How 'bout a little: E-A-G-L-E-S!

Tony Hunt, of course, is now a Philadelphia Eagle. This makes me very happy and proud. It has been almost forever since the Eagles have had an "active" PSU alum on their roster. Here's wishing the Eagles, and Tony tons of success! Fly Eagles Fly...

Rookie Card (Photo) from philadelphiaeagles.com.

All Bills, all the time.

Not really. Hey, they're mostly blue and white...

Paul Posluszny has chosen #51 as his professional jersey number. He told reporters not to "read anything into" his choice - Like the fact that Dick Butkus wore #51? He skipped over Shane Conlin's Bills' number (58) - saying (basically) that he's ready to make his own history. Story and more info (including order info for jerseys; yes, already) at BuffaloBills.com

I might be biased (no really? stop.) but it seems that the Bills' folks might be a little more enthused about their 2nd pick...

UPDATE: according to BuffaloBillsproshop.com, the Posluszny jersey is the number one selling item.

Photos from buffalobills.com and BuffaloBillsproshop.com

If you love something...set it free...

doesn't mean it won't hurt a little. Be happy and successful Puppy (kittenhead).

Photo from (and story at) Buffalo News

Men's Volleyball Team Advances

The Penn State (ranked #7; seeded 3) Men's Volleyball Team has advanced to the semi-finals of the NCAA Championship. The face off against UC Irvine (ranked #3; seeded 2), Thursday (5/3) evening in Columbus, OH, is a rematch of last year's semi-final match. The Penn State-UC Irvine match-up will be shown live on ESPNU and tape-delay on ESPN2 on Friday, May 4 at noon ET. The National Championship match will be held on Saturday, May 5 at 7:00 p.m. and will be aired live on ESPN2.


Photo from GoPSUsports.com

How far a drive is it to Pittsburgh?

With the broadcast of the NFL draft this weekend - we got a good look at the Steelers' new head coach, Mike Tomlin. Dude has tightened up and, reportedly, made good friends with Jerome Bettis' former "barber." What eva' he's doing - it's the right thing.

Mad photo props to the Post-gazette


While I continue softly weeping...

I have to wonder... is Justin getting fashion tips from Joe?

The news is out

it's not good.

Updated link - the Collegian totally switched the link! Stinkers! Seriously, at 10:53am this morning - the above link went to the "breaking news" story about the football team - now, click on it to read about the Volleyball coach.

Friday Food Fest

Yeah, I have a Tailgating Blog - but who cares if I cross-blog? Me? no. You? Michael Madeira? clearly not.

So as I, not so, quietly go crazy this fine Friday morning - I submit, for your perusal...

Onion Soup

6 T Butter; 1 T olive oil; 3 lbs yellow onion (peeled and thinly sliced); 1 t sugar; Salt; 1 T flour; 8 cups beef stock (or 4c beef and 4c chicken); 2 cups dry white wine; fresh ground black pepper; 1 baguette; 1 lb gruyere (shredded)

1. Melt 3 T Butter and the oil in a large heavy pan on medium-low heat. Add onions, cover and cook until soft and translucent (stir occasionally). On Medium-high heat uncover and add sugar and salt to taste. Saute, stirring often until onions are very soft.
2. Reduce heat to Medium, add flour, stir and cook for 2-3 minutes. Blend in 2 cups of stock; add remaining stock and wine. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Simmer about 30 minutes.
3. Preheat oven to 425F. Slice bread into thick slices (soup should serve about 8). Butter both sides of bread (with reserved butter) and toast until both sides are golden brown. *can also use day old baguette and skip toasting.
4. Place one slice of toast in each ovenproof bowl, fill bowls with soup. Spread a thick layer of cheese on top of soup. Set bowls on baking pan and place in oven until cheese has browned.

** we've adapted FOS recipes for tailgating in the past by making the broth and "crouton" (sliced baguette toasted with cheese) adhead of time. Heat the soup at the tailgate; place a crouton in insulated bowl/cup; pour warm soup over crouton. Have some extra cheese for on top!

picture if you will...

me with my hands over my ears, eyes closed, loudly singing "Hail to the Lion..." as my persistent subconscious mutters...

"It's almost 10:30"
"...loyal and true..."
"can't find a good source for the press..."
"...hail alma mater..."
"...press conference - you know - the bad one..."
"RUTS doesn't have anything yet"
"Penn State forever"
"nor does Nittany Line"
"moldy old men"
"you wanna check that other site? or the forums?"
"fight for her honor (pause for silent sobbing), fight. And Victory again..."


Joe Paterno Recap of Blue White

You can find the rather lengthy transcript for Joe's post Blue/White press conference at GoPSUsports.com. Joe talks about the game and the players and goes on for a bit about the VT tribute - and, he even quotes poetry at the end. That JoePa.


Blue White 2007

More Blue White pix and tailgating recap at Tailgating!.

Penn State hires new Women's Basketball Coach

Get the whole story at GoPSUsports.com.

When life imitates cake...

some more cake pix here.

Back from Blue White

It was a great weekend - pictures and comments to come.

I will admit that I only watched the first half of the game (I have some excuses - boring) - and, as always, it's difficult to assess anything other than some quickness and general physicality. Folks were more impressed by the "alums" walking the sidelines.

The "unofficial" attendance was around 71K - it was packed - other than the upper decks - there were people in every row of the stadium - it was awesome. It's was, however, surreal and yet very cool to see so many of them (myself included) wearing maroon and orange -


Well, so much for that...

Zach Mills is no longer a Pioneer.

Hopefully, you didn't spend too much money reserving your season tickets.

It would seem that old Zachy has some trouble staying focused - hmmm.


In Men's Gymnastics anyway. Hey - a national title is a national title. The competition will air on ESPN2 at 2:30pm, Tuesday, April 17th.


Blue White 2007

As posted on the tailgating blog...

Getting ready for the Blue White game - things are crazy with the team right now - but we're soldiering on with our preparations.

The game is Saturday, April 21st, at 2pm. Parking lots open at 8am - and we'll be there when they do. We'll be parking in the lots outside the West stands.

Click Here for directions/info

The "theme" is, as always "Practice" - but we're adding an Italian flair this year (in honor of coach Paterno).

Currently, the forecast has no rain...

Hope to see you there!


Loved him!: Kenny Jackson.

Kenny, Kenny, Kenny. Golly I idolized him. I was just at the outset of my PSU football obsession and Kenny was my first (really really really serious) football crush - My adoration for Mr. Jackson was cemented during the 1981 contest against Pitt - you all know the play. My dad had taken a bus trip to Pittsburgh to see the game, leaving Mom and me at home. I remember watching the game on TV, hoping to catch a glimpse of "Daddy" - as a result, I saw one of the best/most memorable games in Penn State Football history. Blackledge and Jackson were on fire that afternoon (coincidentally, Jackie Sherrill's birthday - Dad said that, after the game was well in hand, the pocket of Penn State fans - basically the only people left in the stadium - started singing "Happy Birthday" to Coach Sherrill - over and over). Just a sophomore, Jackson contributed to the team for two more seasons (winning All American honors in both 1982 and 1983) before being chosen as the Philadelphia Eagles first round draft pick.

Kenny was just so cute! I saved up my Christmas money to buy an authentic PSU #82 jersey - I think it was $25 (or maybe it was $50 and my parents paid half) - which was a FORTUNE! The 1983 Blue White game was my first opportunity to meet him (Kenny didn't regularly participate in the B/W games, because he also ran spring track); I was wearing my #82 jersey and the "old men" kept asking me "do you know whose jersey you're wearing" - and yelling at Kenny to "hey look" - it was embarrassing - I loved every minute of it. I stood in line for Kenny's autograph that day - along with a gazillion other snotty nosed kids - when he handed it back to me I noticed that he had signed "Ken Jackson" - I handed it back to him and said, "could you please sign it 'Kenny'?" Cheeky. He did.

Jackson returned to PSU in 1993 to coach wide receivers. He moved on to the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2001 (through 2003).

Let the hype begin (or continue)...

There may be some news to report later in the week - but, until then...

SI.com has released preseason Power Rankings (per Rivals.com) for specific positions. Not surprisingly, Danny Connor is the number one Linebacker.

SI on Campus also highlights University Park in their Road Trip series.


Here's a question

Ignoring the elephant in the room - I ponder -

When ever I write the word "State" - in my head, I spell out "S-T-A-T-E - go State!" And whenever anyone (on television, in general conversation, in writing) asserts "We are..." I always (serious now) answer back "Penn State." Which is a little odd, because my entire football life (except for that one year, right after graduation, when I sat in the West Stands - chalk it up to youthful bravado) I have sat in "We are" territory.

So - I have to ask - Is this weird? Do you all do this as well?


There is some pretty disturbing news

coming out of State College this week regarding the football team and many of its star players. The actual events and consequences are, at this time, only speculation - but the mere innuendo is a big blow to the integrity of the program. I am sad.