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That nd game really hit me hard. It's amazing how quickly you can get back in the habit of "winning" - not that I was ever satisfied or complacent during the "low years" but we had learned to focus on other aspects of the game - individual records, tailgating, developing really thick skin - and then by the end of the 2005 season, it's as if we all (the PSU football team and community) shed our skin and began anew - I should have known that new skin is tender and easily bruised - but I wasn't ready. As a result I've been avoiding talking (thinking) about the nd game. um beating them last week mitigated the pain, just slightly - I knew they were beatable - and I think they still are.

We had a "revenue" game last week against youngstown state - PSU won pretty handily - it was a little tense when the first quarter ended in a scoreless tie - but the team came around. I sit in seats which are very close to the the away team section - the ysu fans were (especially after we started winning) really good sports and great fans - however there were a few obnoxious reminders of tasks down the road - One ysu fan in front of me kept waving an osu sweatshirt (in homage, I'm assuming, to the schools' respective relationships with coach tressel - and not, as I suggested at the game, to the flurry of dateline, nbc "to catch a predator" perps sporting tosu garb) - which just made my blood boil.

I didn't post before the nd game, because I had (only the 2nd time - and last - that season) posted specifically about the PSU um matchup last season and quickly dubbed it a cursing event - maybe not.

Anyway - the game this week is huge. tosu is ranked #1 in the country and is most pundits' pick for national champion. I don't know how the season is going to end - I just know that PSU has a lot of things to work on before they're going to be competitive with the osu I've read/heard about - but it doesn't stop us from believing, dreaming and remembering that it can happen.

My all-time lifetime favorite game (although I really only remember one play) is the 1981 PSU v pittsburgh match up at pitt. pitt went into the game (last game of the season) ranked #1, danny marino was everyone's favorite for the heisman and it was coach sherrill's birthday. The Lions walked in and won the game, 48 - 14. The play I remember so well was a Blackledge pass to Kenny Jackson (who was, at the time, just a sophomore - hmmmmmmm junior quarterback....). Kenny caught the ball, pirouetted around the defender and ran for a touchdown. I was at home watching the game with my mom as Dad was at the game. I spent the rest of the day reenacting the play and twirling around the house. Just goes to show - it can happen.

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PSU-Pitt '81 is one of my all-time favorites, too. Back when the PSU-Pitt game was on Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. I was 12. I remember being bummed because we were down 14-0, then I remember Kenny Jackson's catch and pirouette (and reenacting it in my grandma's family room over and over and over). I also seem to remember one of my favorite PSU names, Chet Parlavecchio, having a pretty dominating performance. Sweet memories. 25 years. Yikes.