Yes, I do realize

that the Senior Bowl was nearly a week ago - but I am one of the (reported) 5 people in the country who actually saw the game (initial viewer numbers were coming in around 3, but I watched the game with another person, so I'm thinking 5 is more accurate), so I figure I should recount some observations...

I've been posting a few comments, here and there, regarding the game, and yes, this is, basically, going to be a regurgitation of the same points (sorry - there just isn't that much to report).

I will admit that I watched the game on the DVR, and, yes, I did fast forward a bit after the 1st quarter - with PSU boasting 3 starters, the rest of the game just wasn't that interesting.

Levi Brown and Tony Hunt started on offense. The commentators had quite a bit to say about Levi - they see him as a first round (first 15) draft pick. He played well enough in the game, but practice is where these kids really make their money (literally) and the announcers didn't have "great" things to say. They reported that he sometimes "falls asleep" and gets stood up. We all know that he had a surprising lack of concentration this past season and MANY false start infractions. The pundits still have him going as a first round (first 15) pick, which is great.

Tony, on the other hand, arrived in Mobile without high expectations. He had some great practices, keeping his feet moving and playing tough. He doesn't have that "2nd gear" that the top backs have, but he proved that he can get the yardage on any down, not just 3rd. He had a good game - 1 touchdown and 38 yards (top rusher) - "eventually" winning the MVP award. He did have one almost fumble - which probably was a fumble but they didn't call it on the field and there's no replay in the Senior Bowl. He made some money last week - the commentators see him as a late 2nd round pick -

On Defense, Paul Posluszny, who had been voted team co-captain, started for the North. He (by the grace of God) broke up one pass play and was in on a few tackles, but, honestly, the North defense wasn't on the field very long - The report from practice was that Paul is a great football player, but he doesn't have the quickness and the physique that the scouts are hoping for. However, they marveled at his ability to cover sideline to sideline and his desire to play. After the game they still had him on their list as a first round pick -

In general, the North squad was just much more in sync - perhaps the South squad had made a deal that the Georgia Tech punter kid would get more air time, I just don't know.

Troy Smith had a much better outing than he'd had earlier in January - but he still didn't look great. He had a few nice plays, and a touchdown pass, but his passes were not sharp - the North's early success can be credited to John Gruden's rash ways and decision to not punt until he was up by 150 (a slight exaggeration). After the game Troy was interviewed and when asked about whether or not he would be participating in the upcoming combine, his response was, "I'll have to talk with my agent."

Even with the skewed rules, the game was fun to watch - the Penn State kids did well - and to have 3 starters was impressive - you couldn't miss their little white helmets.

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