Remember when...

Do you remember your first Penn State football game?

I actually do not remember my first Penn State game(s) - I have vague memories of being at the stadium - and I definitely remember listening to games on the radio, waiting for my dad to come home - hopefully in a good mood.

The first game of which I have a vivid memory is PSU v Stanford. The game was at Beaver Stadium and it was a pretty huge deal for me to be going to the game with my dad. While I don't remember the game so much, I do remember that the Nittany Lion put the Cardinal in a cage. This upset me very much because I couldn't understand why the mascot would allow such humiliation - Dad eventually just told me that it wasn't the real mascot - probably so I'd be quiet.

The first "big" game I remember going to was against Alabama. It was a TV game (big big night) - and the TV people brought in lights - I remember asking Dad if PSU would ever get permanent lights - and he said - no way - it's tradition. It was easily one of the most intense sports experiences of my life - it was a great day.

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WFY said...

My first game was the first game of 1995 vs. Texas Tech. I think "Wally Richardson's pass was intended for Bobby Engram" will be burned into my memory until I die.