Penn State-Minnesota Football Game May Be Rescheduled Due to Potential Facility Conflict

GoPSUsports.com - Game will be played on Oct 7 or Nov 25

It all rests on the Twins - if they win their division, and don't have to play in the wild card playoff - no conflict and we play on the 7th (as scheduled) - if they don't make the playoffs - no conflict, and we play on the 7th. If they're in the wild card (ie, win the wild card or are the division winner with the 3rd best record) playoff - conflict in the Metrodome, and we play on Nov. 25th.

Craziness? yes. But I'm thinking that there isn't any big tv contract (gosh I'm getting paranoid about that) tying them down to one date. They should just reschedule to the 25th and let people make plans. No, it's not (just) because that would give us a bye week before Michigan...Hey, I'd be able to go down to the Linc and watch the Temple / Kent State game!

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