How will the 2006 season be remembered?

With the passing of legendary coach, Bo Schembechler, as we prepare to wish farewell to the Penn State Seniors - I feeling a little introspective about football 2006.

We came into the season with some cautious optimism -Posluszny assured us that he was 100% recovered from his Orange Bowl injury; recruiting had gone well in the spring bringing in some more speedsters, OL candidates and more - Morelli looked decent in the rain soaked Blue White game.

As far as the newbies have gone - we've seen Chris Bell, Maurice Evans, Andrew Quarless, AJ Wallace in games and get their names called over the PA system. Morelli made Quarless his go-to guy for a few games.

One thing I will say - the field has kept up beautifully this season - through all of the bad weather, it still looks fresh and clean.

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