So I rewatched

the Outback Bowl last night - no particular reason - I guess I was just nostalgic with it being signing day and all. I watched the game mostly on fast forward, except for the "good bits." Even though this isn't my first re-screening, I had forgotten how tense the game had been (at times) - The missed field goals; the unrealized "first and goals" which predicated said missed field goals; Sean Lee's blown TFL (btw, I'd totally forgotten his crying on the bench - poor little kitten - don't worry sweetie, you'll make the play of the game in the 4th quarter) and the Vols score just before halftime; how close UT was to scoring before the aforementioned "play of the game"; how many "official reviews" there had been; and so on.

However, Penn State seemed to have an answer every time Tenny did well - Penn State's recovery of turnovers (especially that one) was huge - Tony Hunt had some great runs; he really was the the MVP of the game - and when Anthony got focused, he played quite well - the kid really does have a strong arm.

I have most of last seasons games on video tape (I have an aunt who tapes all (all she can, that is) the games for me) - but I don't have a VCR hooked up right now - I'm sure that this will be remedied once the off season doldrums kick in (at least after March, anyway). Although, I'm not too keen to revisit 4 of those match-ups...


JB said...

Just as a comment on Sean Lee, I liked the fact that he showed so much passion and intensity for the game. He looked like he was about to bite that towel in two after he missed that tackle. It is that kind of Posluszny-esque pursuit of perfection which will make him a truly great linebacker.

PSUgirl said...