So, that wisconson game...

...really hit Joe hard. If you've seen the footage from the game, you know how painful/horrific the hit looked. Joe's a trooper though, he tried to keep standing but was eventually helped to the bench and then went to the locker room to be checked out.

These aren't the problems of a 79 year old - this would have happened to anyone standing there and Joe's lucky that he wasn't more seriously injured (dude is fit) - if he hadn't been hurt earlier in the season (broken ribs) he'd of been in even better shape and I'll bet the uw kid would've had a concussion.

Regardless, Joe has had surgery and, reportedly, is doing well. He's a scrappy guy - you've got to give him that.

And yeah Craig James, thank goodness Joe did take his Geritol (do they even make Geritol anymore?) on Saturday. I didn't hear James' comments first hand on Saturday - but I did get to hear his apology - which was very odd - I said "what on earth did he say, to warrant such a comment?" - So, he called Joe an "old fart" - as many have pointed out, he is an old fart - but I think it was more his delivery "way to stick it to the old fart" (speaking of wisconsin's 'brilliant' abuse of the new clock rules) - I'd have been po'd if he'd said "way to stick it to the fabulously intelligent, more fit than I'll ever be, Saint Joe" - first of all, Mr. James, we know you hate Penn State, you have since you were in college (talk about sour grapes); you have been blatantly not a fan through out your commentating career; you said, just last week (again, on camera), that you "just don't like Penn State" - but please, don't kid yourself that Joe Paterno was "fooled" by anyone - Joe himself is the one who said to the press, and the big ten, before the season started that the new rule about the kicking game could be exploited - and I really don't care if you jumped on the Penn State bandwagon last year - or if you believe you were the "voice of reason" in the low years - you just wanted to disagree with PSU fans - we're so silly - why would we want to replace Joe, the old fart?

Why does one announcer get suspended for calling himself "gay" - but all Craig has to do is make an extremely defensive "i didn't do anything wrong" statement on air?

It's the pattern of biased broadcasting that is distasteful. The articles about this have been few - and none on the major sports outlets - Penn State fans are helpless, even if PSU as an institution would want to be outraged (which they won't), because of the ABC/ESPN big ten tv contract - it's not like we'll stop watching (is it?).

In other regards, the Lions, again looked flat and were completely ineffective on offense. It's a bad loss - it's a 2004 type loss. Something has to change.

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