Loved him!: Duffy Cobbs.

Duffy Cobbs was a red shirt freshman on the Penn State 1982 National Championship Team. He and Ray Isom tore opposing teams' passing games to shreds. He wasn't tall - or big - or lightening fast - but he would hit you into next week if you dared catch the ball near him. Oh, and he was adorable! How could you not be with a name like "Duffy?"

Cobbs played a huge (very much unsung) role in the 1987 Fiesta Bowl Game win over Miami. He contributed to the massive number of turnovers (but then again, who didn't that night?) and was in on some key tackles.

In Tom Callahan's January 12, 1987 article, chronicling the game for Time Magazine, Duffy was quoted, saying:

"Every play," Cobbs said, "it seemed Vinny was staring me right in the eyes. We'd be faking a man-to-man coverage and I'd be saying to myself, 'I hope he believes it, I hope he believes it.' He'd chuckle just before the snap, and we'd all think, 'Good,' and switch to a zone."

We loved him - at the Blue/White games he was always on our list(s) for autographs.

Duffy made an effort to try out for the pros - he was on the New England Patriots' roster in 1987.

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