I've been flipping

to the NFL Combine coverage now and again these past few days - It's an interesting event. It's very quiet - except for the occasional "go go go!" from a trainer. Mostly I've seen the field drills - especially the 40 yard dash. Some of those boys are fast!

The commentators mentioned that "Penn State players never workout" (meaning they rarely participate in the drills) but, last night I happened to tune in just as Paul Posluszny was to run (one of) his 40 (kismet, I know) - He's got a buzz cut and looks uber cute (btw). I found myself cheering him on (for 4.67 seconds) as he ran toward the tape. He wasn't lightening fast - but he was good - and the commentators were very taken with him on his overall potential. They said some stuff about his being able to drop back into pass coverage (really? I was not aware of this - at least not this season) - perhaps he's more comfortable since his shift back to ILB.

I also saw Tim Shaw run - the commentators were impressed with Shaw's "sacrifice" last season of switching to DE - it showed his versatility and teamplayeridness - plus he ran super fast - when I saw him run he ran something like 4.53 - okay, the NFL reports his best as 4.51 - even better!

Tim and Paul did well in each of the drills - the only event in which neither of them finished in the top ten was the broad jump.

The whole process reminds me of the Presidents exercise challenge/dog show/beauty pageant - but these guys are going to be making millions of dollars soon - so who cares.

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