U football: Penn State game remains in limbo

StarTribune.com - U football: Penn State game remains in limbo

The scheduled November 7th game might be postponed (or moved ahead) due to the Minnesota Twins playoff schedule. Although the baseball standings are yet to be decided, the schools are trying to make a decision now so that fans can make travel plans.

The options are to either play on Thursday (Oct 5th) - which, reportedly is "out of the question" - or add a game at the end of the season (Nov. 25th).

This could result in the Lions having an unscheduled bye week before the Michigan game - apparently Lloyd Carr will be upset about this (hey, you got your 2 seconds, let us have our weekend) -

Joe said in the preseason that the 12 game schedule is bad for the student athlete - he said that they usually used the bye week for the kids to catch up on their studies and exams - of course the NCAA has no concerns about the rule change -

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