I was a little afraid that Butler and Norwood had missed the plane to ohio - or maybe they were helping Joe in the loo or they were wearing their invisible body paint (and uniforms) again.

northwestern has had a tough season/year all ready - but they're going to come into beaver stadium and give it their all - again, this team needs to get ready.

Kap Kap Kapinos!

GoPSUsports.com - Kapinos Earns Big Ten Special Teams Player of the Week Honor

Kappy was my Player of the Game - no "special" qualification needed. "That was a HECK of a kick!"

And you thought the Tax Code was complicated....

GoPSUsports.com - Penn State-Minnesota Football Game Set for 12:00 p.m. ET Kickoff on Oct. 7

BUT! the game still might be rescheduled AND there's no determination yet as to which of the ESPNs will broadcast the game AND if it is rescheduled, the TV coverage is TBA....


Look, I'll admit it -

That nd game really hit me hard. It's amazing how quickly you can get back in the habit of "winning" - not that I was ever satisfied or complacent during the "low years" but we had learned to focus on other aspects of the game - individual records, tailgating, developing really thick skin - and then by the end of the 2005 season, it's as if we all (the PSU football team and community) shed our skin and began anew - I should have known that new skin is tender and easily bruised - but I wasn't ready. As a result I've been avoiding talking (thinking) about the nd game. um beating them last week mitigated the pain, just slightly - I knew they were beatable - and I think they still are.

We had a "revenue" game last week against youngstown state - PSU won pretty handily - it was a little tense when the first quarter ended in a scoreless tie - but the team came around. I sit in seats which are very close to the the away team section - the ysu fans were (especially after we started winning) really good sports and great fans - however there were a few obnoxious reminders of tasks down the road - One ysu fan in front of me kept waving an osu sweatshirt (in homage, I'm assuming, to the schools' respective relationships with coach tressel - and not, as I suggested at the game, to the flurry of dateline, nbc "to catch a predator" perps sporting tosu garb) - which just made my blood boil.

I didn't post before the nd game, because I had (only the 2nd time - and last - that season) posted specifically about the PSU um matchup last season and quickly dubbed it a cursing event - maybe not.

Anyway - the game this week is huge. tosu is ranked #1 in the country and is most pundits' pick for national champion. I don't know how the season is going to end - I just know that PSU has a lot of things to work on before they're going to be competitive with the osu I've read/heard about - but it doesn't stop us from believing, dreaming and remembering that it can happen.

My all-time lifetime favorite game (although I really only remember one play) is the 1981 PSU v pittsburgh match up at pitt. pitt went into the game (last game of the season) ranked #1, danny marino was everyone's favorite for the heisman and it was coach sherrill's birthday. The Lions walked in and won the game, 48 - 14. The play I remember so well was a Blackledge pass to Kenny Jackson (who was, at the time, just a sophomore - hmmmmmmm junior quarterback....). Kenny caught the ball, pirouetted around the defender and ran for a touchdown. I was at home watching the game with my mom as Dad was at the game. I spent the rest of the day reenacting the play and twirling around the house. Just goes to show - it can happen.

Where's the ball!?!?!

I can see it in his visor!

Photo from GoPSUsports.com


No. 2 quarterback passing his tests - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

No. 2 quarterback passing his tests - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Penn State-Minnesota Football Game May Be Rescheduled Due to Potential Facility Conflict

GoPSUsports.com - Game will be played on Oct 7 or Nov 25

It all rests on the Twins - if they win their division, and don't have to play in the wild card playoff - no conflict and we play on the 7th (as scheduled) - if they don't make the playoffs - no conflict, and we play on the 7th. If they're in the wild card (ie, win the wild card or are the division winner with the 3rd best record) playoff - conflict in the Metrodome, and we play on Nov. 25th.

Craziness? yes. But I'm thinking that there isn't any big tv contract (gosh I'm getting paranoid about that) tying them down to one date. They should just reschedule to the 25th and let people make plans. No, it's not (just) because that would give us a bye week before Michigan...Hey, I'd be able to go down to the Linc and watch the Temple / Kent State game!


PSU notebook: Kinlaw backs up Hunt - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

PSU notebook: Kinlaw backs up Hunt - pittsburghlive.com

Joe Pa on CBS News

GoPSUsports.com - Joe Paterno on CBS news tonight September 13th

Joe got bumped last week so the story is supposed to run tonight - A little air out of the sails after last week's game - but still a good "piece"

That is, assuming that Brittany's new baby doesn't bump the story.

PENN STATE v youngstown state

The Lions host the youngstown state penguins this Saturday (September 16th) at Beaver Stadium. Kick off is at 3:30pm. The game will be televised on ESPNU.

Check 2theLion.com (and the Tailgating blog) for details regarding this week's tailgate.

Paterno warns of impending threat - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Pittsburghlive.com - Paterno says don't overlook the Penguins - and all is not lost

In his press conference, transcript link below, Joe reminded everyone of the 1982 season when PSU got drubbed by Bama but came back to win the rest of their games (and the NC, btw) - That game's lopsided (42-21) score was, similarly, not a true reflection of the play on the field - the game was rather competitive - until the tide blocked a punt - That was a sad day, but they rebounded.

U football: Penn State game remains in limbo

StarTribune.com - U football: Penn State game remains in limbo

The scheduled November 7th game might be postponed (or moved ahead) due to the Minnesota Twins playoff schedule. Although the baseball standings are yet to be decided, the schools are trying to make a decision now so that fans can make travel plans.

The options are to either play on Thursday (Oct 5th) - which, reportedly is "out of the question" - or add a game at the end of the season (Nov. 25th).

This could result in the Lions having an unscheduled bye week before the Michigan game - apparently Lloyd Carr will be upset about this (hey, you got your 2 seconds, let us have our weekend) -

Joe said in the preseason that the 12 game schedule is bad for the student athlete - he said that they usually used the bye week for the kids to catch up on their studies and exams - of course the NCAA has no concerns about the rule change -


Joe Paterno Press Conference

GoPSUsports.com - Paterno press conference transcript

PSU v ysu Game Notes


click above for links to game notes and updated statistics; files are in PDF format.


I don't know what we did wrong

But we obviously messed up.

On Saturday I wore all blue and white- underclothes included. I was careful to avoid any yellow, gold, khaki, orange, etc stitching, accents, clothing tags -

I was thinking positive thoughts - humble even. I didn't predict an outcome or even talk about it on the internet.

We were at one location and then left - trying to alter the mojo.

I was wearing different clothes from the first game - (the clothes worn on saturday will always be tainted)

There were times, during the game that I didn't pay as close attention as I should have - but nothing to warrant such a score.

We'll get 'em next time -

Hopefully I can get my wardrobe figured out by the 23rd - if it means I have to wear my rain gear every week...

game time for PENN STATE osu game

GoPSUsports.com - PSU/osu kickoff at 3:30pm

Sept 23rd game to be televised on ABC.

Game Notes

GoPSUsports.com - game notes - not sure why you'd want to relive it, but here they are


If you are lucky enough

to be going to the game this weekend - you know what I'm talking about - PSU is encouraging you to wear white as our unifying color. Away game white out -


Paterno to be Featured on Thursday's CBS Evening News

JoePa and Katie Coric - together at last



The fellas over at EDSBS (Everydayshouldbesaturday.com) have posted the contact information for the NCAA Rules Committee Liaison - if you want to protest the new rules - this is the guy to email, fax and/or send a strippergram.

It's such a bow to television - yeah, let's change the game instead of the outside forces. Have on screen advertising, shorter advertising breaks whatever - but don't mess with the game!

Fabulous Photo

This one is great - not only is Norwood awesome, but Paterno is in the background and the one Akron defender (the one with the braids) looks like he's going to take off flying. (from GoPSUsports.com)

Paterno prefers not to reminisce about classic PSU-Irish games

Paterno prefers not to reminisce about classic PSU-Irish games

Penn State issues blackout order - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Penn State issues blackout order - pittsburghlive.com

Joe Paterno Press Conference

GoPSUsports.com -


Penn State-Notre Dame Game Notes

GoPSUsports.com - Penn State-Notre Dame Game Notes

It's you football, it's really you

And so it begins.

Penn State football - 2006. I kept having to remind myself that it was September 2nd, and not November - the weather was probably as bad as it could be for an opening game (unless you play at Alaksa State) -

Donned in full rain gear - rubber bib overalls - it's just about as attractive as one can get - we made our way into Beaver Stadium early (yes, early - we did tailgate - but more about that later on the tailgate blog) - we got to see the players warming up, and hear the band (from the south end seats - no marching on the wet turf!), and sing the songs ("when we stood at boyhood's gate...") - and FINALLY it was game time.

PSU started out on defense, the first campaign (if you will) was fine - it always takes a few plays (at least it does for PSU defenses) to get acclimated and in sync - PSU's offense got the ball back - 2 good running plays and then, Morelli lets loose this rocket, aimed at the south endzone, where Deon Butler is patiently waiting to make his first reception and touchdown of the 2006 season - puddled rain off of ponchos and jackets splatters everywhere in the stands. It was a great start.

All in all the team looked pretty good. It was a miserable day - the rain never let up - and there was some sloppiness.

Posluszny was pretty quiet - he had maybe 3-4 tackles - but Akron ran every play away from him. Other members of the defense stepped up big time. Danny Connor had a breakout performance - 13 tackles (enough to win B10 Defensive Player of the Week honors), Sean Lee was swarming - they got to Getsy, the Zips touted QB a few times.

But the defense wasn't all good. Getsy is a talented and experienced guy; he was able to audible and change up plays to get yardage when it appeared the D had him wrapped up. Their running back, Kennedy, was all over the field - I'm really not sure that any other Zips made the trip. Defensive coverage on 4th down was nonexistent - I don't know if they were confused or unfocused - but that was not good. And then there was the secondary - young, yes, but they got in a few good hits and (the new) #7 Anthony Scirrotto had a good outing - he delivered some hard hits and had an interception. Justin King did not look sharp - I don't know if we have unrealistic expectations for him - but he reminded more of a former wearer of his new jersey number than that kid who played so valiantly last season - no arm tackles, no running toward the play, on one Akron reception he was 5 yards away from and had his back to the receiver. This will not do.

Morelli had a great opener - considering the weather, his 206 yards and 3 touchdown passes and clean pants at the end of the game are even more impressive - He surprised me; I admit it. Norwood renewed his tenure as the go to guy, getting yardage, first downs and (his first) touchdowns when needed. This kid is fast (they all are; it's great) and he ran some routes down and across the middle that were fantastic. All of the receivers looked sharp - TG (Terrell Golden) had a nice catch, but he paid for it - limping off the field - and Freshman Chris Bell had his first career reception.

But, there's always a but... Morelli looked sharp, yes. But that doesn't mean he wasn't pressured - and there was no run blocking - poor Tony Hunt was caught in the backfield time and time again - he had a few good runs, and a great touchdown run - but the rest of his day was dismal. The offense had a little trouble with the new clock rules - hopefully that will even out - By the end of the game Morelli looked a little scripted - he has talented receivers who saved a few would be interceptions -

Special teams need to get better - immediately - the coverage on kicks was not good. There were few botched plays, such as Jason Ganters stumble on a fake field goal attempt (and a fumbled snap) - but I'm going to give the field and weather a little credit on that - AJ Wallace made his debut in a big way with some outstanding kickoff returns; sadly, one of them resulted in a fumble - but hey, he's baby. The kicking was pretty good - Kelly was solid from a variety of distances, and, again, in crap weather. Kapinos was fine - I expect him to be a key player this season -

Akron was a good opener, and the weather was a good test. This week's game is huge. No speculation here - just some hopes that the front 2 lines (what ever configuration they may appear in) keep up the intensity and that the D backs bring it - some hopes that the O-line continues to jell and opens up some running lanes.

2 the Lion!

Centre Daily Times - Questions remain after PSU opener

Centredaily.com | 09/04/2006 | Questions remain after PSU opener

Upper St. Clair's Lee forces a change in PSU's defense

postgazelle.com - Upper St. Clair's Lee forces a change in PSU's defense

Nittany Lions eager to challenge Fighting Irish - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Nittany Lions eager to challenge Fighting Irish - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Morelli soars to dream start - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Morelli soars to dream start - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

PSU notebook: Defense shows new look - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

PSU notebook: Defense shows new look - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Penn State spotlight - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Penn State spotlight - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

No. 19 Penn State 34, Akron 16 - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

No. 19 Penn State 34, Akron 16 - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Connor Earns Big Ten Defensive Player of the Week

GoPSUsports.com - Connor wins honor after 13 tackle outing: "Connor Earns Big Ten Defensive Player of the Week"

Nittany Lions Zip Up Opening Day Win Over Akron, 34-16

GoPSUsports.com - Game Notes, Quotes from Coaches and more