Give credit where credit is due

My mother takes full responsibility for the PSU win. We have an ancient tradition in my parents' home that before a PSU game one family member yells "Who's gonna win?" and the others respond "Penn State!" (must be repeated twice, followed by "Let's go State!") - well, she's been ill this past week and was sleeping when we left for the game on Saturday morning (6am) - so, although I said "who's gonna win" (fully aware that she was still in bed) there was no response. I couldn't get ahold of her before or during the first half of the game - but early in the second half she answered and I chanted into the phone "who's gonna win?" - and then they did.

She called me Sunday night and said "just one thing. Did I singlehandedly win that game yesterday?"

Yes, Mother. Yes, you did.

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