Outback Bowl Observations...

- throw the ball to Butler (okay, he misses one every now and then - but still throw it!)
- Tony Hunt lets his feet do the talkin' - until after the game
- Joe may have been a little slow to react to (good) big plays - but he had no problem recognizing the bad ones
- those "anti-concussion" helmets seem to pop off an awful lot
- Anthony Scirrotto thinks he's Ray Isom (oooh Michael Irvin is still hearing footsteps)
- Tony Davis can run
- the Outback Bowl needs to get better red dye next year
- while there was a lot of orange in the stadium - it really didn't look much different than a rainy day at Beaver Stadium
- throw the ball to Butler in the end zone (not the 3)
- the jinx (if any) that was caused by the orangish hue of the stitching on my Levis was not strong enough to fend off the Lions' victory
- Todd Blackledge tries too hard to be unbiased
- screaming "run baby run" over and over loudly can make an uninitiated baby cry - and playing peek-a-boo can make him stop.

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