We're 24! We're 24!

The Lions cracked the top 25 in the final AP poll. The win over Tennessee really was a "good win." It's good to be back on the books.

The Championship Game last night was a bit shocking. I did not want tOSU to look bad (ie the big ten) - but I really didn't want them to win. I know it's disloyal to the big ten - but I really don't care - I don't have to see any uf fans (I read them, I don't see them) -

But then they went and looked bad too. So much for tressel's genius - he looked down right human (albeit female) last night.


PSU is 25 on the USA Today poll - guess who is 23? Tennessee - Tennessee? I guess that our losses to tosu and um and nd were not as "inevitable" per each team's bowl performance - but 51 days after the regular season isn't the "same" - and hey - We beat Tennessee - remember?

Oh, and, as expected, Boise State and Wisconsin got no respect.

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