Happy Presidents Day

Our Presidents have a long history with football, as players, enthusiasts and influencers. Yes, I still blame Nixon...

I've been perusing my ESPN College Football Encyclopedia (a Christmas present/footstool). It only lists information up to 2004 - but there's a lot of good stuff to stir up memories (my own and those shared with me). The book is a collection of statistics of nearly every aspect of college football. So far I've really only skimmed through the Penn State pages and the "years in review" for the Paterno era.

It is amazing how riled up I can get, just reading listings and statistics. The bowl system is so different now. It's not so long ago (okay, it is pretty long ago, but it doesn't seem that way) that there were just a handful of bowl games, and, depending on the conference/bowl game rules and commitments, there were times when top 10 teams didn't make it to a bowl game. All that said, 1973 makes no sense to me - an undefeated team (which had finished loss-less and ranked #2 just 4 and 5 seasons pryor) with a Heisman Trophy winner - finishes the year ranked #5. It's just mind boggling. 1994 was "bad" enough - but I really can't imagine that many years of disappointment - in the system - not in the team.

My next expedition will be into the "Bowl Games" chapter/section. I'll let you know how it goes.

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