beat the badgers

I like wisconsin fans - they're probably my favorite "not us" fans right now. This sentiment has been developed over the years. The folks I know who graduated from uw are, generally, swell folks and I love hearing stories about wearing bib overalls and dancing in the stands (I attribute much of their method to the frightfully cold weather). The last 2 home wisconsin games have given us the opportunity to meet and visit with other alums, all of whom have been a lot of fun and "good fans".

Penn State travels out to Madison this weekend to face wisconsin. The badgers currently boast a record of 8-1 with their lone loss coming at the hands of the wolverines. They have an excellent running back, a 14th year (or so it would seem) senior quarterback, a big o-line and a very good defense. Compared to Penn State, which I would say has a good running back, a rookie quarterback, a young o-line and a good defense.

And, it's supposed to be rainy and chilly (well, chilly by our pampered Pennsylvania standards).

The Lion Offense must be able to piece together decent, sustained drives, resulting in points on the board - giving the defense time to re-group -

As always, I think that PSU has a chance to win the game. With only 3 games left in the season it's about time that they settled down and came together as a team - the play (and the play calling) has been very disjointed to date - but they have the talent to be a good team - it's just a matter of execution and utilization. It's the PSU coaches who have to step up and make it work -

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