Loved him!: Sid Lewis.

Sid Lewis. The memories are fading a bit - but Sid was a favorite due to his "sticktoitiveness" and rapport with silly little giggling girls who asked him for his autograph. Sid is the guy who scored the one touchdown in the waning minutes of the 1983 Kickoff Slaughter (originally promoted as "Classic") - 35 yard pass from Dan Lonergan (or something like that). The PAT attempt was blocked...

But enough about that! More about Sid. What I'll probably always remember the most is how nice he was with the fans - the younger fans in particular. You see, back in the day, before the organized "meet and greets" and "photo and autograph sessions" we youngsters would, during the Blue White Game(s), perch on the railing just behind the team on the East Side of the Stadium. During the game we might get a few signatures and waves, but after the game was "our time." We would wait for the final ticks of the clock and then run on to the field to push paper (I, of course, had an autograph book with a cat on the front) and pen into the faces of our football favorites. Sid was very gracious - and generous with his time - He wasn't the most popular player on the team and he really seemed to be impressed by us kids when we'd get all swoony and excited about the prospect of "meeting" him. Always a nostalgic kid, I was also able to collect 2 arm bands from Sid (different Blue White Games) - complete with grass stains, blood and stink - Cherished (to this day) memorabilia from my favorite team.

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