I'll admit it

That Michigan game... well, it really didn't hit me as hard as the nd and tosu games - perhaps you don't feel the third kick in the teeth as acutely as the first two.

Ironically, this is the one of the three where PSU actually had a legitimate chance to tie/win. The game was close - a few loose plays by the PSU defense gave UM a 2 touchdown lead, and then Tony Hunt broke free on a routine screen - and brought the Lions back within a touchdown. The PSU defense stood tall - well, Lloyd Carr got super conservative and stupid and gave the ball back to the Lions with about a minute left on the clock - sounds like the beginning of a great comeback story, but it isn't. The offense did nothing with their gifted opportunity and turned the ball over on downs.

Jeremy Kapinos continues to be the star of the team - his punting is the one factor that has kept PSU in the tight games. And please, for the love of puppies and kittens, Throw the ball to Butler!

PSU's inability to score points is more and more alarming - it's not like last year where if the Lions missed a scoring opportunity we thought, ehh, they'll get points next time - because this year there isn't a "next time" - the sustained quality drive is not an attribute of this year's team - to not capitalize when they do get within range is crippling/fatal.

The Defense, while impressively holding um to 17 points (and none in the 1st quarter), did not "create" much - they never "got to" Chad Henne - when your offense is floundering, the defense has to step up and make things happen, if not score the points themselves.

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