Joe will not coach

Joe Paterno will not coach this Saturday against Temple - his doctor(s) advised that the best course of action would be for him to remain in the hospital or at a rehab center to ensure that his leg remains elevated and, primarily, to avoid blood clots. Joe made the official decision today so that the focus could move away from him and center on football. The doctors had stated that the only way Coach Paterno would have been able to coach on Saturday would have been from the press box and that he will not be on the sideline again this season (which isn't too surprising considering that next week is the last regular season game).

We here at 2theLion take blood clots very seriously (as should we all), and we understand Coach Paterno's desire for the team, coaches, media and fans to concentrate on the game, and not him. However, it will be odd being in the stadium without Joe's being there. I'm old enough to remember when Joe didn't make the trip to Syracuse in 1977 after his son suffered a head injury - that's a 30 year old memory of a little girl - it was weird then - it's still weird today.

We all wish Coach Paterno a speedy recovery and all the best.

That said we also hope that the Lions can get geared up to play Temple this weekend and give Joe something to smile about as he enjoys the stadium view from his hospital bed.

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