I hate to muddy

the football blog waters with blogspeak regarding Rene Portland, but the Philadelphia Inquirer published an article today regarding Rene's career choices - HT: Left of Centre.

Rene's been there for so long now - I can remember being a "kid" and listening to Lady Lion (back when they were Ladies) basketball games on the radio with my dad (the memory is of sitting in Dad's Fiat in the Westerly Parkway Shopping Center parking lot - not sure why - but that's what it is) - and how disappointing it was BACK THEN that Rene couldn't "win" the bigger games. And yes, I do believe that tournament games boil down to coaching - preparation and game coaching. Things haven't changed and she's had a lot of talent on the team -

Any scandal/actions aside - other coaches (at other schools, of course) would have been held accountable for the poor tournament play.

The Women's Basketball team has had a great following in State College for years. You will (or at least would) see many (mostly) "townies" at the games - sitting of course.

Rene should retire - Penn State won't fire her -

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