Tell me why I don't like Mondays -

This week is (and I've already had proof this morning) going to be, what most loving refer to as, hell -

But I wanted to get in a few football items before my total descent...

- Joe Paterno was named on the Late Show Top Ten list on Thursday (01/04) - Number 3 on the list of "Ways you know you've watched too much college football" - "you ask yourself, 'What would Joe Paterno do?'" - I thought this was normal.

- I won the Philly Blog Fantasy Football league this year (14-1-0); I came in 2nd in the "points only" league - just 20 points behind (arrrrgghhhh) - 2 new shiny virtual trophies in my Yahoo! trophy case - nice.

- Sincere condolences to Mario Danelo's family and the USC community. Mario, apparently, fell to his death after slipping off an rocky cliff in Los Angeles. Very sad.

- two "wins" for the biased predictions over the weekend - 14-17

- Went to the Eagles' playoff game last night - It was awesome. Lots of fun. But they totally need to integrate "Kernkraft 400" and "Song 2"

- Tonight (tonight) is the National Championship game. tosu vs florida. I seriously don't want either team to win - but hopefully it will be a good game. The Big Ten has been doing well (only) against the SEC this post season - did you know that, as a starter, Troy Smith is 10-1 against ranked teams? Guess which team recorded that - 1; go ahead, guess...

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