It was a pretty great New Year's weekend!

My biased predictions didn't fair too well (I'll tally the carnage in a bit) - but PENN STATE won the Outback Bowl, defeating Tennessee 20 - 10. The Lions played a good game - it wasn't great, but it was good and the Vols' 3 turnovers were pivotal - especially the Tennessee fumble in the 4th quarter which Penn State ran back for a touchdown - the touchdown was, of course, great - but Tennessee was deep in the red zone at the time and driving with ease - the point turnaround was key -

Okay - how the H. E. double hockey sticks did Boise get a bowl game? It looked so dang cold! As a child, I used to whine that we should have a bowl game in Pennsylvania (ie, the Liberty Bowl) - but Dad would always say - they'll never have a bowl game where it snows - well they do - and it's outdoors! So, although I was thinking that maybe those Miami kids should stay home this bowl season, me thinks that being in Boise versus Miami (in December) is probably punishment (I mean "time out") enough.

Also, the Fiesta Bowl - although I had not "picked" the Broncos (stupid stupid stupid) was a parade of football pageantry - honestly, every play in the book (Knute Rockne's book, that is) - it was great. And good for the Boise State kids - and yes, I too think that they should be able to play OSU (or Florida).

So, there are a few more bowl games; Eagles are in the playoffs; and then it's time to analyze recruiting -

Winning is so much better!

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