Look, I'll admit it -

that osu game hit me hard...

See, I went into the nd game, as a fan, thinking we could win; I went into the osu game hoping we wouldn't get blown out and/or hurt (bad history with that at the horseshoe). So then, when the Lions were driving, and holding the chestnuts offense (okay, we couldn't score for anything, but) and at half time it was 3-0 - I starting thinking, maybe, just maybe we'd have a chance.

I can only imagine how the kids feel about all of the red zone meltdowns this season - cause I feel awful.

Now that we're into the big ten schedule - the games just aren't going to get easy (okay, maybe that non-conf Temple game) - every week is a test in the big ten - this team needs to get ready.

I'm glad that Tony Hunt had a better game - but there's little point in "opening up" the running game if you don't back it up with quality passing. I was a little afraid that Butler and Norwood had missed the plane to ohio - or maybe they were helping Joe in the loo or they were wearing their invisible body paint (and uniforms) again.

northwestern has had a tough season/year all ready - but they're going to come into beaver stadium and give it their all - again, this team needs to get ready.

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JB said...

Teams are scheming for the fact that Morelli is inexperienced by putting pressure on the quarterback and making sure everyone gets a fist in the air. Morelli is not doing the best job checking down to other receivers. The staff hasn't been running a lot of plays to take the pressure off of Morelli and get our playmakers involved(BUBBLE SCREEN!).