The Night of Knights

While the sports world was watching one Knight, the Scarlet Knights were (on that elusive NFL network) running up and down the field in the Texas Bowl.

It's all so interconnected - Bob Knight, coach at Texas Tech was vying to become the all time winningest coach in NCAA Men's basketball (he didn't) while the Scarlet Knights of Rutgers were playing in the Texas Bowl, vying to complete the greatest season in the school's long (longest) football history with a win (they did). It was a fun game to watch. I gotta say, Rutgers is an excellent team and they looked very poised and ready last night; plus, their red uniforms look really good on TV. R U rah rah! 6-4.

In the other two games, the ill clad golden bears of Cal stomped on the Aggies - 6-5.

and, the OSU (no, the other one) Cowboys washed away the rolling Tide with a last minute field goal - 6-6.

Five games today (it's like New Year's Light) starting at 1pm- and, although it does mark the debut of the Big Ten this Bowl Season, none of the games really tempt me to cut out of work early or to tune away from Days of our Lives (what is EJ going to do????) - But Saturday hosts a few interesting match ups - Navy/BC - Longhorns/Hawkeyes (just for the carnage) - Georgia/VA Tech.

One game on Sunday (Smurf Turf) and then it's New Year's Day and 12 hours of football. Please begin the chilling of the chip dip now.

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