From the mouths of babes...

Yes, babes, as in children...

Our priest's wife (calm down, I'm an Episcopalian) told the story yesterday, after mass, about her son, who is just now following football, and how distraught he was after the Eagles' loss on Saturday - He had asked "what happens now?" They told him "well, they have to come home." He then asked "but when will we see them again?" They answered, "well, August." Reportedly, his face then fell and he began to sob.

Oh, been there champ; been there.

When I told this story to a co-worker, she said that her son (age 4) had asked to watch the Giants (TOTAL BLASPHEMY, I know) on Saturday. His dad told him, "oh no, the Giants are done." He responded by asking "are they dead?"

Yes, sport, they are.

Total jinx/curse disclaimer - if anything happens to any Giant or any variation thereof - I had absolutely nothing to do with it - good karma.

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