So the big news today,

should have revolved around the football team's new recruiting class - but no, the really big sports story today, which involves a former PSU athlete, is that John Amaechi (former PSU, and NBA, basketball player) has announced that he is gay.

For the record, I adored John when he was at PSU - I remember seeing him in Kmart (back when State College had a Kmart) and just being overwhelmed with giddy admiration. He was a good player and a great student athlete. It didn't hurt that he was from England, either.

I saw snippets of the "exclusive" interview today - he looks and sounds good (although he does have some strange comments about the NBA being the pinnacle of maleness, similar to ancient Greece - I believe that a quick perusal of history will show that the Ancient Greeks enjoyed male companionship as well, but I digress).

It should be interesting to see how the sports community reacts -

Oh, and regarding recruiting, no big surprises (maybe one disappointment, but), all of the verbals sent over their letters today. No last minute changes for or against PSU. You can check out the action at Fight on State.

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