Las Vegas Bowl

I want to clear up a few things about my Oregon prediction. This in no way suggests that I'm actually rooting for the Ducks - it's just that I (ever so slightly) like them better than the BYU Cougars. I do not have a deep set loathing for the Ducks - but they were part of the debacle of 1994- and for that they have been on my "don't root for them unless it can help PSU list" ever since. I'm breaking with that tradition this year because I just can't root for BYU - and Oregon's season has been defined by outrageous officiating - which is something we're familiar with - so I'm giving them the edge on this one.

LAS VEGAS BOWL Las Vegas Dec. 21, 8 p.m. (ESPN)
BYU (10-2) vs. Oregon (7-5) - Cougars vs Ducks. BYU has a nice record - and Oregon suffered the most egregious not nice thing by college football officials this year - but... I really hate Oregon’s uniforms, but... My final choice is Oregon

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