ESPN poll about BCS

ESPN.com has a poll regarding the BCS results - I participated - and below is a snip of the answers (my choices were the #1 answers on each of these questions) - I find the result of #8 to be rather impressive (and #7 rather interesting)- are you listening College Football? There were about 150,000 "votes" at the time I took the poll.

6) Which is the best team not playing in a BCS bowl?

34.0% Wisconsin
33.0% Auburn
23.0% Arkansas
10.0% West Virginia

7) Which is the worst team playing in the BCS?

54.4% Notre Dame
23.9% Wake Forest
17.2% Boise State
4.5% Oklahoma

8) Does college football need a playoff system?

90.0% Yes
10.0% No

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